Florian Müller: It’s time for Google to stop its trollish enforcement of a bogus patent against Apple in Germany

“Google was the first litigant in the ongoing wave of smartphone-related patent disputes to complain publicly about assertions of ‘bogus patents’ and about ‘patent trolls’ (‘We’re fighting to stop patent trolls’ use of low-quality patents to extort, ‘Patent trolls abuse system, stymie innovation’),” Florian Müller writes for FOSS Patents.

“In my opinion, someone who continues to enforce a patent that is already clinically dead is the epitome of a patent troll, regardless of whether it’s a practicing or non-practicing entity,” Müller writes. “Even an organization as large and innovative as Google can behave like a troll. It depends on the quality of a patent and on litigation tactics.”

Müller writes, “This time around it’s not about FRAND-pledged standard-essential patents. I also have a problem with Google’s still-ongoing enforcement of a non-standard-essential Motorola Mobility patent, EP0847654 on a ‘multiple pager synchronization system and method,’ against Apple in Germany.”

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    1. One trick? I guess you mean Google search? Or Google Earth? Or Google Maps. Perhaps Android OS? I think you sell Google short. They may not be Apple, but they sure as hell are not a one trick pony outfit. Google is poised to be the largest corporation in the world, likely to surpass Apple in market cap this year. Make fun of Google, but Apple knows they are in for a long fight. It is folly to underestimate one’s enemy.

      1. I own Google stock, just like I own Apple stock, and they are a one-trick pony when it comes to actual monetization of ideas.

        Since you bought up the notion that Google will become the “largest corporation in the world, likely to surpass Apple in market cap” you ought to know that monetization is important. Right now, it is a one-trick pony.

      2. Google has one product: information about its users. It sells that to advertisers. That’s all. Everything else is a trojan horse for harvesting information, and doesn’t produce revenues. Search tells Google what you are interested in. Maps tells Google where you go. Android tells Google what music and movies you like, what apps you use, and so on. I assume you know this and are just trolling though.

      3. Google search copied and ripped off and violated patents as much as they innovated. That was the beginning and end of their innovation.

        Earth? Bought from someone else.
        Maps? Ripped off and bought out.
        Android? Ripped off from Apple.

        Their only innovations in these spaces is how to leverage their advertising monopoly to drive predatory price reductions to starve competitors. They are both a terrifying spy company and a monopoly abuser far worse than Microsoft ever was.

        But by all means continue to shill for them. You are an enabler and part of the problem.

      4. @cupjoe
        All of your examples of Google innovation were either copies of existing products or purchases of existing companies. Point being, you mistake acquisition for innovation.

        With respect to your point about largest company: a rip-off artist can indeed make you huge profits. Microsoft being an example of such.

      5. Oops! You are way off…
        Google’s product: people and their info
        Google’s clients: corporations
        Google’s job: middleman
        Middleman’s tools: search engine, location info, etc.
        There is a difference between one that innovates to evolve and go forward and another that innovates to steal. They are both smart but I don’t support the latter.

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