“Quite a few people downplayed David Einhorn’s Friday court win over Apple. Even TheStreet‘s Antoine Gara referred to it as a ‘small victory,'” Rocco Pendola writes for MarketWatch. “If Tim Cook views it the same way, that’s a major mistake. We could be watching the beginnings of the long-term, post-Steve Jobs unraveling at Apple I warned about shortly after his death.”

“What David Einhorn is in the process of doing to Apple is nothing short of groundbreaking and monumental,” Pendola writes. “In Steve Jobs, David Einhorn had a more-than-worthy battle partner. In fact, if Steve Jobs were alive, my guess is that Einhorn would not have charted the present course. If he did, Jobs would never have let it get to this. He would have shot the whole thing down before it turned into such a massive issue.”

Pendola writes, “Tim Cook calls this thing a sideshow, but it’s his fault it is one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Blah, blah, blah.

Pendola’s back onto his “Tim Cook isn’t Steve Jobs, so Apple’s doomed” malarkey-fest.

“If Steve Jobs were alive?” If Steve Jobs were alive it would be because he listened to his doctors and had his cancer cut out the day it was luckily discovered, not after dicking around with a Veg-O-Matic for nine months and likely letting it metastasize to ultimately fatal consequence. In other words, Jobs wasn’t an all-knowing God, just a partially-knowing one. He wasn’t perfect; nobody is (look in the mirror right now, Rocco).

And those who underestimate Tim Cook do so at their own peril.