Apple launches iTunes Festival channel for Apple TV along with refreshed iOS app

“As the 2013 iTunes Festival approaches, Apple on Tuesday rolled out a new Apple TV channel and revamped iOS app dedicated to the month-long concert series, featuring new looks and in-depth information about the acts set to perform come September,” AppleInsider reports.

“The iTunes Festival Apple TV channel and iOS app both feature a similar aesthetic, each offering scheduled showtimes, artist information and links to relevant music in the iTunes Store,” AppleInsider reports. “The new channel is automatically delivered to Apple TVs without the need to update, while iOS device users can download the new app for free from the App Store.”

Read more in the full article here.


        1. I still think Apple should just buy Disney and get all of its libraries, plus its subsidiaries, ABC and ESPN. About $60B would do it. For that they could get a controlling interest and elect their own board members.

  1. I feel like I live in a bubble when it comes to AppleTV content. I don’t bother explaining to friends and family the fact that I watched 20 different acts in an iTunes Festival, or watch Hulu, stream my laptop and iPhone because it’s still gets a nonplussed response.

    And the follow up question; “YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT, RIGHT?”

    No. (Like I told you last time.) No.

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