Apple’s iTunes Store tops Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO, Hulu Plus in customer satisfaction

Customers prefer consuming media and entertainment websites and apps via mobile devices over personal computers, according to new research from customer experience analytics firm ForeSee. User satisfaction with mobile media and entertainment sites and apps scores 77 on the study’s 100-point scale. Satisfaction with media and entertainment websites via PC scored 67 in a similar study conducted in April, 2013. Released today, ForeSee’s Mobile Satisfaction Index: Media and Entertainment Edition highlights 22 top U.S. streaming video, sports and news companies.

ForeSee produced the Mobile Satisfaction Index for retail (78), travel (77), and financial services (77), in addition to the media and entertainment edition. No industry has demonstrated exceptional customer experience in the mobile environment, though each industry has its stronger performers.

“With the fast pace of consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets, companies need to recognize the mobile platform is at least as important as the desktop web environment,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee, in a statement. “These mobile benchmark scores suggest there is much work to be done. Companies see the opportunity and they are trying to move fast, but they must be sure to do things the right way to meet the expectations of customers or risk turning them away to competitors.”

Streaming media is growing, and the streaming TV and movies category is the best scoring category at 78. Apple’s iTunes scores the highest of any measured company in the study, using a slightly different model than its streaming counterparts to secure a score of 80. iTunes customers download content before viewing, setting the service apart from its true streaming competitors.

Netflix, which has been transforming itself from a DVD delivery company to a streaming media and content development powerhouse, ties HBO GO at 79 and has nearly as many subscribers as HBO. Amazon’s streaming service isn’t as successful as its online retail operation. Amazon Instant Video registers 78, while Hulu Plus and Crackle lag further behind at 75.

While premium content is a significant factor in customer satisfaction, performance is the key. Users want fast page loads and are dissatisfied when error messages or playback issues occur. iTunes’ position on top makes sense, given that it bypasses these performance issues. The study finds that performance is the main driver of satisfaction for streaming websites and apps. Consumers are most satisfied when accessing content with their home Wi-Fi connection (78), and least satisfied when using streaming media on public Wi-Fi (73).

FourSee survey

Sports mobile sites and apps score 77 in aggregate, with scores as low as 74 and as high as 79. Though ESPN is often considered the leader in sports coverage, it is in a three-way tie for second with Sports Illustrated and Bleacher Report, scoring 77. Fox Sports leads the category at 79.

Satisfaction with the mobile sites and apps for news organizations scores 77 to match the aggregate score for Media and Entertainment. Fox News and NBC News tie for first at 79, followed by four news entities at 78. Satisfaction with mobile news sites represents the largest spread of scores of all three categories measured in the study, with CBS News scoring the lowest at 73. Trust seems to be a factor when it comes to user satisfaction. According to the study, only 20% of those surveyed strongly agree they could trust the content on the news mobile site or app they visited.

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Source: FourSee


  1. It appears to me that there is relatively little differentiation in consumer satisfaction within each category (e.g., Streaming TC and Movies data shown above).

    The key is, who can effectively address a wide range of consumer needs? Who is going to provide the simple and effective “one stop shop” for mobile media and entertainment? Naturally, I favor Apple.

  2. According to those numbers, I don’t see any real difference. It is true that Hulu ads are not targeted and not relevant for most people and thus the service isn’t worth much but not to forget the really bad selection of movies. I am not moved to try Hulu Plus but enjoy Netflix and iTunes almost every day. I never watch cable TV any more and canceled my subscription seventeen years ago.

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