For Apple’s earnings, it’s all eyes on the iPhone

“Apple announces its fiscal third-quarter earnings on Tuesday, and — as usual — all eyes are on how well the iPhone is selling,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“Reports from some phone carriers have provided a peek at Tuesday’s results, specifically Verizon, which reported iPhone sales last week that were higher than the carrier originally expected,” Lowensohn reports. “Wall Street is expecting Apple to post earnings of $7.31 per share on sales of $35 billion for its quarter, which ended in late June. Those estimates are on the higher end of how much Apple said it expected to bring in when it reported on its previous quarter back in April — a range of $33.5 to $35.5 billion in sales.”

Lowensohn reports, “Wall Street is expecting Apple’s sales to work out to around 26.5 million iPhones, which would be half a million more than the company sold during the same time last year. Similarly, Apple is expected to sell 18 million iPads, around 1 million more than last year”

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  1. iPhone is Apple’s primary profit generator. I wonder if Apple has placed too many eggs in the iPhone basket. I would rather see all other Apple products contributing to Apple’s profit. That being said, I can’t wait to purchase a new iPhone next year.

        1. You have to forgive Eldernorm, seb. He’s off his medication and his aluminum hat isn’t adjusted properly.

          You have hit the nail on the head whereas Eldernorm has smacked his skull. Do you get it now, Eldernorm?

          1. Well how would you advice Apple to sell as may iPads and Macs as iPhones? Not really practical in the real world but if you have any ideas that Apple haven’t considered or new comparable products that could indeed match iPhone volumes and profits then maybe feel free to call out Eldernorm, until then his comment is rather relevant like it or not.

  2. OMG… Recent articles seem to point to Apple having a much better quarter than originally expected…. SO…..

    Quick, several bloggers/writers have started to – last minute- up their estimates on Apple profit.

    And several writers and now pushing how Apple will come out with a Larger screen iPhone 5s and a cheaper iPhone and a phablet…. and…. and why pump Apple……. so after saying how its dying earlier , so they can then dump on Apple after it reports a good quarter after Samsung, Microsoft and Blackberry all reported really bad quarters.

    I mean Apple must have something secret wrong with it for it to have a good quarter when its winning opposition (Samdung, Winblows, and cracked berry) are all having such a bad time of it.

    Just a ramble, but these times are getting to me…. I swear.

    1. Sorry for the poor wording rant but it is monday and I am running on only one cup of coffee so far. LOL

      Tuesday evening should be interest and expecially how the anal…yst spin the report.

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