Apple’s iOS smartphone market share growing faster than Android in US, UK and France

“New data from Kantar Worldpanel shows year over year market share gains by iOS in the United States, Great Britain and France, despite a seasonal shift that’s returned Android to a majority share in the U.S.,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The market research group reported a 51.5 percent share for Android in the U.S. compared to 42.5 percent for iPhone. Microsoft’s Windows Phone captured 4 percent and BlackBerry fell to 1.1 percent share,” Dilger reports. “Kantar drew particular attention to the market in the U.K., noting in a separate report that ‘Apple’s iOS has surged 5.2 percentage points to 30.5% of the British smartphone market, driven by first-time smartphone buyers opting for the iPhone 4.'”

Dilger reports, “The importance of low end, entry level smartphone options for platform growth was also evident for Windows Phone, which like iOS, also grew faster than Android in the U.K. during the quarter, accounting for 8.6 percent of smartphone sales.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Go from one site to another and the stories are opposite. Yahoo says Android is blowing past IOS both in phones and tablets. Which is really funny because android use is almost non- exsistant compared to IOS on the Internet.

  2. I’m upraised about the UK figures as there seems to be a trend that iPhone is yesterday’s news and is no longer a leader. Advertising for Samsung and Win Phone is everywhere by comparison so good to see that apparent surge considering the low marketing profile of late. However the next year is vital to revitalise the brand I think.

    1. Apple doesn’t seem to have the network coverage in Spain that it does in the UK and France. Our local movil shops here in Sitges mostly don’t carry the iPhone at all. The iPad yes, but not the iPhone. Instead it’s all the cheaper Samsungs and old versions of the Xperia Sonys.

  3. The key is to have affordable (not cheap) entry level devices that aren’t horrible. The iPhone 4 is a little slow these days, but looks great, has a ton of accessories and can still run all but the most demanding of AAA games. Windows Phone is, for all its flaws, a decent smartphone OS that works really nicely on mid and low end hardware (and if it’s a Nokia one, their ongoing support for low end and older models is genuinely admirable). Android on anything other than top end is just awful, with zero support from manufacturers and a handful of accessories, if you’re lucky. People are realising low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. And that means trouble for Android.

    1. Well.. I partially agree with you but not on every point.

      To make it short:

      – Zero support from manufacturer : OK… That’s true
      – Handfull of accessories : Not true. Maybe no phone specific accessories, but as most Android accessories are related to the OS and not the phone model they are brand and model agnostic
      – Low cost phone = Low end hardware : Not true… You must search a bit, but there are quiet cheap phones with really impressive specs in the not so well knows brands.
      – No update : (Mostly) True but with a nuance… With such cheap phones you can renew them much more often and have always the top of the edge system and hardware

      Finally one personal remark. People don’t only chose “alternative” phones for the price, but also sometimes for their functionalities. System is not everything. When the functions you need are hardware related you don’t have any option… You must buy the phone which has it 🙂

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