What would happen if Apple went to actual war with Google?

“They’re the two titans of the tech industry, and they command attention throughout the digital realm the way the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. once drove the geopolitical agendas of the entire world,” Farhad Manjoo and Matthew Yglesias write for Slate. “They’ve sparred before, especially on the issue of Android vs. the iPhone. But what if the cold war between these two behemoths got hot? If Google and Apple went to actual war, who would win?”

“We asked two experts here at Slate to do a little wargaming with me. Tech columnist Farhad Manjoo will play Google. Moneybox columnist Matthew Yglesias will play Apple. Editor Dan Kois will play referee as Farhad and Matt imagine their way through a (totally speculative!) (fictional and not true!) Google vs. Apple all-out-war for world supremacy,” Manjoo and Yglesias write. “Could Google erase Apple from the Internet? Could iPhones control killer drones over Mountain View? How different is Apple willing to think? And how evil is Google prepared to be?”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t even need to read the piece to tell you the outcome: Sergey’s goofy glasses would immediately get slapped off his face and the Googleplex would quickly become a smoldering, uninhabitable crater. After all these years of doing this, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s this: Never, ever underestimate the power of Apple’s civilian army.

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  1. This is almost funny! It wouldn’t be much of a war. It would be equivalent of Japan waging war on the United States and we see how that worked out.

  2. So this is what World War 3 is going to be like. iPad and iPhone as the triggering devices for the nukes against the evil Google empire. Does did make Eric Schmidt Hitler. What about allies who will Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, and many others side with? Let the war begin, just wondering who will fire the first shot. All I can say it going to be a blood bath.

    1. Google has touched the lives of everybody who knows internet

      This is what makes it a pandemic, Google-Man.

      Getting Googled is synonymous with being gravely exposed.

      G-Man is Googled; he’s fucked.

  3. In reality, if Apple removed Google applications and functions from all Apple OS and devices, made privacy safeguards like AdBlock and Ghostery standard in Safari, and then created a “free” search (no ads) that returned only relevant results (no paid placements) Google would shrivel and die in a year or two. Google should keep that in mind.

  4. Oh, how I’d like to see such a war. Apple could finally go thermonuclear that huge war chest and go after Google’s throat. With all those Apple retail stores, there’s no way Apple could lose. I’m still stewing over this lousy Android situation and Apple needs to get payback for getting corkscrewed by a free OS.

    I don’t mind that Android has major mobile market share because that’s what Android OS was set up to accomplish from the get go. However, I just honestly get tired of hearing about who has major mobile market share constantly. I just don’t understand why it’s so important for the analysts and news media to concern themselves about something so unimportant. Apple shouldn’t be valued on whether Android has major market share or not. Money is money whether you make the same amount from 30% market share or 90% market share. Major market share doesn’t guarantee anything except in the minds of some near-sighted hedge fund managers.

    I’d be interested in seeing which company the hedge funds side with knowing that Apple could tap into an immense cash reserve. I personally don’t think Apple is expanding the company anywhere’s near as much as it could. Apple could be buying up companies left and right if it really wanted to prove its strength. Those hedge funds think that Google is invincible in terms of growth but if Apple got its own search engine for all those OSX and iOS devices out there, it would probably take a healthy chunk right out of Google’s revenue stream.

    I’d definitely miss Youtube and Google Earth with Street View but I could live using Bing and DuckDuckGo if I had to. I’d just take it in stride knowing that Google is being paid back in full for backstabbing Apple with Android.

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