South Korea initiates ‘Korean Steve Jobs’ project

“We’re all aware of the obsession that Samsung has with copying Apple. They were in fact found guilty of patent infringement last August and again by the ITC last week. Today we learn that the obsession about all things Apple permeates the Korean psyche to the point that the Korean Government has initiated the ‘Korean Steve Jobs’ project; a project that is designed to foster creativity and passion into young students studying software development,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“According to the Korean press, “The Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning announced on August 12 that it would offer various programs for early software (SW) education. There are many activities for promoting SW education for children and youths around the world, but things are less than satisfactory in Korea. The ministry’s move is to overcome this situation,” Purcher reports. “Yoon Jong-rok, vice minister of Science, ICT & Future Planning stated that ‘To help students make the best use of software, the language of the 21st century, we will implement various education policies. If we make efforts to turn children crazy about games into game developers, we will be able to produce creative and talented people armed with SW like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The South Koreans simply need to look at the owners of their country, Samsung. Or the craptastic Lucky-Goldstar – sorry, “LG.” They both copy and steal from Apple in order to line their own pockets. South Korea has already generated the “Korean Bill Gates” twice, at least.

It’s not too difficult to take the work of others, cheap it down, and dupe the dopes of the world with it.

Good luck coming up with another Steve Jobs.

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  1. “will be able to produce creative and talented people armed with SW like Bill Gates…”

    Excuse me? Since when was Bill Gates EVER creative? The man just stole or bought creativity (that’s not BEING creative). They’re doomed if they really think he was creative (or, for that matter, very talented).

  2. sigh. If you really really think that you can just create a Steve Jobs if you proclaim that you are hellbent on doing it, you have already lost. This initiative sounds like a Korean Ender’s Game. Better to get some malcontent Korean teens on the fringes of society who test high on nonconformist indices, encourage their usage of hallucinogens, and let them trek in India for a while.

    1. Valid comment. To be sure, that’s the way any smart corporation should try to find or create its future leaders. Our education system is being homogenized to crush such different-thinkers.

  3. The Korean mindset and DNA is incapable of western reasoning, rationale and logic. They will never think or address innovation and ingenuity like we do, nor will they ever put the end user above their zealous greed.

    A “me too” culture is incapable of understanding problem solving.

      1. Not really. Almost everything they said is basically true EXCLUDING the comment about DNA. Unless the culture, society and education system changes in Korea they will not address innovation and ingenuity like we do. A Korean born, raised and educated will turn to out, think and act totally differently than a Korean born, raised and educated in the US or UK or Canada etc. Koreans in America and Canada excel, innovate and succeed much more than those in Korea.

  4. Ah! Governments… they believe that is possible to simulate free iniciative. Russian’s president (it doesn’t matter which, it’s all the same) went to visit Sillicon Valley in order to do the same in your country. Nothing happened. They don’t realize that’s free enterprise of free people, without crippling tax burden and even government stimulus that generates all these innovations. And someone like Jobs. America, be aware. Do not fall the same trap.

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