The small change in iOS 7 beta 5 that makes perfect sense

“There is much to love about the fifth iOS 7 beta, including the color-coded start screen, and new icons in the Settings app,” Bryan M. Wolfe writes for App Advice. “The iOS 7 beta 5 also comes with a small tweak that makes deleting emails better.”

“Apple moved the Delete button in iOS 7 beta 5,” Wolfe writes. “Now called Trash, this button is now located at the bottom right of the screen. The Mark button has taken its place on the left side.”

Wolfe writes, “At first, I found the change disruptive. Now, it makes a lot of sense.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.


      1. Darwin Evolved is not alone.

        Unless you’re a young girl between the ages of 9 and 18, iOS7 is fugly. I won’t be upgrading to it. And if I ever need a new phone, I won’t buy an iPhone if it has iOS7 on it.

          1. Apple news IS fashion news. Apple sits at the grand junction of aesthetics and function. Apple products are made for the complete human being. And elegantly so.

        1. Darwin may not be alone, but from what I can tell, the two if you are part of a vocal, even whiny minority.

          I’m a guy. I’m much older than 18. I’m also a designer, a car guy, a tech guy, and I love the look of iOS7. ‘Fugly’ is what Android is. Sounds like that’s the direction you’d prefer, so go for it.

        2. I was extremely skeptical of iOS 7 until I installed it on my iPhone (the second beta). I’ve really come to like what they’ve done – 90% of it, that is. Some of the 10% I didn’t like has changed (ex. the System Preferences icons in yesterday’s update) but some hasn’t. I wouldn’t let those few little annoyances keep you from going “live” with it but that’s just my opinion.

    1. While I find some of the screenshots, especially the icons, rather ugly, I find others quite beautiful. I’ll reserve final judgement until it’s actually released into the wild. Screenshots are not enough to make any kind of fair evaluation.

    2. Hey, maybe if you post more whiny crybaby posts about how much you hate iOS 7, they’ll change it just for you! Be sure to say the same thing in each post so Apple really gets the message!


  1. Like it or not, this colour scheme is going to be everywhere.

    Look what happened to products as diverse as computer peripherals and steam irons a year after the bondi blue iMac was launched: a lot of translucent blue lexan.

    I like the new colour scheme, as it happens: light, fresh and optimistic.

    Also, colour has different associations with gender internationally.

    1. “Like it or not, this colour scheme is going to be everywhere.”

      Exactly. Because as soon as they can, (if they havent already started) Samsung will set out to copy it. Probably the next Galaxy will look exactly like iOS 7.

      Then all of the fandroids will claim that they had it first and how wonderful it is.


  2. What a bunch of screw up idiots. What’s more important? The screen’s background colors,,or the App button,,when clicked that works, is trusted via Apple’s testing/approval program, that it is as advertised, is not virus-laden, has no malware and my phone is all the better for having a good experience? For me, the background could be a moiré swirled with colors of dung, piss and vomit, it might be a little bothersome, but very unimportant –nay, totally irrelevant.

    Geez. Well, there’s always the Google Tizen. Are all of you naysayers applying for Tizen background colorists? Should be a very colorful job.

  3. Here’s my idea. Why doesn’t everyone buy the phone that they like best and not make judgements about other people’s choices. I still live my iPhone 4S and am looking forward to using ios7 it looks like it will be like having a new phone. If you don’t like it don’t use it. Choose something that suits you better.

  4. A lot of people are saying they are not going to up grade, but what they are forgetting is eventually they will have to up grade as new apps will take advantage of ios7 and be incomparable with ios6 . I have a old iPhone 3G that has iOS 4 and now runs slow and is not supported by a lot of apps now,compared to my iphone 5.

  5. This tiny change is, BORING.


    Apple has a great team, sure. iOS-everything-before-7 has shown some klutztacular features that make users frustrated. Not sure how a powerhouse software hardware company misses:

    …pop up menus in your face when you wish to disengage a call majing it necessary for you to respond to each while the call stays engaged!
    …getting a call when you are texting someone / using an app and not being able to get away from the call, fixed in iOS 6…maybe 5.
    …group text? Create a group and text all? Not so easy. Create a group, and add everyone one by one to your text.
    …email a group? See above.

    Somebody? Amirite?!

    1. “…pop up menus in your face when you wish to disengage a call majing it necessary for you to respond to each while the call stays engaged!”

      Just swipe up on the notification and it goes away.

      1. What if I get three in a row, like I do at the top of the hour sometimes…

        just klunky. Call should take priority when you are on a call, everything else in background — OR — place a button to disengage call floating above everything.

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