Apple: Boring can be beautiful

“It’s been a couple of weeks now since I reported on Apple (AAPL), which was a wrap-up of the company’s fiscal third quarter results. While I was slightly disappointed with some of the results, overall I thought that the report gave investors more hope going forward. Investors have obviously agreed, as shares have risen roughly 17.6% since the report,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “Right now, we are in a holding pattern, waiting for the next major announcement out of Apple.”

“Carl Icahn entered the picture on Tuesday, and that could cause some choppiness for the stock. Add in the fact that estimates call for three straight quarters of less than 1% revenue growth, and Apple seems rather boring these days,” Maurer writes. “But don’t worry, boring can be beautiful, and that’s Apple at the moment.”

Maurer writes, “Right now, Apple may seem boring, but exciting things are coming. We are just about a month away from the next series of product launches, and that optimism is reflected in the stock’s recent movements. Apple investors should continue what they are doing now, receiving a sizable dividend, watching the company spend billions on share buybacks, and accumulating on pullbacks. Unfortunately, those pullbacks are now coming at higher and higher prices, but it happens.”

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  1. Far from boring, Bill. Apple remain the most talked about tech company in the world. They make great products and will continue to do so going forward.
    Just because Apple haven’t released any products for a while, doesnt make them boring!

    1. I realize this is MacDailyNews, but… no one’s talking about Apple these days. Even the iPhone 5S is just a spec bump with.. maybe a fingerprint ID scan? Meh. And the 5C is exciting to me from a business standpoint (getting the Chinese market) but if you think Josh Topolsky is drooling over a low end phone, you’re wrong. Apart from that, Apple isn’t doing anything. Personally I won’t even see the software update for my iPod touch unless I buy a new device. And Mavericks is cool, but there’s no ‘must have’ features. Improved Dual Monitor support? Okayyy…..

        1. @silverhawk1: speculates you, resident troll. Apple does make the best software and hardware, but it IS getting stale under its current indecisive leadership. A company with Apple’s resources and ability should have no problems wowing users early & often. Cook has not.

    2. Apple is boring. Nothing new to sell, nothing new to review, nothing new to buy. Of course, Tim Cook promised more and better Apple products; however, that means absolutely nothing now.

  2. Apple is indeed boring right now. And exciting things better be around the corner or heads need to roll. Apple appears to be asleep at the wheel. Updates are behind schedule (MacBook Pro), past updates were a joke (Mac Pro), phone dominance is slipping (to Samsung Galaxy).

    Look at the Mac Buyer’s Guide and you will find that 10 of the 15 Apple products are in the “Don’t buy!” category.

      1. One more point: these updates should have been imminent a long time ago.
        It has been:
        1114 days since the last notable Mac Pro update,
        525 days since the last Apple TV update,
        2 months since the expected announcement of retina MacBook Pro updates,
        429 days since a MacBook Pro update,
        699 days since a display update,
        1078 days since an iPod shuffle update,
        1435 days since an iPod classic update,
        327 days since an iPhone update,
        295 days since a Mac Mini update and
        257 days since an iMac update.

        What has Apple been doing for the last year!?
        Every one of those numbers is unacceptable.
        All that money in hand and Apple can’t deliver.
        Meanwhile, Samsung has delivered two wildly popular smart phones.

    1. Financial assets do not make a great company. The bigger they come; the harder they fall.
      Ask IBM, GM or AT&T — all shells of what they used to be. Microsoft is next. Apple seems to be in line.

  3. Just FYI, the whole ‘Doubling Down on Secrecy’ thing is awesome, but we seem to know EVERYTHING about what the new iPhone 5S and 5C will look like.

    If Apple has been keeping their TV plans a secret and they’re able to launch something in the Fall, they will be forgiven and the stock will soar. But if they do NOTHING this year in the TV area (after all the teasing!) I seriously wondering what the HELL all those 20-30,000 Employees do all day. We know Apple employees work like crazy, but thus far in 2013, we haven’t seen much of anything out of Apple apart from Previews of Software updates, due in the Fall.

    The real scary bit is when you see that Android, once again, is chewing into their marketshare, and even starting to chew into their App Store domination (in terms of revenue, etc).

    If Apple decides to do absolutely nothing this year, yes the stock should tank. Real Artists ship.

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