Apple may delay introduction of iPhone 5S after design change for larger 4.3-inch Retina display, report claims

“Apple Inc. may delay the introduction of the iPhone 5S until the end of the year after the design was changed to feature a bigger 4.3-inch retina display screen, the Commercial Times reported,” Argin Chang reports for Bloomberg News.

“The company previously scheduled the release for September or October, the Taiwanese newspaper reported, citing unidentified people in the semiconductor industry,” Chang reports. “A cheaper version of the Apple iPhone is expected by the end of the third quarter after chips for the new model started shipment in June, the newspaper said.”

Chang reports, “Suppliers to Apple fell after the report, with Pegatron Corp. (4938) slumping 7 percent to NT$47.55 as of 12:33 p.m. in Taipei. TPK Holding Co. dropped 3.2 percent to NT$399.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, all of a sudden, at the very last minute, Apple just decided to change a minor thing like the size of the display for their top revenue-generating product. (dripping sarcasm)


  1. NO, wait,,,,, its not the fingerprint scanner or the larger samsung cloned crappy 4.3 inch screen that is holding production back…….. its the anti-gravity chip.

    It does work but a side effect is that the phone tends to float away if you are not careful. Now they have to innovate a way for it to float “home” when it gets loose or gets stolen.

    Just saying /s

  2. Yes, another report claims delay in iPhone 5S. Maybe with all these “reports” and “claims”, the iPhone 5S actual release date will after the release of the iPhone 7. We have not heard of a delay yet for the iPhone 6, 6S, or 7.

      1. It’s funny how the trolls and astroturfers have changed their tune since Steve’s death. While he was running apple he was a “marketing guy”, a flim flam artist who simply had a “reality distortion field” that allowed him to peddle his rather ordinary goods as something special.

        Now (for the apple haters) he was a genius, and apple is dooooooomed without him.

      2. Larry Page, Jeff Bezos or Reed Hastings are possibilities. These three CEOs have certainly managed to put value into their companies which is something Timid Cook has failed to do. Out of four profitable companies only Apple has managed to greatly sink in value for all of 2013. Seriously, even incompetent Steve Ballmer has managed to make Microsoft gain 35% in shareholder value YTD.

        Timid Cook just doesn’t seem to be doing anything to put shareholder value into Apple. Isn’t it reasonable to ask whether it’s really that difficult for a CEO sitting on the biggest mountain of cash on the planet to come up on the plus side? If $145 billion isn’t enough money, then how much is really needed? Am I really being unfair or snarky in asking this?

        1. A certain truth in what you say but Microsoft can slip up its own (or Ballmers its bigger) ass tomorrow and the markets would see it as a mere blip they just cant believe in its decline even when its gone. As for Apple its the opposite nothing they can do can make up for the perceived brilliance of SJ even though few were willing to actually acknowledge it when he was recreating our technological life. Its all perception which has little to do with reality. For example where do you think Apple would be now if Ballmer was in charge. Yep hardly need to answer that do I.

        2. I don’t believe that your comparisons are valid. Compare the stock return with the changes in the financial fundamentals of these companies – gross revenue, gross profit, margins, debt-to-equity, etc. Apple looks pretty darn good except for its stock performance.

          The key factor holding down Apple seems to be fear. The first fear is that its major profit maker, the iPhone, has already entered a decline due to competition and lack of innovation, small display, etc. The second fear is that Apple lost its innovation mojo when SJ passed away. In order to address this fear, Apple has to release the next big thing. Even then, some skeptics will be looking for the second next big thing, just to show it wasn’t a fluke. Apple cannot please these people and should not even try.

    1. @ the joker
      FIRE Tim Cook! The man is as incompetent as Steve Jobs was a genius.

      EXACTLY! Fire him because he can’t control the rumors about him needing to be fired . . . and also he simply does not compare to this new version of Steve they are now making statues of!

    2. Or better still postumously sack Steve Jobs for the reported ‘i’ delays during his tenure. As for that bloody Einstein, I blame him for the delays in the iAnchor, cant even get the concept of gravity right the lightweight.

    3. Fire TC and hire Ballmer. . . I guess that is what you want.

      TC is still head and shoulders above ANYONE else out there for the responsibility he has. He is following EXACTLY what SJ did and would do – delay a project that is not up to Apple’s standards. TC didn’t with Maps, but he is now. IF you know it is not perfect, delay is better than delivering a bad product.

  3. Love it how’s there’s always reports on what Apple is doing based on a report by someone else based on an unnamed source. The spam yesterday about the finger print problems by digitimes was re-reported by 50+ different websites showing in zite and flipboard. Journalism is nearly dead, it’s just plagurised gossip theses days

    1. How ’bout just making the iPad Mini the new iPhone, Ginormous?? Would that satisfy you? Huh? Huh? Hey, the “MinPhone” would kick the living crap out of those Android phablets, eh what? Not to mention the potential “PadPhone” that would inevitably follow it, right?! Yep, that’s just what the world needs: A “ginormous” telephonic device that covers the caller’s entire face and needs a backpack to carry! YEAH, THAT’S THE TICKET!

  4. This is all par for the course. Organizations use rumors to move stocks up and down all the time. Barclays just were fined over $400M for manipulating indexes. It’s a safer way to make money since you can predict with more accuracy what direction the market will go.
    The rumor mill will be going crazy up to and during the iPhone and iPad updates.

  5. Just look at what happened to Pegatron’s stock and draw the right conclusions.

    Stock manipulation through spreading rumors is even less regulated and enforced in the far east than it is in the U.S. (and only blatant, obvious cases get prosecuted in the U.S.).

    It’s very simple: Short a set of Apple suppliers. Spread rumors (and have lots of reporters retell those rumors based upon “unnamed sources”) that Apple is delaying an item until *after* the critical holiday shopping season.

    Then sit back and watch the stock prices fall for all those stocks you shorted.

    Reap the profits.

    A few months later, repeat. (If you have fewer ethics than Gordon Gekko all the better!)

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