Palestine High School in Texas puts 850 iPads and iPad minis into students hands

“Palestine Independent School District’s educational technology department rolled out iPads to Palestine High School students during its fourth mobile device ‘boot camp’ for students and parents Tuesday,” Cheril Vernon reports for The Palestine Herald-Press.

“After attending the ‘boot camp’ where PISD Technology Integration Specialist Summer Alcauter explained the PISD’s mobile device handbook guidelines to parents and students, they each signed the mobile device agreements and paid the $25 usage fee to receive the assigned iPad,” Vernon reports. ‘Our goals’ is for all students to have their iPads on the first day of school,’ District Educational Technology Facilitator Shannon Leisure told the Herald-Press.”

Vernon reports, “The idea behind PISD’s ‘Learning 24/7’ program is for every student in grades 9-12 to have access to their own iPad at any time.. ‘Palestine ISD is really excited about this opportunity for students. Our vision is for the students to have their iPads at any time no matter where to have access to learning real world skills as much as they can,’ Alcauter explained… PISD is giving out 850 iPads to students with freshman and sophomores mostly receiving gray-colored iPad Minis and the juniors and seniors receiving the slightly larger black iPad 2s.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “eldernorm” for the heads up.]

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  1. These pupils are well equipped for the future by avoiding the dinosaur-like Windows OS.

    Let me give you an example. With iBooks Author you can craft your own books and learning manuals and distribute them through your own corporate network. So training manuals, instruction manuals and the like that used to occupy several hundred pages can now be written using iBooks Author tools and distributed in a company wide system that can be downloaded and read on an iPad saving several hundreds trees in the process. Plus you get the added benefit of making edits directly to the material to reflect policy changes without having to reprint the manual or issue addendum in paper that are likely to get lost anyway.

    1. Palestine is a small town in east Texas and usually 10-15 years behind the times. I was just shocked when I read this. Someone must have goofed… I am sure they really meant Dells but ordered the wrong item.. LOL

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