Apple’s ‘iPhone Lite’ to have two versions? ‘Zenvo’ and ‘Zagato/Bertone’ codenames appear

“The Apple iPhone Lite will have two different versions targeting different markets, but otherwise very similar,” Victor H. reports for PhoneArena.

“Both will feature 4-inch displays, but the difference will be in the processor and connectivity options,” Victor H. reports. “The iPhone Zenvo is said to be the slightly more affordable one as it runs on a ‘H5P dual-core processor’ made by Samsung, 1GB of RAM, and supports FDD 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. The iPhone Zagato/Bertone will support TDD 4G LTE and feature an ‘H6P’ processor.”

Victor H. reports, “These will obviously be the versions for China as support for the local LTE standard is listed.”

Full article here.


    1. Probably. I’m willing to bet that the “leaks” described here are bull.

      As someone on AppleInsider posted on the issue: “Apple might indeed be making a cheap iPhone and it may indeed look similar to this, but this latest leak is both nothing new, and proves nothing at all.”

    1. I guess they are if you don’t know anything about cars (I am unaware of ‘Zenvo,’ but I know that ‘Bertone’ is an Italian automobile design house with some cars named after the founder. If I recall, Zegato is either a vehicle or a trim level).

      1. Zegato is also an Italian auto design studio if a Rather wacky one they designed that appalling Aston Martin Zegato many years ago but decades ago did do some good work with AM and Alfa I think. Maybe Cooks infatuation with Ferrari is getting out of control.

  1. It’s sad that samsung’s popularity in garbage products has forced apple to come up with cheap varieties to flood the market with just to compete with samsung’s crap. This is an example of how competition can be bad: samsung’s “competition” has actually inspired apple to lower the standard of quality in their products to effectively compete.

    It’s like making a cheap Lamborghini to compete with Honda.

    1. Um, no..

      The fact of the matter is that many people in India, China and most 3rd world/developing countries simply cannot afford a $499 or $599 phone. Apple does not have to enter those markets to remain profitable, but they are choosing to do so.

    2. Because something is inexpensive doesn’t make it garbage. It sounds to me like good business sense. There will be people who want to get into the Apple ecosystem – who also want the latest tech, not a 4 or 4S.

      This phone gets them in the system. And remember, this is Apple here. “Cheap” for Apple will probably mean an entirely different thing than it does to Samsung.

      And who said anything about lowering quality? You don’t “make a cheap Lamborghini to compete with Honda.” Instead you make a car in a similar range, and leave the Lambo alone.

    3. You’re assuming any of this is true. Even if it is, it always made sense for Apple to expand it’s line, just like the iPod. I seriously doubt Apple is responding to competition – they release products when the market is right and when the product is ready (fcpx and maps – 2 notable exceptions…). There is a giant market for a low cost phone. Apple will most likely enter that market with a great entry level device.

    4. Well Steven, you are wrong, Samsung has nothing to do with this. This is Apple recognizing that the market is full of people who either do not want to pay, or cannot pay for the high end phone.

      Apple wants to grow its eco-system. They want more iTunes accounts with credit cards spending money in their ecosystem. 1. it increases revenue 2. it provides greater leverage when negotiating content deals. More card captures = More leverage for Apple.

      Do you really think Apple would prefer to just lose those people as customers? That sir would be BAD business.

  2. It makes sense for Apple to have a range of products with differing specs and price points, yet with up-to-date technology, like they do with the iPod line and the Macs. Just because Apple makes a Mac Mini, doesn’t mean it is crap, nor does it mean the Mac Pro is less of a computer. It’s just a range of price-points and specs on good quality products.

  3. The one item that screams “This is BULL” is the CPU reference. Apple is not going to change CPU architectures. If this phone does make it to market it will be on an Apple CPU (A?).

  4. Umm, so it’s cheaper for Apple to purchase a Samsung processor than to use one of its own A-series chips? How is getting re-tangled with Samsung a good thing? This sounds suspicious.

  5. I’m beginning to believe this phone is real. With the next iPhone lineup it will be the bottom tier phone, right where the iPhone 4 would go if it were to be kept. You would have to look at the pricing of each phone if sold off contract to see how it would fit. To make it work it can only be sold without contract else it would compete with the 4S.

    Another possibility is the 4S will be dropped also. The dropping of the 4S would be so the entire line would be 4″ screens and the new connector.

    1. I think I’d have to agree here. The 4/4S are done into opinion. Apple has ready shown it is not afraid to update an existing product before its normal update cycle (4S in this case) to unify a main component of the current line of product (New iPad, iPad 3, to iPad 4) mainly to update it to the new lightning dock. So I think the same will now happen to the 4S. The 4 is done no matter what, same as happened to the 3GS wen the 5 came out. I think we will definitely have at least two models, entry level and top of the line. Whether there is also an intermediate level remains to be seen. I don’t know how much more differentiation you can get out of a product like that without fully stripping it down. At the most it would be like an iPod touch with the only difference being the addition of cellular functionality. Another option too would be a new entry level model at the current size and form factor, basically the 5 now, a high end model of the same form factor and size and then a larger high end model for the people that want a larger screen. 4.5″ or up. iPhone. iPhone pro and iPhone elite or something

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