Apple CEO Tim Cook will prove the naysayers wrong

“Apple CEO Tim Cook is a smart man. At least, he’s aware the American public thinks he’s no replacement for Steve Jobs.,” John Macris writes for The Motley Fool. “How could he be, given the groundwork for innovation left by Jobs prior to his death. How could anyone surpass the man who revolutionized the technology industry, time and time again?”

“Despite the glory of Jobs, we can’t write off Cook just yet,” Macris writes. “I’m here to spill the pudding and say it straight: Tim Cook wants to prove all of us wrong. Here’s the hard evidence that Cook is developing several game-changers that are likely to satisfy critics and shareholders alike.”

Macris writes, “Given Apple’s rich history of innovation, I understand it’s hard for investors to endure an entire year without a new product introduction. However, my research indicates that long-term investors will likely be rewarded with multiple new ‘game changers.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in February:

“Those who underestimate Tim Cook do so at their own peril.”

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      1. Sure, but that’s another question. I bought very closed to their historical low. Also, Nokia had perfects reasons to decline that much – a terrible Symbian product line. But Apple always great products, so there was no reason from this side to go down that much. Luckily I sold Apple at 700 in the majority of my shares.

        1. Never apologize for making a profit. That’s why you invested in the first place. I too got out at $700. I have put my AAPL money to work in other places in the last 9 1/2 months. And I still love all my Apple stuff and use it to make a living. Every day. And I’m not about to get out of the Apple ecosystem. But I know how to separate admiration of a product and company with investing my hard earned money. Sad to say that so many here don’t understand this.

  1. SALE , SALE, SALE more iPhone likes hot-care, plus a new “WOW” products will drive AAPL upward to the sky. Believing Apple can do that INNOVATION INNOVATION INNOVATION.

  2. Timid Cook certainly hasn’t proven himself to any degree with an ability of boosting Apple’s shareholder value. He’s no Jeff Bezos. In fact, he doesn’t even amount to a Reed Hastings. I can only look at the market in general and many companies are reaching all-time highs while Apple is going nowhere. Even in Microsoft’s case, Windows 8 packages aren’t selling as well as expected, nor are Surface RTs. Windows Phone sales are in the dumps yet Microsoft’s share price is as high as it’s been in years. Apple’s share price compared to nearly every profitable tech stock is far under water. I see no indication that Timid Cook is doing a good job at all. I honestly don’t know what criteria you people are using to say Timid Cook is doing a good job. Apple shareholders are going to be devastated at July 23rd earnings call. I know excuses will continue to be made for Apple, but it really seems rather absurd.

    Apple may be doing a lot of behind-the-scenes development for the future that I know nothing about. It’s a secretive company and I realize that much. I’m only talking about what I can see. And what I see is a company that appears to be sitting on its hands while other companies are making deals. With Apple’s out-sized cash reserve any shareholder would be thinking that it should be Apple making those high-profile deals. I’ll admit I’m ignorant in regards to business dealings, so I may be missing the big picture. However, Timid Cook just doesn’t seem to be doing anything worthwhile for the company. Wall Street looks at Apple and sees nothing worthwhile, so I don’t know how else I can view it.

    I’ve bought more shares recently and I’m getting my dividends. I see a company with possible steady future earnings, but I don’t see Apple as a powerhouse company in the near-term. I’m just disappointed because I thought Apple was in a position to do so much more than its rivals.

    1. “…yet Microsoft’s share price is as high as it’s been in years.”

      “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    2. You seem to be overly concerned with the price of AAPL versus MSFT versus the share prices of other companies. The share price is a general indication of what market movers think about Apple’s future prospects. You may recall that many of these same groups/people were bearish on AAPL while it was in the midst of its historic rise to $700. You don’t make money by listening to these people. If they were any good, then they would be independently wealthy and having someone else manager their money rather than selling their hours playing with other people’s money.

      In my opinion, your interpretation of “what you can see” is flawed and short-sighted. You have bought into the “doomed Apple” scenario that is the current favorite of Wall Street and the media. This is a remake of the same theme that was popular in the mid-to-late 1990s and even had some lingering followers in the early 2000s. You can downplay Apple’s future prospects if you like. After all, it is all just speculation. But there is no other company that has demonstrated even a fraction of Apple’s capability to innovate and integrate. They talk big, steal and copy bigger, and spread FUD.

      If you believe what you wrote in the first paragraph about Tim Cook and Apple’s upcoming earnings announcement and you still recently bought AAPL just to get dividends for a company with “possible steady future earnings,” then you need to find a good investment manager. That is completely contradictory. If you want the dividends, but believe that Apple will miss big on the upcoming earnings results, then sell now and buy back after the news.

  3. I say mdn knows something. They were beating the drum as loudly as anyone that Cook was ungood, shall we say. Then boom a 180 almost overnight. This was about a year ago. I think they got some info and then canned the person who kept pushing the cook envelop.

    My point being, yes, don’t underestimate cook. Mdn is rarely wrong. (Except when they predicted Ping would become awesome, as they did for about two weeks after its debut before panning it consistently until it died.)

  4. That moment when tim cook wins and shocks the world would be very touching for shareholders like me who keeps being told I am stupid to invest on AAPL instead of amazon .

  5. Tim Crook is a unethical spineless SACK OF SHIT that has no regard for the U.S. constitution, who illagally provides all private data of all Apple users to the NSA (NAZI SURVEILANCE AGANCY)

    Timmy, if we’re to meet you, your family wouldn’t recognize you anymore you piece of shit.

      1. @Mcman

        Thanks SO much for your penetrating and insightful analysis.

        I used to think Cook was competent, but your eloquent prose, shining like a searchlight into the dark corners of mistaken opinions, has shown me the errors of my ways. I’m sure everyone else has similarly had their erroneous opinions corrected.

  6. Patience. That is a key attribute of any successful investor. It means turning your back on the noise, hype and FUD that litters what passes for tech and investment news sources today. Much of what you see and hear is not news, but planted stories, whispers and outright lies planted by an army of PR minions, short sellers and hedge funds.

    The wise investor has to stand above the fray and take a more distanced, focused view. No company, not Apple or anyone else, can push out ground-breaking, game-changing innovative products and services on command. A company would be lucky to have one truly great idea. That Apple is held to a completely different standard is absurd.

    For the patient investor, the chaos and noise creates opportunities, to buy into a great company at an attractive price, or to sit tight and let the company grow. My hunch is that two years from now, the drive-by media will sing a different tune about Apple. And I for one will sit back and wait to see my investments reap the reward of patience.

    It can’t be easy to be a Tim Cook. But I have a hunch that he is much smarter than the jackals, and able to tune out the noise. Stay tuned. Go outside and enjoy the summer. In a few seasons, I expect flowers will bloom in Cupertino. And to those who are patient, the view will be wonderful.

  7. Other things that are missed:

    • Apple is finishing up on the 5 server farms (there may be others)

    • 4K HDTV is streamed from the cloud and stored for local use

    • Mac Pro is coming in just a few months and can stream two 4K HDTV streams and is small, quiet and the same black color as the rest of my Sony Home Entertainment equipment.

    • AppleTV will be opened up for app development

    • Apple will integrate the bio identification technology that they bought in the iOS devices

    • Hands Free iOS for new 2014 cars coming this month

    • There is more. I just get tired of repeating my self. They can’t see what is in their face because they don’t want to see it.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. According to MDN I’m facing peril. We’ll see. This story is stupid. “…we can’t write off Tim “just yet”… yeah, but the day is coming. Sooner than the blind lemmings in these parts think. Investors will not stand for AAPL to be where it is. Day of reckoning coming and it’s coming much, much faster than the mythical products in Tim’s “pipeline”. Tim’s constant promise of something really sensational is a lie. If you can’t see that, you are not looking. Like I said, blind lemmings.

  9. “Tim’s constant promise of something really sensational is a lie.”

    So great that you know this and have chosen to share it with us. I’d sure rather believe you than Tim Cook.

    1. I wouldn’t call for the guillotine just yet. I think we saw a lot of potential “game-changers” at WWDC, and there is no possible way that they exhausted Apple’s “pipeline.”

      What are recognised today as Apple’s previous “game-changers” (like the GUI, touchscreen mobile devices, the App Store, and iTunes) were not recognised as such at the time, were in fact met with yawns, sneered at, or ridiculed by many savvy tech watchers and players.

      I imagine the reception was similar for the wheeled chariot and the printing press.

      1. Here’s a thought. If you were the CEO of Apple and you had another game changing device or system under final development, and you were dependent on a criminal enterprise like Samsung for parts and production, and you realized that if you released that product now, before you extricated Apple from its involvement with IP thieves, would you release said game changing product? Or would you sit on it until you had aligned yourself with new supply and manufacturing partners?

        1. Let’s try that again:

          Here’s a thought. If you were the CEO of Apple and you had another game changing device or system under final development, and you were dependent on a criminal enterprise like Samsung for parts and production, and you realized that if you released that product now, before you extricated Apple from its involvement with IP thieves it would be stolen and copied, would you release said game changing product? Or would you sit on it until you had aligned yourself with new supply and manufacturing partners?

  10. Apple doesn’t follow market.
    It creates markets.
    It will again under Tim.
    Do you seriously think the roadmap for Apple ended with Steve’s departure?
    Fasten you seat belt.
    Game changers are coming again.

  11. He will do it and we all will be looking back, going “told you!”. Now they just need their retail stores to all be large, 2 story, or larger footprints to sell and support all current and future devices. As they get sleeker, even more integrated and whole new devices, their storse will be where 85% of the non-tech owners goes for support and what it done “NOW”.

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