Fully-assembled low-cost polycarbonate iPhone shown next to iPhone 5 (with photo)

“We’ve seen lots of pictures of budget iPhone parts in recent weeks, but these images from case maker Tactus show us what the device will look like when it’s fully assembled — complete with a display, a camera and flash, buttons, and a Lightning connector,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “The images suggest the low-cost iPhone will have a 5-inch display just like the iPhone 5, and we expect it to be a Retina display.”

MacDailyNews Note: iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch™ display with 1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi, not a “5-inch display.”

“Tactus has not provided pictures of the device switched on, so it appears that it’s not a working unit, but maybe a dummy instead,” Bell reports. “The budget iPhone doesn’t appear to be too much bigger than the iPhone 5, though its design looks a little closer to that of the latest iPod touch.””

Tactus: Low-cost iPhone next to iPhone 5

Read more, and see more photos, in the full article here.


  1. I fully expect that a lot of the leaked images is a part of a misdirection campaign by Apple. With the iPhone 5 release getting trashed by all the leaks last year you would think Apple would be keeping a tighter watch on the information flow. Some of the leaks may be plants to sniff out leakers.

  2. It’s easier to make knock-offs than the real glass and metal iPhone; this could be fake. Who would benefit if there were all these rumors and Apple *didn’t* make a cheap iPhone?

    I also wonder if this device might only be for emerging markets. Of course, there will be an instant get-them-into-the-US gray market until Apple gives-in and allows it to be sold.

  3. That looks nice. I might like it better than the 5 in my hand, in fact. I always liked the feel of the original iphone and the iphone 3G in my hand. Way better than the 5. And I’ve never used a case on my iPhone before the 5. Never needed to. Yet, the 5 is so light and the aluminum is so slippery, and the edges are SO prone to deterioration I had to put on a case. Then, wouldn’t you know it, a few pieces of dirt in the case actually still marred the 5’s edges.

    So, yeah, looks awesome to me.

  4. Why does the iP5 have a yellowish home button? Also the signal strength bars appears to be missing the smallest bar almost like this is a demo phone and a picture of the screen when turned on.

    As for the rumor phone. It looks fake or at least has no guts to the phone. The home button is twisted (square is not square with the phone). It could be just the rear shell and iP5 screen and a glued to the back home button. This could explain the odd shadows around the home button.

    All that being said how much cheaper could a plastic iP5 be? $100 less?

  5. Looks like a cheapo Chinese knock-off running Android (the next Samsung POS phone, perhaps?).

    When all these crappy concept illustrations, faux images and fake case molds show up on the Web, you know that it IS the silly season. Enough.

  6. I call fake. This look EXACTLY like an iPhone 5 I was offered to buy cheap. Upon inspection it looked just like an iPhone 5 but shitty cameras, lighter, non retina screen and the fact it ran JAVA with copied app icons.

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