Apple retail workers file class action suit claiming lost wages over bag searches

“Former retail employees from Apple Stores in New York and Los Angeles have formed a class action suit against the iPhone maker, claiming that the company’s anti-theft policies amounted to unpaid work to the tune of $1,500 per employee per year,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“The filing for the suit alleges that “Apple has engaged and continues to engage in illegal and improper wage practices that have deprived Apple Hourly Employees throughout the United States of millions of dollars in wages and overtime compensation,'” Bostic reports. “At the center of the plaintiffs’ case is the anti-theft procedure Apple requires its employees to go through.”

Bostic reports, “At the end of a shift, as well as when clocking out to leave for a meal break, Apple’s hourly retail employees must submit to ‘personal package and bag searches,’ during which the employees are off-the-clock. The complaint notes that these checks are ‘significant, integral, indispensable… and done solely for Apple’s benefit to prevent employee pilferage.’ As the employees were hourly and the checks only occurred when they were off the clock, they were not compensated for Apple’s security procedures. The complaint claims the employees waited typically between 10 and 15 minutes and the end of every shift, as well as another five without compensation prior to going off for ‘uncompensated meal breaks.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Logically, Apple should compensate their employees for time spent doing whatever Apple requires their employees to do.


        1. BS. There’s plenty of people with questions all the time. It’s not even all Apple products in the store, so staff need to know about those things too.

          It’s called building a relationship with the customer that lasts beyond the immediate sale, and contrary to what MBAs and beancounters think, it actually does matter.

          You probably also think Apple’s domestic phone support staff are paid to sit around and do nothing, because Apple products never have issues… and that they should consider themselves lucky to work for Apple, after all they could all be outsourced to India.

        2. Uh, no that would be Microsoft Retail employees who stand and do nothing. Or they dance in the Window with there X-box games.
          Apple Retail employees hardly have the time to stand and do nothing. Anyone who goes to an Apple store will see that.

        3. Fuck you asshole! Nothing sells itself. Nothing. They are the best retail experience out there. I have never ever been disappointed in an Apple store. You clearly have your head up your ass.

        4. Last time my 68 year old mother went to the apple store, she knew more about what was wrong with her computer than the geniuses, and what’s worse is she was the only one there when knew how to fix it (bad system installer, just needed an incorrupt one), all they wanted to do was sell her a new harddrive that had to admit she didn’t actually need. But they still kept trying to sell it to her, maybe that was to male up for the fact that they didn’t know what they were doing.

    1. Yeah, uh I guess you’ve never worked for Apple then huh? It was a really fun place to work for maybe up until 4 or 5 years ago. Apple has really become the it’s own disdain and it’s not worth the money they pay in the retail store. And yes, Apple should be only doing any type of search of personal property while the employee is on the clock!

  1. Most companies do this. Just proof that today’s millennial generation thinks they know best. What does it equate to? An extra 2 minutes per day? Sounds like excessive whining.

    1. “What does it equate to? An extra 2 minutes per day?”

      Can you type, but not read? The complaint states that it’s up to 1.5 hours per week. I don’t know if the complaint is true and accurate, but if it is, that sounds totally unreasonable and violation of employment law.

      1. Having witnessed some SERIOUS shite in the workplace and DIRE abuse of employees by asshole management scum, I’m not convinced to have any vibes of sympathy here. This sort of childish complaining is where the management justifiably loses respect for the employee.

        Find a SERIOUS issue against an employer and I’ll happily back you up.

        1. Well the complaint is talking about employees who work 40 hours a week and make as little as just over $17K a year who are not getting paid as much as $1,500 over the year for their time because management has a poor inspection process for employees that doesn’t apply to customers.

          If someone here posted any evidence that the statements in the complaint are invalid or untrue in anyway, that would be one thing, but I don’t see many people here saying they’d be willing to give up 8.7% of their income for their employer to have such an unreasonable search process.

          The law is what it is, and if the complaints are true, than Apple has been violating labor laws.

    2. And wait for it… The shock on their pathetic faces when they win and settlement, and that settlement is a $10 iTunes gift card. There should be a class action lawsuit against class action lawyers. The lawyers are the only one who ever get any cash in these things.

      1. Completely agree. Anyone remember the iTunes gift card lawsuit? The $10 cards said get 10 songs, and when some songs went to $1.25, the CA lawyers sued, because you could no longer get 10 songs. This meant that everyone in the suit got about $1…. and they lawyers got millions.

  2. Next up, corporate users of Windows instigate lawsuits against Microsoft for lost productivity due to having to install, update and run anti-virus software.

    Then, Android users initiate lawsuits against Google and Samsung for making shitateaous software and hardware that don’t work as advertised wasting enormous numbers of hours installing ROMs and whatnot to make it work as advertised.

  3. This could open a can of worms.
    In most businesses there is time when you are at work and not being. This is pretty common, security checks before and after work. I personally don’t get paid till I clock in (waiting 10 minutes till I can launch the time card program), and stop getting paid once I clock out even though I have to wait till I shut everything down before I can leave some times another 10 minutes and the program automatically takes off 30 minutes for lunch even though I work through lunch most days. that’s life.

  4. Hey Balmers Left Nut…I used to respect you for your insightful takes on various subjects, but when you throw your “hissy fit” tantrums about our political system, you lose me, and I suspect a lot of other readers.

    If you don’t like our country and our elected officials why not move somewhere else or just shut up.

    We know what you are and what you represent. It does not belong on an Apple information site

  5. Back to the subject.

    If a lawsuit was started and the ex employees win, 95% of award goes for legal fees and expenses, 5% to agreived employees.

    They should arrange to have Judge Koh

    1. These things always work out for the lawyers, and not all that great for anyone else. When a class action lawsuit is settled, what good does it do to send $15.00 cheques to five or ten thousand people? It saves them lunch money for one day, and we’re expected to rejoice? The lawyers use their take to stage champagne-drenched orgies on their yachts. William Shakespeare had a solution.

      1. It’s true the “rewards” for the actual plaintiffs are usually worthless or cheap enough to be meaningless, but the point of most class action lawsuits like this isn’t really to compensate the plaintiffs, but to punish the company for actions judged to be wrong/negligent and then hopefully prevent that from happening again.

        At least that’s how I heard it described…

  6. This is true. I worked in Apple retail for 5 years. They expect a lot of their their workers and sometimes treat their staff like children. However most of the hourly workers are brighter and more educated that their managers who typically come from other retail stores like the Gap and Starbucks. The hourly workers were grossly underpaid when considering what they were expected to do and the knowledge base they had.

      1. … are talking about? Bad enough you use sub-standard “English”, and dabble in childish name-calling that reflects more on who YOU are than who THEY are, but you have to tout theTeaParty line that “the employer is always right”? If you are NOT willing to pay your employees for their time, you should let them leave. Otherwise, you are stealing from them. Even a retarded Tea Puddler should recognize the truth there.

      2. Sometimes you really wonder whether someone’s account has been compromised when they post decent comments some of the time, and then see such childish drivel come out of nowhere.

  7. This is true. I worked in Apple retail for 5 years. They expect a lot of their workers and sometimes treat their staff like children. However most of the hourly workers are brighter and more educated than their managers who typically come from other retail stores like the Gap and Starbucks. The hourly workers were grossly underpaid when considering what they were expected to do and the knowledge base they had.

    1. I can entirely sympathize with your points.

      However, required security checks due to the criminal and kleptomaniacal behavior of the few does not equate to lawsuit. Spoiled little kids is my response to the bitchers. Get some perspective little kids.

      I’ll gladly sit you down and rant at you for hours about REAL horrors in the working world. Your whiny little hissy fit complaint about time lost to security searches does NOT compare or qualify. 😥

      1. Having to wait 30-40mins for a bag/iOS serial number search when leaving the store at gone 10pm because the store will not pay for additional security at that time to speed up the process is fully within scope of this complaint.
        Comparing what they are asking for and then telling people that other people in the world have it worse off – well golly gee Mr – really? So the next time some woman gets raped we can tell her that there are other people in the world worse off and she’s being a spoiled little kid?
        Apply some thought to the actual in scope issue. other jobs and other situations that are not comparable are not relevant.

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