Apple’s bad week: A sign of decline or just a blip?

“‘Poor’ Apple — the bad news keeps coming,” Caroline Craig writes for InfoWorld. “This week, research reports confirmed that Android dominates as a smartphone and tablet platform, Samsung devices bested iPhones in a respected consumer satisfaction survey, Apple Store employees lodged complaints about unfair wage practices, and working conditions at Apple’s suppliers in China continued to draw fire. Some weeks, you just want a do-over. Then again, when you’re the world’s most valuable tech company, news like this probably doesn’t sting quite so much.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bothe the smartphone and tablet reports came from the same compnay, Strategy analytics, and their “research” has been called into question or discredited outright. See related articles below.

“With new Apple products not expected until the fall, the company is in a fallow period that leaves it vulnerable against competitors with more frequent product introductions,” Craig writes. “But recent market trends also raise questions about Apple’s perennial unwillingness to compromise profit margins to increase sales. Maybe it’s time for the company that cherishes its rogue rep to, ahem, ‘Think Different.'”

Craig writes, “News that Samsung is eating Apple’s lunch in China could be the tipping point”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Apple naysayers will soon choke on their crow.

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    1. I guess even “typical” investors are NOT paying attention to the stupidity from the media anymore. This supposedly “the bad news keeps coming” week for Apple has AAPL up over $20.

      If the goal is to drive AAPL down, it isn’t working…

      1. I think after the last few weeks of news and quarterly reports, investors may finally be realizing that Apple is looking pretty good in comparison.

        While the entire industry is in a rut and Apple’s competitors are laying eggs all over the place, Apple itself is doing quite well, even despite the lack of many new products this quarter.

        If this is a ‘bad week’ for Apple, I’ll take one any time.

    2. This bad week, where Apple lost market share to everyone and unfortunately became the company with the highest market cap again. When any company acquires the highest market cap it is a sure sign the company is doomed.

  1. What is this kook smoking?

    The news this week hasn’t been any worse than the piling-on of bad news Apple has been facing since … well, forever. So why should this week’s news spur Apple to any more action than anything else?

    Besides, the share price isn’t reflecting the bad news (for a change), and we’ve got new products on the horizon to get excited about. So this little dose of FUD is absolutely useless.

    Caroline needs a new job.

  2. What bad week? These agencies who write up B.S. stories and call them facts? They have no real data to go by except for Apple. Apple is the only company that reports actual sales of its products. Not just shipments which could be way higher.
    Bad week? Nope. Don’t believe it then go to an Apple store and then look across the way at a Microsoft store. Now who’s having a bad week? It ain’t Apple!

  3. This is just garbage spewing forth. It reads as much. “Some weeks, you just want a do-over” really? What is this, The [bleeping] View? If Apple could do this week over then they would not have labor issues in China, yeah, that’s it.
    This article is beyond asinine.

  4. Wait until you read the DOJ’s wonderful plan to settle the Apple book selling fiasco.

    Give their customers a Google and an Amazon button to hit, when they want a book, for the next 2 years.


    1. I’ve read it. What it tells me is that the DOJ, headed by Eric (contempt of Congress) Holder, has been bought and paid for by Amazon, and probably Google too. The “fixed” prices of $12.99 and $14.99 were MAXIMUM prices that Apple would accept in its on line store, while letting the publishers set any price they chose beneath those ceilings, out of which the publishers would get 70% and Apple 30%. Apple did not set ANY prices other than those maximum limits.

      One requirement for an anti-trust violation is a dominant share of, or control of the market. Amazon has 65% of the ebook business. How is it that Apple could force a significant number of customers to pay more if Amazon is selling 65% of the ebooks sold? Ebook prices actually went DOWN under Apple’s deal with the publishers, and the publishers made more profit.

      In the late 1800’s it was standard procedure for the robber barons to corner the market on a commodity (like ebooks?), then lower prices to the point where little or no profit was made on sales (Amazon’s profit level?) in order to drive the competition (Apple?) out of business. This was the entire reason for the institution of anti-trust laws. Somehow Amazon and the Obama administration have turned the anti-trust laws inside out, resulting in the laughable situation where Amazon’s fixed pricing structure and 65% market share are “protected” from Apple’s open pricing and 9% market share. Who’s getting fleeced? The consumer. Thanks Obama. Sorry I voted for you. You’re a great con man, and I know what I’m saying there because I’ve seen some of the absolute best.

  5. Jesus H. Christ (I have always wondered what the ‘H’ stood for. Howard? Horace?), Apple can’t win for losing, despite the fact that the Strategic Analytics report has already been proven as wrong, and Apple is actually doing quite well (though I am waiting for them to appeal the ebook ruling).

      1. Seems everyone has realized this except the DOJ. Would be funny if both were found guilty of anti-competitive practices. Never going to happen but imagining it is funny.

    1. @brian mcneal

      you, sir, are an uncouth lout of the first order. sad state of the world when atheists blaspheme the name of Jesus without blinking an eye. please don’t imagine you can do this with impunity.

      1. You guys deserve it. You have been annoying us for decades and this is the only way we can fight back. Besides, you are an adult! You know better than to have imaginary friends.

  6. More like Bad Decade: the 1990s. As much as I love that decade for the movies, music, and video games, I still understand that Apple was at rock bottom in that era. It wasn’t until the iMac was created in 1998 that Apple began their new Golden Age. The only thing good about the 2000s was Apple’s Renaissance. Awful movies, music, TV shows, and George Bush plagued the first decade of the 21st Century.

  7. The stock keeps dropping on good news and creeping up on bad news. I don’t understand it so keep having a series of bad news weeks Apple, until at least the stock gets back to $700. 😉

  8. As a non-fan boy I can take the legitimate good news with the legitimate bad news regarding Apple. And there has been plenty of both in the last several years. But this certainly not been an exceptionally bad week for Apple. Especially considering the last 10 months. I don’t own rose colored glasses. I don’t need to spin everything to make Apple look good all the time. Only fools do that. Nor do I believe the inaccurate negative articles about Apple. I’m smart enough to do good research and understand the truth when I see it. That said, the competition is not giving up. Nor is Apple. Apple seems to be holding its own lately with promise of good things to come. We’ll just have to see how many of these promises and interesting rumors come to fruition for Apple. You can hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up the fastest. Facts speak the truth. “Just the facts ma’am”. I’m a realist. Facts are all that matter. Objectivity is all that matters. By Christmas we should know how well Apple is doing. But this is certainly not a bad week for Apple, especially when looked at in perspective.

    1. This is one of the best comments I have ever read on this site. It seems like there are very few reasonable people on this site. Some people here should take off the fanboy glasses and look at the facts. I agree with you on everything in your comment.

    2. The spin on everything does get to be too much here on MDN so when Apple does actually have a tough period this is not the place for reasonable adult discussion. However, there’s something frustrating about Apple’s release schedule and the article above, which is mostly nonsense, touches on this by pointing out the moribund product introduction schedule. I think once a year to announce all your products is keeping the shine off of Apple for too long. It’s been almost a year now that we’ve been hearing about “things in the pipeline”. A more staggered approach to releases would be welcome.

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