Apple regains ‘World’s Most Valuable Company’ crown

“It was a big miss for the world’s biggest publicly traded oil company,” Jim Jelter reports for MarketWatch.

“Exxon Mobil Corp. posted its smallest profit Thursday since October 2010,” Jelter reports. “Behind the numbers lurk weak global energy markets, lower profit margins at the pump, rising exploration and drilling costs, and continued downward drift in production volumes.”

Currently, Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) is down $1.29, or -1.38%, to $92.46 pegging the company’s market value at $411.11, dropping below Apple Inc. (AAPL) which is up $2.86, or +0.63%, to $455.39 for a market value of $413.72 billion.


    1. I think its a matter of the cynics realising tat the company isn’t going to disappear over night after all without SJ running everything from new product down to ordering toilet cleanser even if times are tougher. Give em another decade and they may accept that they are actually here to stay. Meanwhile MS disappears up its own ass but still manages to be a buy in most analysts opinions.

    2. The Wall Street talking heads are thinning out as there are cuts in the bonuses and personnel. I am sure as soon as Samsung … I mean their research team researches a little more (reads their tweets and blogs) they will get back to bashing Apple until Apple starts paying the extortion money … I mean pays for advertising again!

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