Microsoft stock surges on Ballmer retirement news

“Stock futures have moved into positive territory just ahead of the opening bell amid a mixed bag of trading overseas, with emerging markets finally showing signs of recovery after more than a week of heavy losses,” Darcy Keith reports The Globe and Mail.

“Microsoft shares [surged in early trading],” Keith reports. “The company announced that CEO Steve Ballmer will retire in the next 12 months. Microsoft is a Dow component, so the stock surge should help give a left to that index as well.”

Keith reports, “[Ballmer] will stay on until his successor is chosen.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: May it take forever and a day to find a successor!

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    1. MS stock did *not* “surge”, it went up a little, but less than it was up in the past month, and way, way below its 3 month high. This was a tiny blip. Essentially no one cares that Balmer is leaving, which says some very bad things about what confidence investors have in the future of the company. The only way the company really has a future is if they get rid of the whole board, and especially Bill Gates, and replace them with a group of intelligent managers that would never consider hiring Balmer.

        1. Well I guess the apple stock app didn’t show that spike as it was much less on there when I made that post. It still hasn’t recovered back to its 3 month high so most of what I said still stands.

      1. Actually, he has no “retirement plan” or “golden parachute” through MS, they don’t include Executives in those plans.

        “Microsoft doesn’t offer “special retirement programs” or severance pay for its executives, according to a regulatory filing. But once the bombastic Ballmer leaves Microsoft, he’ll still be an extremely rich man.
        Ballmer owns more than 333 million shares of Microsoft. That nearly 4% stake in the company is currently worth $11.5 billion. Forbes magazine says Ballmer is the 22nd richest person in America, and he ranks an impressive No. 51 among the world’s billionaires.”

  1. How will Ballmer’s leaving MS make Apple a better company? Maybe if MS hires a true leader Apple will actually have to compete with MS.

    Therefore, I pray that MS hires a person that generates a little anxiety in the boardrooms of Apple and stimulates Apple to excel.

    Go, MS, go. Move Apple off its complacent ass.

    1. It’s not that Apple doesn’t excel, it’s that they only seem to do it once a year. That’s the perception when new software features are rolled out every few months by their biggest rival (Samsung), never mind combining all the Android vendors plus Blackberry and Microsoft.

      Hardware should remain at an annual refresh, but I’d like to see two major iOS milestones each year–a full version bump, e.g. iOS7 in Sept/Oct, and a v7.5 with at least a couple new features in the spring, rather than a full year of mostly bug fixes and minor improvements.

      1. You have no idea. The greater the competition the better the products and services consumers can select. Eliminate competition and all that remains is mediocrity.

    2. Wow! You couldn’t be more wrong. Apple is a proactive company, not reactive to competitive actions. Apple leads by innovating in response to their perceptions of user needs and technology’s evolving potential. If anyone else was competitively driven there never would have been the market opportunity that only Apple seized with the iPhone. Nokia et al. were milking the market and so was everyone else; the existence of competitors doesn’t necessariily create a competitive imperative if they’re all coasting. As for the speed of Apple’s innovation, (a) who else is innovating – certainly not Samsung, Nokia, MS, and (b) real innovation takes the time it takes in research and development, the priority is quality not arbitrary scheduling.

      1. Apple is primarily interested in consumers’ needs and not the slightest bit concerned what other companies are selling? Are you kidding? If Apple worked in an vacuum it would never be as successful as it is. You are deluded.

          1. @MacFreek

            What kind of psychiatric condition do you have to come here repeatedly, where no-one wants you, to write this infantile vomit that no-one wants to read.

            Is this really the best use of your time, day by day. Isn’t there SOMETHING that would make your life more fulfilling. Very, very, very pathetic.

            1. Tell me, what is so fulfilling about being a biased, incoherent, insecure, and utterly predictable Apple fanboy? If I yank your chain, tool, that’s all the fulfillment that I need. Hope that answers you question.

            2. “If I yank your chain, tool, that’s all the fulfillment that I need.”

              So, in other words, you are simply a pathetic little wannabe bully — poking at people long-distance and anonymously to get your jollies.

              And you really have NO clue how very pathetic that is? What a putrid small life you must have.

            3. If I disturb your pathetic world I might be doing you some good by rousing you from your fanboy-induced delirium. You can thank me later, once you have regained cognitive awareness.

            4. re “If I disturb your pathetic world I might be doing you some good by rousing you from your fanboy-induced delirium.”

              So there are two possibilities.
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              Hmmm. I wonder why not.

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              – If you do want to contribute anything positive, change how you write.
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            6. Tell me, what is so fulfilling about being a biased, incoherent, insecure, and utterly predictable Googsung troll? If I yank your chain, tool, that’s all the fulfillment that I need. Hope that answers you question.

            7. @MDN – re MacFreek
              Once again I request that you enforce the “must be 8-years-old to post” rule, and, therefore, kick the poisonous little fuck MacFreek off this forum.

  2. What a legacy! Run a company into the dirt cuz it can’t keep up! Microsoft Is the new VHS video retail store destined for failure while the world streams everything by!

  3. He lasted this long…hell, MS lasted this long because of the CASH COWS the Gov allowed them to run! Whoever takes over can be a complete tool like Ballmer and the revenue will still come in as usual.

    1. “The revenue will still come in as usual…”

      Maybe not as the German government has been rumored to claim that Win8 has backdoors that the NSA can use, which was quickly denied.

      Well, with all the Windows & front door access, who cares about back doors.

    2. Windows and Office are both vulnerable. Windows to connected devices such as iOS and Android, and Office to the fact that the iPad showed that Office is not “necessary” like MS claims. MS could have put Office on there and protected their moat, but by not doing so they have possibly doomed their future.

  4. No surge. Just a blip. His retirement was obviously known to major investors months ago. This news drop on the slowest news day of the year is just a footnote.

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