IGZO displays could boost MacBook Pro battery life to 24 hours

“We’ve been hearing for years now about Apple’s never-quite-realized intentions to ship devices featuring Sharp IGZO displays. Now a new report says they’re coming to the 2014 MacBook line,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“According to new Korean reports, Sharp is looking to supply both MacBook and iPad-sized IGZO panels to Apple, with LG Display joining the supply chain to help out, with the company upgrading its existing AMOLED and LCD lines to be compatible with IGZO manufacturing,” Brownlee reports. “If this rumor pans out, it’s great news. Imagine Haswell Retina MacBook Pros with IGZO displays. That’s not just 12 hour battery life: if Haswell MacBook Pros can do to the 2014 models’ battery life what it did to 2013’s MacBook Airs, and if IGZO can cut the Retina display power draw in half, that’s potentially 24 hours of battery life.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Plus, don’t forget OS X Mavericks’ Timer Coalescing, App Nap, Safari Power Saver, iTunes HD playback efficiency, and other battery-saving features and technologies!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Won’t Samsung be able to design products that use IGZO tech much faster than Apple can? Just like they walked in and took the smartphone business away from Apple, they can pretty much do the same with notebooks if they really wanted to do so. In the short run, isn’t it really just a matter of how much a company really wants to put into winning an industry over in order to do so? I’m not up to speed on how good an OS Windows 8 is, but Samsung can easily reverse-engineer any product Apple can make and build it for less. That’s why Wall Street claims any Apple product can be easily commoditized and it leaves Apple no future protection.

    If Apple had been smart, they’d have worked some exclusive agreement with Sharp for only Apple to have access to IGZO tech for say, a period of six months before releasing it to the general computing industry. Apple needs to be able to buy exclusivity if it can possibly arrange to do so.

    1. What is more questionable in the possible move to IGZO-based matrices is that they are worse in viewing angles (and sometimes in colours), than current technology.

      Lets see if Apple will be able to overcome that.

  2. Using less power is great but at the cost of what? Is the colour right? What is the refresh time? How long before a pixel burns out? How stable is the colour over time? Is it visible in sunlight?

    1. Dont be a fool. The PowerPC chips were power hungry behemoths. The fastest G5s required water cooling.

      Apple do not sell enough desktop computers to make R&D on their desktop chips worth while. They should keep making the chips for mobile devices and use off the shelf parts for desktop computers to remain competitive.

  3. Ya know… Power savings is great and all.. But I would, as a power user and a lover of being mobile, love to see more processing power. Battery life is great and all and I get it, but where is the beef baby!?

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