“An American trade agency banned the import of some products made by Samsung Electronics, scoring another victory for Apple in its continuing patent feud with the South Korean company,” Brian X. Chen reports for The New York Times.

“The United States International Trade Commission on Friday upheld a preliminary finding that Samsung’s mobile products had violated two Apple patents,” Chen reports. “The decision, unless vetoed by the president, will result in an import ban on some of Samsung’s mobile devices. The commission’s order did not specifically list which Samsung products would be banned. But Susan Kohn Ross, an international trade lawyer for Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, said that because Apple initially brought its lawsuit against Samsung in 2011, it most likely would affect older products.”

Chen reports, “Ms. Ross said the only thing clear about the decision was that it gave Apple serious leverage in its battle with Samsung. The South Korean company could be more willing to concede in its future disputes with Apple to avoid additional patent problems in the United States, she said.”

“The decision is the latest in a string of victories for Apple in its patent disputes with Samsung. Last Saturday, the Obama administration vetoed the federal commission’s ban on Apple mobile products in a separate case brought by Samsung,” Chen reports. “Also on Friday, Apple made arguments to a federal appeals court for a permanent injunction against the sale of some Samsung products, a request that was previously denied. The court has not yet released a decision.”

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