Will Apple finally take out Google?

“Is Apple going to eat Google’s lunch? While the iOS/Android battle has been playing out for multiple years now in the mobile marketplace (tablets and smartphones), could Apple be making a move to squeeze loyal Google users further into its own deep ecosystem?” Bret Kenwell asks for TheStreet.

“The Internet-based iWork for iCloud now brings Apple users into a potential clash with their previous Google-powered workstations,” Kenwell writes. “The Internet-based iWork for iCloud now brings Apple users into a potential clash with their previous Google-powered workstations. It is essentially the Apple version of Google Docs, something that many Apple users probably frequent. So if Apple users are writing or working on Pages, Numbers or Keynote, why wouldn’t they use it on the Internet-based cloud form? I assume that they would. That’s not to say anything is wrong with Google Drive — but by using Apple devices, it just becomes easier and makes quite a bit of sense. But is this just the start of things to come?”

Kenwell writes, “With an expected introduction of the iTV and an already announced iRadio [sic], Apple will become a bigger part of consumers’ everyday lives and the company — as well as the stock price — will begin to swell as a result. Whether or not Apple willingly steps into the tech titans boxing match with Google, two things are certain: iWork is just the beginning and the consumer is the ultimate winner as these two duke it out to be number one. ”

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        1. Can you even imaging life without ads? No commercials, no popups or other ads on the internet and no junk mail?

          It would be huge. How much would you pay to eliminate all the ads? For starters, I would happily pay at least double my current rates. Does anyone know what the actual math would be? That is, just how much would our subscription fees have to rise in order to cover the ad revenue losses?

          And yes to DuckDuckGo and every other service that does not abuse their customers. If you added guaranteed privacy to the no ads subscription services……WOW!!! And that would be easy since the two do go very much together. If Apple did this, it would own the internet and maybe the world! Well, whatever, OK maybe not the world, but it would be awesome!

  1. Google is not the likely target for iWorks. The larger market is Microsoft’s Office. Since Office is a poorly designed application for Apple’s Touch based iOS, it would be reasonable for Apple to make it’s own.
    Now for Google, if it should hurt their model, all the better,then it would be a simple cherry on top.

  2. Apple is creating services for its customers to enable more use and capabilities of Apple devices.

    Apple will never “take out” Google so long as Apple does not enter the search industry. Apple appears to have no plans or intention to enter search, and it would be a huge uphill battle in any event. The only way to make money on search is ads, but to really make money is to gather and sell personal data, something which Apple appears loathe to do.

    1. Apple doesn’t need to make money in search to kill Google, all it has to do is provide a good alternative and the market will take care of it itself.

      1. But there could be antitrust issues with Apple creating its own search.

        I think the secret plan to take out Google is actually iAd. It’s now like 50 bucks to join as an advertiser, and with iTunes Radio there is now a solid platform to build the network.

      2. I don’t believe that for a second. Wall Street overwhelmingly favors Google over Apple because Google supposedly has no competition in search. Apple is giving Google a free pass by not going directly against Google in search. Google took a big dump all over Apple’s iPhone empire by giving Android away for free. In doing so, Google intentionally and deliberately put a solid chokehold on Apple’s future iPhone growth. Now the high-end smartphone market is almost totally saturated thanks to Android and Apple has nowhere to go for more growth. Hardware is no longer helping Apple’s revenue. Apple’s future is pegged at zero by Wall Street.

        Apple needs to get full revenge on Google by undermining Google in search and ads as Android undermined Apple’s iPhone market. No court in the world supports Apple’s fight against Android, so Apple got totally hung out to dry. No more running from Google. Apple needs to challenge Google to get at least some respect back. Apple is seen as a dead-end company by investors because Google totally punk’d them. The market will not take care of itself. Apple has to make it happen by a direct assault on Google. There’s almost zero chance of that happening with Timid Cook at the helm. He is just too much of a freaking cream-puff from a shareholder’s point of view. It’s damn disheartening seeing Google shares worth more than twice as much as Apple’s. it makes absolutely no sense at all from any true value financial standpoint. Apple has to stop this crap treatment once and for all.

    2. Who cares if it’s an uphill battle? That’s what gaining respect is all about. You think Apple can just coast along and gain ground? No. You’ve already seen what’s happened to Apple this year for coasting. Absolutely nothing good whatsoever. Apple has become the tech company patsy for Wall Street. Apple is seen as nothing but a pushover of a company.

      I’m sorry, but Apple really needs to take off its white gloves and put on some boxing gloves and go toe-to-toe with Google. Google is getting into hardware with Motorola. Apple needs to get into search by its own means. Google keeps expanding and Apple needs to do the same. Investors hate goldfish-type companies. They like to put their money on sharks.

  3. The more iOS devices and Apple products that are in the USA and other markets, the easier it is to divert digital inquiries away from Google. Google lives for advertising dollars.

    Ex.) Siri doesn’t look at ads from Google and Google earns ZERO dollars from Siri if Apple doesn’t want too.

    Ex.) AppleTV doesn’t need Google

    Ex.) Apple maps doesn’t need Google

    Tim Cook needs to continue to deplete all dollars going to Google, Samsung, and Microsoft. Period! End this in 2 years. Get it done Apple. You own the USA market now control it like it is yours. Force them to the 2nd and 3rd world markets where they can have large market share and no cash flow. Put them out of their miseries! Outcasts in the land of pirates, SPAM, malware and hackers!

    1. Here, here! That’s the spirit. That’s what is known as the “scorched earth policy.” You leave nothing valuable for the enemy to use. That’s how I’d like to see Apple use that enormous cash hoard. If Apple doesn’t do it to Google, Google will certainly do it to Apple. With backstabbers like Schmidt on Google’s team, absolutely nothing is safe for Apple. Same with Samsung. You give them an inch, they take a yard.

  4. Apple mainly profits from selling hardware. Apple’s services are meant to be “value-added” for its hardware customers. They are not Apple’s profit centers.

    Googles mainly profits from its services. The “free” services need to generate revenue, so Google finds any way possible to monetize them (usually through advertising). This need negatively impacts user experience.

    This is the same advantage that made the iTunes Store dominant. The iTunes Store never needed to be Apple’s profit center. Its purpose is to enhance the user experience of Apple’s hardware customers, as a value-added service. Every competitor in music retail needs their service to be the profit center, because their “business” is retailing.

    Google will have a similar disadvantage. Apple’s goal will be to enhance the user experience of its hardware customers, so that they will continue to buy Apple hardware. Google’s goal is to make money from the service.

  5. There will be no knock-out punches, but there will be an inexorable deterioration of competitor’s profits. Competition must be maintained to avoid anti-trust moves by the government.

  6. My supervisor has a relatively new windows laptop that he says has been out of commission for months because he hasn’t gotten around to taking it in to have all the malware removed. He uses his iPhone and iPad. Google will fall on its own pitard of advertising. But you wouldn’t know it by the stock at all-time high.

      1. Alternatively, maybe he’s realized he doesn’t need the laptop at all, so why bother getting it fixed? That doesn’t seem retarded at all. If I were saddled with a useless Windows laptop I’d just put it on a shelf and forget about it.

    1. I can’t imagine going to one of the larger fandroid sites and bothering to post similar mouth-breaker like comments.

      It’ll be nice when the little guys go back to school in the fall.

  7. I don’t know about the experience of others with the iOS iWork apps, but I find them not very useful because of the lack of feature parity with the Mac versions. So I’m not likely to be using the iCloud versions. I wonder if they will introduce even more feature disparity?

    1. I have zero experience with iWorks on the Mac OS or iOS.

      If disparity does indeed exist between platforms, WTF Apple?

      It is bad enough iWorks does not blow Microsoft Office out of the water and your saying that Apple cannot get its act together on all devices?

      If true, Apple needs to do better.

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