EarSkinz made me love my Apple EarPods again

By SteveJack

I’m a runner. I like to listen to my iPhone while I run, but I’m not fond of sweating up my significantly more expensive Etymotic earphones.

Of course, when Apple’s EarPods debuted, I tried them right away. They sounded much better than Apple’s original earbuds. One problem, though: Just like the original earbuds, the new EarPods kept falling out of my ears when running, so I gave up. I don’t like those other types of earphones with around-the-ear doodads stuck on them that are supposed to go around your ear to keep them from falling out. They irritate me (physically and aesthetically).

So, when I heard about the new EarSkinz ES2 for Apple’s EarPods, I had to give them a try – especially since they only cost US$10.95. (Earskins also makes an ES1 model to cover Apple’s original earbuds. They’re the same price, $10.95. More info here.)

EarSkinz are basically tiny little rubber covers for your Apple EarPods. They’re kind of fiddly to get on there just so, but once you do, you’re all set. They’re not going anywhere. They come in a wide range of colors (mine are “Charcoal”) and they have openings on them to match those on Apple’s EarPods.

EarSkinz ES2 for Apple EarPods (US$10.95)
EarSkinz ES2 for Apple EarPods (US$10.95)

I put in my “EarSkinned” EarPods and took off for a five mile run. Not once did my EarPods fall out. In fact, they didn’t even move. I’ve been on several more file mile runs with them – outside and indoors on a treadmill – and the same result every time: No movement, no blockage of sound, no discomfort during use or after, and they’re exactly how I placed them on the EarPods on day one – even after having been through in a computer backpack pocket after each run.

I highly recommend EarSkinz for anyone who finds Apple’s EarPods uncomfortable or ill-fitting. For anyone who’d like to use Apple’s inexpensive EarPods during workouts, I say that EarSkinz are indispensable; a simple solution that’s well worth the inexpensive price. Get a pair today.

More info about EarSkinz here.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, former web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.

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  1. Here’s the poor man’s alternative: insert one of those colorful, spongy earplugs you get for rock concerts vertically behind each earPod. They work great and they’re cheap!

    1. I don’t mind ’em being expensive, but it always pissed me off that they never lasted very long. The $25 ones I got from the Post Office sound nearly as good and, so far, have lasted about 10 times as long.

  2. This seems to be EXACTLY what I need so the Apple earpods that have been sitting in a drawer since the day after I bought them can get used again. They sounded great, but simply wouldn’t stay in my ears. The Earskinz are already on their way to my letterbox, so I’ll soon see whether they’re as good as the review says they are, eh?

  3. Nice. Damn, I wish I would have thought of this. I want them!

    I love the sound of the Apple’s new earpods but like many, I have one or both ears they will fall out of occationally. I like to run or jog and I’m adjusting at least one all the time.

    Let me be creative and order two different colors without having to buy two sets please!

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