Tim Cook’s new innovation strategy for Apple, right on time

“What a week ahead! With Apple now a strong buy, here at the front of the week, and Samsung Electronics ‘ financial results, Friday, we should know a lot more about the state of the smartphone market by the weekend,” Haydn Shaughnessy writes for Forbes.

“While Samsung are likely to show a drop in revenues, despite multiple product launches, Apple has been in a kind of innovation purdah over the past nine months,” Shaughnessy writes. “Apple is certainly getting ready to turn Samsung over, and maybe to overshadow Google again too. Back in February Tim Cook said the company had never been so innovative, which raised eyebrows at the time. A slew of new products is scheduled between now and early next year, though, if you believe the rumors: an iPhone 5S, an iWatch, a TV (I doubt it), the new streaming music service, a low cost iPhone, an iPhone 6, and iOS 7, the most significant redesign of the iOS to date, which also includes new features like iBeacons (to drive contextual computing), support for third party game controllers, and motion detection.”

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  1. The writer should stay on his meths. What has Cook proven so far other than the crapalicious iOS 7. Mac Pro – nothing. iPhone – nothing.

    High on meths is more like what he’s on.

    1. WOW the “Trolling for samsung” group is out early today.

      Yep, you do need Tim out of there as his program is slowly kicking Samsungs ass out the window. Just a thought here.


    2. Apparently he IS on the meths. “Crapalicious iOS7”, “Mac Pro – nothing”. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA troll. You’re traveling on the Craptown Rd.

    3. Blatant, insulting, juvenile, anonymous coward trolling: ‘Stay on your meths’.

      Pathetic Samsung. Sorry, I mean SkimSkum. These troll trollops get paid for this sputum? Excellent! Spend Samsung! Spend!

    4. He is probably one of those that is being paid by Samdung to troll the web. He is just trying to put food on the table for the family. Its a dirty job, but Times is tough,

      1. Considering that he thinks the phrase is “stay on his meths”, I’m guessing English is not his first language. His phrase means pretty much the opposite of the usual one (which I’m not writing here so as to not aid in his education.)

    5. I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiment of your comment (I think).

      But what exactly does, “Go drunk your home, samsung troller…” even mean?

  2. Stay on is right on. The story is ridiculous. Tim Cook has produced zero “innovation” and won’t because he hasn’t a single clue of what to do. Other than a couple of silly gadgets – iWatch comes to mind – and a sissy iOS, nothing. Consumers are uninspired and AAPL investors are disinterested.

    Go right ahead all you lemmings around here with you “troll” and “Samsung” tags – you have absolutely zero substance to any of your responses to opinions counter to your own. You are looking silly and more so every day.

    1. To have substance in a reply it tends to help to have it in the original. Not sure comical efforts like ‘lemmings’ and ‘sissy’ really cut it in that regard though entertainment level gets you a bonus mark if only due to the irony of calling our effort ‘debate’.

  3. All the trolling in the workd won’t hide Apple’s shine.

    It’s the guiding light that shines the tech industry.

    Always has and always will. The future is bright and the riff raff is shrill.

  4. Wow. Haydn, who is usually one of the most insipid and useless “I’m pro-Apple at heart, I just hate everything Apple does” commentators, at least from what I’ve read. I’m surprised to see him actually supporting the company he claims to support for a change.

  5. Tim Cook hasn’t proven anything. We’ve had major product issues since he’s been in charge.

    I’m waiting until the end of this year to make a final conclusion on Tim Cook.

    1. Slimon, Tim Cook has been CEO at Apple since August 24, 2011. Almost two years. What do you expect him to pull out of his ass in that amount of time. What took apple many years to develop the iPod iPhone, iPad, (which was an iterative process) how can you be so impatient. Apple develops new things not to just develop new products but to change lives. This isn’t done in 13 months. I am sure many others would feel the pressure to come out with new things just to do so. Tim Cook is in this process of saying no many times before he says yes. I am glad he is ignoring impatient ankle biters (like yourself) and wall street and seems to be adhering to the Jobian process.

      Steve Jobs – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”

  6. iMac – 1998
    iPod – 2001
    iTunes Music Store – 2003
    iPhone – 2007
    iPad – 2010

    It’s 2013. What is this “lack of innovation” NONSENSE”? Apple releases the “game changers” once every three to four years, NOT every single year. Apple is right on schedule.

    It’s clear that some people have no sense for history… 🙂

  7. the interesting thing is:

    when the haters say Apple hasn’t innovated in a while, do they note that Apple’s rivals have also not come out with anything spectacular?

    we KNOW that apple is going to come out with some spectacular products in the Fall and they have already announced great products like the new Macbook Air (Editor’s Choice everywhere you read), the amazing new MacPro, iOS 7 etc, but in the months as apple is planning it’s rivals (dozens of them) have NOT come out with a single significant thing.

    it’s SO OBVIOUS Apple rivals are WAITING TO COPY.
    with nothing to copy (they haven’t copied the new Mac Air’s battery yet) they are ZERO.

  8. dis iz for all you trolls….and the idiotz that reply to them…

    “Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics… Even if you win, you’re still retarded.”


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