Irish parliament’s finance committee votes not to grill Apple over tax affairs

“An Irish parliamentary committee has voted down calls for multinational companies to be grilled in Dublin about their tax affairs, in the wake of a string of controversies at firms such as Google and Apple which use the Irish tax regime,” Simon Bowers reports for The Guardian.

“Ciaran Lynch, chairman of the Irish parliament’s finance committee, is pressing ahead with a watered down inquiry, which he said would look at ‘global taxation and how Ireland engages with the global tax architecture,'” Bowers reports. “It will call on evidence from revenue commissioners, finance ministry officials, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and other experts. However, no company executive will face questioning.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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    1. American socialists manage to do so frequently. Worse they do so without regard to commen sense or balance. Google pays almost no taxes and no one questions them. Then they drag apple through the coals even tho apple pays heaps of taxes.

      Corruption and bought and paid for government at its finest. Anyone who thinks socialism on a large scale can lead to fairness or balance is a naive fool. Human beings are not capable of running such a system.

      1. Where are all these socialist you are so afraid of? Are they the ones giving tax breaks to large companies? Perhaps they are the ones paying to control our country? The ones that are too big to fail? What am I missing?

        1. Yeh. As Bill Maher put it, “If Obama’s a socialist, he’s the worst I’ve ever seen… Dow hit highest levels ever today.”

          And twilight — what is it you crave? The good old days under Bush when Google paid LOTS of taxes? Oh, that’s right, they didn’t pay any more back then.

        2. Bill Maher is not an economist. . . and doesn’t know what he is talking about. The Stock Market is being propped up by Obama’s Quantitative Easing (printing fiat money, giving it to the private Federal Reserve Banks, and then BORROWING it back at a discount!), which means that the value of the stocks are just being accounted for by money that is worth less and less as time passes. That’s called dilution of value. It’s hidden inflation. The gain may be illusion and probably is. . . just like the so-called drop in unemployment. My degree IS in economics.

        3. So when did things change? Hasn’t the government been managing the economy for a long, long time? Did Obama invent this? Wasn’t all that welfare to the banks the same thing?

  1. I disagree with this course of action complexly. Corporations are getting billions in tax cuts that they do not pass on to their customers or shareholders. Countries are loosing billions in tax revenues that are needed to build/rebuild their infrastructure pay for their social programs and pay to educate their people. These corporations show no no allegiance to anyone but themselves. They will say anything, do anything to achieve that goal.

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