Nasdaq outage resembles political hacker attacks

“Officials for the moment say they cannot pinpoint anything malicious about the extraordinary outage of the Nasdaq stock exchange earlier today,” Byron Acohido reports for USDA Today.

“But the incident had all the earmarks of the three waves of denial-of-service attacks that have bedeviled U.S. financial institutions, including stock brokerages, since last September,” Acohido reports. “‘My first thought is that it is a denial-of-service attack, but I’m not sure,’ says Gartner banking security analyst Avivah Litan. ‘It’s a very attractive target. It’s very visible, and that’s what these Iranian state attacks are all about, making a political statement by disrupting a visible website.'”

Acohido reports, “The first wave of denial-of-service attacks attributed to the Cyber Fighters of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam began last September and lasted about six weeks. Knocked offline for various periods of time were Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and PNC Bank. The second wave commenced in December and lasted seven weeks, knocking out mid-tier banks and credit unions. And a third wave of high-powered denial-of-service attacks commenced in March targeting credit card companies and financial brokerages. ‘I don’t have any inside knowledge, but I think this one (Nasdaq) is political, as well,’ Litan says.”

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      1. Apple did provide some detail about what happened to their developer site, including citations of the people who reported the vulnerabilities to them.

        But yes. Companies prefer not to show off their ‘dirty laundry’.

  1. Put them to death penalty whoever does it , hackers is very terrorist things , If catch them , first priority is death penalty that will teach other hacker to face death penalty seriously . world do not like hackers into their server. If the world had vote death penalty for those hackers , for sure , the vote would be 100% , who would leave 1% of live ? Because they are facing terrorism that hack into server . simple ways , if caught , cut off the Internet and telephone line in which pinpoint area of country ! so they will beat themselves in lamination suffering of who does it , could be anybody in which pinpoint area country !

    1. Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, where is your patriotism? You don’t want to disconnect Iran, North Korea and China from the net you want to disconnect them from their lives. It’s the American way.

  2. “‘I don’t have any inside knowledge, but I think this one (Nasdaq) is political, as well,’ Litan says.”

    In other words, I want to get quoted, so I’ll just make up something.

  3. Baloney.

    Bet you the shysters with their algos tried to bring down apple. There are losses galore (options sellers) from apple’s move the past week.
    Bet you their scrambling caused the problem. They will try again today.

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