Axes to grind: Why Apple is attacked

“What is it about Apple that causes educated people to bad mouth and attack the company at every level?” Ron McElfresh writes for Mac360.

“Among technology companies, Apple is somewhat unique and that tends to polarize both media and customers. Apple is either loved or hated,” McElfresh writes. “Yet, the companies products are widely heralded as the best and used by tens to hundreds of millions of well satisfied customers. What gives?”

McElfresh writes, “Apple is attacked not because the company’s products are shoddy or unusable, not because it is rich and popular. Apple is attacked because it’s an engaging and popular media sport against a high profile company with character. To many, bringing a company down a few notches elevates the attacker’s position with little effort, and certainly without concern for facts, logic, or reason.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. Yes! As for the talking heads, it is extortion money also known as advertising dollars. When Apple stopped paying them for ads on their stations, they talked up the new paying customer (Samsung, Google, …) and trashed the opposition that was not paying the extortion money (advertising fees)!

      Better pay up or the pounding will continue Apple. They don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

  1. It’s because THEY (at least some of them) were the people who proclaimed Apple was doomed back in the 1990’s and relentlessly tormented the “smug” Mac users; they were so sure and comfortable with Microsoft’s dominance.

    NOW, they are way too embarrassed to admit how absolutely wrong they were… They were fairly quiet for a while, but in their view, with Steve Jobs no longer at the helm and the stock down, it’s time to make the world “right” again, this time riding Google’s horse.

    They’ve come out of hiding to proclaim yet again that Apple, the most profitable company in the world, with FOUR successful product lines (plus the iTunes Store) and $150B in cash, is doomed.

      1. “Koolaid?” You’re too young and ill-informed to even know what that means! Why are you even here trolling, considering your busy schedule and life and all?…

  2. welcome to humanity. It’s not just Apple, it’s social circles of all types. We are a judgemental species that favors politics over science and logic across the board. Just ask OJ Simpson.

    1. Exactly. We love to build things up just to knock them down…tech, people, you name it. It’s a very popular small-minded, short-sighted past time favored by those that generally haven’t even a passing interest in facts.

  3. Well I can start a list of things that piss me off big time with my iPhone and iPad and make me curse them big time. Lets see, planned obsolescence is one thing. iPad1 stopped being supported too soon after it stopped selling. They won’t even release fixes for iOS5 for stugg that’s blatantly broken/buggy. iPad2 which is still selling won’t work on iOS7 !
    Being so arrogant as to ignore the need for a Forward Delete button on keyboards. Trivial you say ? BS I say! I don’t have time to list it all right now.

    1. @ivid
      If there is SO much catastrophically awful stuff, you always have Android and Winblows. It is, of course, illogical to continue using software and hardware that is SO shitty that you have so many complaints about.

  4. There is a anti-business climate nowadays where big, successful companies are continually demonized.

    No one should be surprised that Apple, being one of largest and most successful US companies is being attacked by many, but most notably by the current administration.

    The current DOJ anti-trust debacle and the disgusting dog-and-pony show that they put Cook through are just two examples.

    1. It is not subjective when the reasons given for disliking Apple are total BS lies.

      Lies like for example……”iPad1 stopped being supported too soon after it stopped selling”.
      Or Lies like…”They won’t even release fixes for iOS5 for stugg that’s blatantly broken/buggy.
      Or lies like…”iPad2 which is still selling won’t work on iOS7 !”.

      Total sheer BS smeared all over the internet like this is what we hate. You are welcome to hate Apple. But we will not let you get away with BS lies.

      Here are some truths though…..

      Most android devices are running 3 year old versions of Android because Android is NEVER compliant with most hardware previously released due to fragmentation.
      Over 99% of virus and spyware inflicts Android not iOS.
      The NSA embeds their secret code in Android….the more easier to track your metadata.

  5. Oracle, Cisco, Yahoo, Exxon, Walmart, Ford— none of these companies are “demonized” by Wall Street and by a slew of so-called analysts and so-called journalists.

    And “anti-business climate nowadays” — No. This is about Apple being attacked… which has gone on incessantly through several administrations. And most of the attacking is not by “the administration”, DOJ bull notwithstanding.

  6. Apple could cover it’s ass by starting some endowment funds and making public donations to charities. That way Apple might get a few defenders instead of all haters. Throw in some positives as damage control. Does Apple ever sponsor anything like some corporations do? I mean, how much would it hurt Apple to show a little good will from time to time. Apple has become well-known as a money-grubbing company because it sits on an ever-increasing cash hoard. Wall Street is going to rip Apple shareholders to shreds come July 23rd such is Wall Street’s distaste for Apple. It’s really ugly stuff.

    1. Jobs was notoriously reluctant to talk about his or his company’s charity. Someone suggested it was because he followed Buddhist teachings.

      Apple’s quirky and sometimes contrarian, and they often profess they know best. That apparent smugness is probably a big part of why some are anti-Apple. Me, I want my devices to work well, so I buy from the company with the best track record: Apple. Haven’t been disappointed, either.

  7. Absolutely right LB-48, Apple needs to cough up some bucks for charities, social media, radio-shows in order for them to breath some positive image/perception about Apple. or being risk of Wall Street would squeeze lemon into Apple’s face.

  8. In my humble belief, based on incredibly astute observation, it’s the same anomaly when people vote for what they do not want and for what is not good for them rather than Ralph Nader. Same fouled up mindset. We’re all doomed. Get naked and have a good time!!

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