Apple’s stellar iPhone sales dumbfound ‘experts’

“The headlines elsewhere mostly read that Apple reported earnings slightly above expectations but down from a year ago,” Mark Rogowsky reports for Forbes.

“While all that is true, the real story is that analysts were sure demand for the iPhone had reached some peak,” Rogowsky reports. “From there, they believed it would slide inexorably downward, despite countless data points from market-research firms to the contrary. ”

Rogowsky reports, “The pros pegged iPhone sales at 26.5 million units; Apple instead shipped [sold – MDN Ed.] 31.2 million. So much for the peak.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Expert spreaders of bull feces.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tom R.” for the heads up.]

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    1. No, that is the analysts sources that are in their momma’s basements. They will take any tweet, posting or e-mail from anywhere as gospel if it pushing anything that does not favor Apple.

  1. Whenever Tim Cooks decides to release the iPhone with IGZO display then I will rejoice. In fact, until Tim Cook decides to release any Apple product with an IGZO display will I consider upgrading. It’s been two years, Tim, what’s the freakin’ hold up?

    1. To generalize all analysts as dumb makes your comment far more moronic than the most idiotic commmet made by a so-called analyst. I know your bashing “analysts” makes you feel smug and self-righteous, but it only confirms to the world that you are a narrow-minded bigot with no intelligence and no analytical capacity of your own.

      1. No trust me, he’s correct in that most analysts are “dumb” when it comes to understanding Apple or new disruptive technology trends in general. In fact I think the whole notion of analysts making predictions about number of iPhones sold in a given quarter is pretty stupid. As if they have an inkling of insight into Apples complex supply chain or understand true customer demand and behaviors.

  2. I watched a clip form the the brief appearance of the prince leaving the hospital yesterday. Nearly all the phones being used by onlookers to snap pictures/videos were iPhones as best I could see.

    1. We stayed in the blue-collar neighborhood of Camberwell for the London Olympics. We were surprised to see so many iPhones (8/10) each morning on the buses from Brixton and Camberwell. On the Bullet train out of St Pancras and at the Olympic venues 9/10 were iPhones.

  3. Sold v. Shipped: Gallagher and MarketWatch made that huge mistake yesterday too, when they announced the numbers. They reported that Apple “shipped” various units of iPhone, iPad, etc.

  4. Analysts are full of shite. Every product release by Samdung or Microsloth is met by great fanfare. Why is it the market accepts such poor products? Why does everything have to be cheap? Why are all these companies in a race for the bottom dollar? Analysts are a bunch of self indulgent tossers looking to line their own pockets by manipulating the press and in turn Wall Street.
    Me? I just buy the best in the marketplace. Apple.

    1. You ask why product introductions by competitors are met with huge fanfare. I believe two factors lead to that:
      1) Mntroductions by Microsoft and Samsung involve broad based marketing efforts reaching into the billions of dollars such that every opinion publisher wants to catch some of that graft.
      2) Due to Apple’s recent success these same opinion publishers are playing to their readers hope for the underdogs.

  5. Speaking as a non-stockholder of any stock of any kind, it’s interesting to watch this clumsy, quarterly dance of business cycles. Company A reports revenue and earnings, and is expected to predict the next quarter’s with some accuracy for its shareholders. (Apple, being smart, is always conservative with its predictions.) Analysts, paid handsomely by their customers to try to predict a company’s future worth, make their own predictions which are often held as being more valuable than those of Company A despite being historically wrong. The analysts use various metrics – most of which seem to be useless – to keep track of whose predictions were accurate over the next three months. Then Company A reports its quarterly info, the analysts are proven wrong, and it all starts over again.

    Crazy much?

  6. Just spent a couple weeks in Scandanavia; iPhones were EVERYWHERE. Saw hundreds of them in use but maybe five Droids total. Mostly Macs in stores, libraries and public transit centers too.

  7. Apple’s numbers include channel inventory. One of the reasons the iPad decline looked worse than it was – year ago quarter included a lot more iPads in the channel because 3rd gen iPad was new. Of course we know with Apple what gets shipped eventually does sell.

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