Strategy Analytics claims Android now dominates tablet market

“Just days after publishing a report insisting that Samsung Electronics is now more profitable in handsets than Apple, Strategy Analytics is back with a new claim that states Apple’s iPad has shriveled up to just 28.3 percent of the tablet market in the June quarter,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “There are some very serious problems with this data, too.”

“Peter King, the Director of Tablets at Strategy Analytics who authored the report, explained that in the most recent Q2 2013, the ‘the branded Tablet market had a rest period as very few new products came to market during the quarter.’ That explains why Samsung and Asus aren’t selling gangbuster tablets, even though Android reportedly is, at least according to Strategy Analytics,” Dilger reports. ” “If Strategy Analytics had only reported ‘branded tablets,’ as it had been doing over the past year, it would have reported 36.2 million tablets for the most recent June quarter, giving Apple 40.3 percent share of the market. But then it couldn’t claim “Android Dominates the Tablet Market in 2013 Q2 with 67 Percent Share of Global Tablet Shipments.”

Dilger reports, “Fortunately for that sensational headline, King had discovered a new category called ‘White-Box Tablets,’ defined as a ‘product produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they made it.’ This added 15.5 million shipments to the Android column, allowing King to report, ‘Android secured a robust 67 percent global share, while Apple iOS declined further to 28 percent.'”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stagy Analgimmicks.

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    1. They are a real company although they are located in South Korea… in the same offices as Samsung… so their analytics are very strategic, for samsung at least

  1. Again, shipments not sales.

    What a bunch of BS. Doesn’t Apple control something like 87% of web use for tablets? That’s a much more telling number than items shipped to collect dust in a warehouse.

  2. AppleInsider has found there data is quite faulty and just down right WRONG! Making up there own numbers to claim Android has the top spot. When in truth it doesn’t even come close. There using Samsung and Google methods, you know lying to come to there conclusion.

  3. This is what Apple’s so called ” competitors” and self named industry innovators, have to stoop to – blatant deception and lies about specs and sales numbers….

    Some innovation and something to really be proud of….

    This is the model of excellence America really to show and instill in upcoming generations. Truth and integrity at it’s lowest.

    Aren’t you proud crooked teeth Larry? How about you tax evading Brin?

    1. There has been small progress: Instead buying SA’s report hook-line-and-sinker and taking another cheap shot at Apple’s hard working employees, at least MDN has enough sense this time to lead with Dilger’s analysis, rather than the original press release.

  4. Bogus… Bribed report..
    This bs is getting tiring.
    Ipad has the 86% of bandwidth usage in tablets.. But android dominates…. Lol
    Fcc has to do something about all this garbage being reported with zero acountabilty..
    Are we moving forward in our society or backwards…
    Amazing how these is allowed to go on.

  5. Yes total bullshit though Apple is hardly helping matters with its apparent Ostrich attitude of late. Any slip will be exaggerated tenfold we know that and so do they so at best it looks like Apple gives the perception of being powerless to prevent that happening by even supplying compelling upgrades.

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