Apple plans Nevada solar farm to generate clean power for data center

“Apple Inc said it plans to build a new solar farm with NV Energy Inc for power supply to its new data center in Reno, Nevada,” Avik Das and Poornima Gupta report for Reuters. “The new solar farm will provide power to Sierra Pacific Power Co’s electric grid that serves Apple’s data center and when completed will generate about hours 43.5 million kilowatt of clean energy a year.”

“Apple already runs its largest data center in the U.S. on solar power,” Das and Gupta report. “The center in Maiden, North Carolina produces 167 million kilowatt hours, the power equivalent of 17,600 homes for one year, from a 100-acre solar farm and fuel cell installations provided by Silicon Valley startup Bloom Energy.”

Full article here.

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    1. Solyndra is a company that went bust. They were involved in Solar Power. No other company in any other industry has ever gone out of business. All solar power businesses are fundamentally flawed. Is that close?

    2. iMaki tard: Do you have any idea how many renewable energy businesses BENEFITTED from the recent federal stimulus? No, of course not. You’re just regurgitating the weekly talking points you heard on the neo-con-job programming. IOW: You’re an ignorant dimwit. (Did someone mention the Tea Party?)

      The future is renewable energy. The dirty old past is carbon fuels. Be an energy Luddite all you like. But understand that you’re profoundly out of touch. 😯

    3. Ever been to Germany or Hawaii iMaki? Two years ago I visited the Black Forest dairy and egg farm where I worked in the early 1970s. Atop the 100-year-old barn was a huge solar panel system. It cost 300,000 Euro but will have a 10-year payback. Systems like that were all over the country. An ABC convenience store (and plenty of other buildings) on Maui had a solar system on its roof. Time to update your technology knowledge.

    1. Sadly, loon level ecology obsessives abound and often don’t get the clue that being obsessive nauseates others who would simply like to get the job done without some nutjob breathing down their back every step of the way. Cracking the whip turns out to be the LEAST effective way to inspire others.

      1. The trouble makers opposed to Solar and Wind Turbies are not just the Eco-hippies. It also comes from the dreaded NMBYs. We see that a lot here in VT.

        Also, I’m conservatively Conservative and I fail to see what the heck iMaki is talking about or what Solar power has to do with a liberal agenda. Solar is the new paradigm tech. If you are looking at it wearing GOP or Demcrat glasses, you need LASIK surgery.

  1. In related news, Samsung announced that it will stop burning coal, peat moss, diesel fuel and wood from old-growth forests to run its plants. Someday.

  2. Bleeding heart libby gayparade Cook can hire Snowden to go out there and run that thing in the desert. No, wait a minute, he’s considering asylum in North Korea … I mean Venezuela … no, wait, I mean Russia … oh me, Iceland … no, no,no, the Peoples Republic of Antarctica. Oh never mind. Dumb Fuckland will take him.

  3. I am installing systems right now, on homes and businesses that have a 4 year system cost payoff time.
    With a 30% tax credit and accelerated depreciation ( on commercial applications) solar is very viable.

  4. It is interesting to see the range of comments on this article. While some see Apple management as “libtards” others see them as wise because they are using the energy of the future to build their business. Both views miss the larger point. Apple just released a 12 hour MacBook Air. It is a stunning achievement. Apple built a solar farm and a hydrogen fuel cell farm to run its iCloud data center in Maidenhead, now it is building similar installations in other facilities. Apple is not just doing this to please the Greenpeace crowd. It is using technology that it will soon own. A few years ago Apple transformed from Apple Computer to Apple, Inc. The next big thing might be a watch or a TV, but the next really big thing will be how to use energy to run factories, towns and cities and yes computers, phones, media players, TVs, kitchen appliances that never have to be plugged in. Apple, Inc is becoming an energy company. Batteries and power management of energy is the next really big thing, regardless of the fuel source. Watch Apple. They skate to where the puck is going to be.

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