Microsoft drove the bus off the cliff, now it tries to speed up

“Microsoft has driven off the cliff into the death spiral and rather than change direction they are trying to speed up their ‘momentum’. Endless reorgs, paid analyst reports, and flat-out lying to anyone who will listen won’t help, they can not succeed from their current position,” Charlie Demerjian writes for SemiAccurate.

“Could it get any worse for Microsoft? Surprisingly no but that isn’t to say it will get better, the company is at the nadir of everything,” Demerjian writes. “They have no friends, they have no partners, and no one will go out on a limb to help them. Even when paid, many refuse. The major web services are simply absent as far as apps go, not something that can be cured with a bit of cash. Their position simply can’t get any more dire than it is now, and that is a profound statement.”

Demerjian writes, “Instead of fixes, [Microsoft] got a reorg that consolidated power in the hands of the most incompetent of them all Steve Ballmer. If he was fired months ago there was a small chance Microsoft would survive, today he has more control than before. Microsoft has failed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beleaguered Microsoft. 🙂

Ballmer Bomb

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  1. From the article:
    Microsoft is in the app death spiral. No one is willing to code for their platform for several reasons, the utter lack of market share being a key one. If there is no one to sell apps to, why make them?

    ROFLMFAO!!! How does it feel, jerks? Welcome to the hell of a Mac user in the 1990’s! Look like the shoe is on the other foot now!


    1. Remember my brother in law razzing me over my allegiance to Apple back in the ’90s. Never missed an opportunity to tell how Apple was going out of business. Funny how history repeats itself. Back then MS backers belittled everything about Apple without recognizing that MS achieved its success through deceit and knife in Apple’s back. Now we hear the same crap from Google Android users. Let’s all ignore that Google just happened to develop an iPhone knockoff while Eric the Mole was enjoying inside information while sitting on the Apple BoD, just as Gates came up with Windows while developing applications for the Mac. It’s nice having inside information… And can be quite lucrative if you no scruples. Android, please get on the bus with with MS.

      1. Ironically, as Microsoft was hobbled by the enterprise market’s demand for backward compatibility to the software developed in the 80’s, Their shiny new tablet OS is already compatible with plenty of malware from the years past!

    1. That’s arguably the funniest scene in Strangelove.

      As I recall it, the most chilling had to be General Jack D. Ripper raving about a conspiracy to corrupt our “precious bodily fluids.” Played by the underrated Sterling Hayden.

  2. What I don’t understand is how Bill Gates can sit on the sidelines and watch a company he built be taken apart. Can anyone explain this-or haves insight on his perspective? While I’m a dedicated Apple user – there was still some pride in knowing that Microsoft was another American company that was doing well!

    1. Gates has better things to do I’m sure, but IIRC he’s still on the MS’ board and to see his company driving out of the ditch only to go over a cliff does make one wonder…WTF Bill?! That the stock is just about where it was when Ballmer took over should be enough to oust the fool, but to let him take it into oblivion is just wrong on a number of levels.

      Mr. Gates? Hello? Hello?

  3. “Though it looks like we’ve passed the tipping point, this process isn’t going to be over quickly. PC sales aren’t going to zero this year. But the replacement cycle, already at 5 years, will lengthen further and further, more and more apps will move to mobile or the cloud, and for many people the PC will end up like the printer or fax – vestigial reminders of an older way of doing things. Microsoft may yet manage to turn Windows tablets and phones into products with meaningful market share, but it will never be dominant again. ”
    – Benedict Evans

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