Beleaguered HTC sees Q3 revenue sliding as much as 30 percent, missing forecasts

“Taiwan’s HTC Corp expects revenue to fall as much as 30 percent in the third quarter compared to the previous three months, far below analysts’ forecasts,” Reuters reports.

“HTC said it expects revenue this quarter of T$50 billion – T$60 billion ($1.7 billion to $2 billion), below an average forecast of T$75.65 billion from 22 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S,” Reuters reports. “It reported revenue of T$70.7 billion in the previous quarter and T$70.2 billion a year ago.”

Reuters reports, “A planned marketing blitz, which includes enlisting Robert Downey Jr. for a reported $12 million to star in its ad campaigns, is expected to weigh on profit margins and analysts remain wary about the company’s longer term prospects as Samsung and Apple have much deeper pockets to develop new products.”

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    1. Yeah, It’s good to be a superhero (Tony Stark aka Iron Man) in a string of blockbusters, and as Sherlock Holmes, to have a sidekick like Dr. Watson (Jude Law) who’s tougher than you for a change; also to ditch the drug habit so you could do those things and so much more.

  1. It is unfortunate that Samsung (not Apple) is driving HTC, Blackberry & Nokia into the dust by producing cheaply-made Android phones that are priced too high but backed by a gargantuan marketing budget. The latest phones by HTC, Blackberry and Nokia are far superior to anything Samsung makes. They need to work together to bring Samsung down a notch by exposing the poor quality of their plastic phones.

  2. The HTC ONE is a spectacular phone that suffers from one misgiving. Android. Even so, with all my genes spliced loyalty to Apple, and though my main mobile phone will always be an iPhone, I haven’t enjoyed using a phone this much since the original iPhone.

    It is a beautiful instrument to look at, and just holding it in your hand you realize it has a build quality that you typically only see come from Apple. HTC didn’t just “copy” the iPhone like Samsung did. HTC payed homage to Apple with this bad boy.

    It’s has an all metal aluminum back. There is a little sense of weight to it, like you notice in well made watches. It just feels good to hold.

    It is absolutely the best phone on the market, right now. Hands down. It’s their flagship product.

    The screen is gorgeous. It’s a 4.7 inch 1080P display. Watching media on this phone is a joy. That .7″ makes a huge difference. It’s 468PPI vs. the iPhone 5’s 4 inch, 326PPI display. (The retina display still appears sharper on the iPhone 5). It has nice metal buttons for off/on and volume controls around the side that are flat, flush with the side surface.

    It’s got these front facing speakers that are incredible. Those speakers have to be heard to be believed. Coupled with the built in BEATS equalization (BEATS Audio – HTC BoomSound) produces a built in audio quality I previously believed was not possible from such a small device. It also comes with a nice set of BEATS earbuds that aren’t over designed and actually stay in your ear.

    The speakers are real stereo, with extremely good separation. Watching a movie on this phone is awesome.

    It’s got a fast 1.7GHz Snapdragon CPU, currently much faster than the iPhone 5 and you do notice it.

    I like some of the software touches like the home screen which is sort of a built in FlipBook News/Social Media aggregator.

    It’s running this UI called “Sense UI” on top of Android’s Jelly Bean. This is where the software starts to annoy me. There is the war for your handset going on between Google, the Carrier who dumps all kinds of crapware that you can’t delete on the phone (delete it, it comes back), and the handset maker who has their own vision for the phone.

    Using it can become a bit confusing because of there being so many ways to do the same thing, and finding your way to any one of them is a chore. I.e. “Wait, how did I turn on WiFi again?”

    We can make fun all we want but personally I feel they’ve done extremely well here and I’d hate to seem them go belly up.

    This is blasphemy here in the land of Apple, but Apple could learn a few things from this phone.

    One other thing I hate about the Android experience is the general quality of software. Almost all the mail programs look like warmed over Palm software.

    There are however many gems. There is more choice. I can, for instance, have all the WiFi test software I want. I can have software that does complete WiFi heat maps! Apple does not allow this.

    So don’t be so closed minded. Samsung is one thing, but HTC did settle with Apple and HTC put some brain and creative muscle into this device.

    1. @TM,

      Great review, looks like a great phone. As you say, the issue is that it is running Android. I especially like the stereo front-facing speakers. I would love to see this on the iPad. I’m tired of having to cup my hand around the edge to hear the sound without headphones. Probably less useful to me on a phone. I seldom use a phone to watch video or to listen to music. Nice nonetheless. I agree wholeheartedly though that it’s a shame that Samdung is able to almost put HTC out of business. It just goes to show the level of discernment among the Android crowd. They seem to be eager to buy whatever is being pushed by the service providers.

    2. Good to see some sense in this place. HTC make some good stuff.

      Also a tip for you (not sure if this works on all carriers though): you can disable crapware in Settings-Apps so that it never, ever appears anywhere or bugs you. Only sign of carrier branding on my phone is the splash screen.

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