Details on Apple’s iWatch and new iPhone emerge

“It doesn’t appear to be a slow summer for Apple, which is working on various new products, according to reports, including having filed for a trademark in Japan on the name ‘iWatch,'” Joanna Stern reports for ABC News.

“The iWatch would be a new category or type of device for Apple, but the company is also planning to refresh its iPhone,” Stern reports. “The iPhone 5S has already been rumored to have the same design as the current iPhone 5, but have aa faster chip and a fingerprint reader. The International Business Times reports that it will launch on September 20. Apple released the iPhone 5 last September 21.”

Stern reports, “In addition to the slightly refreshed 5S, Apple is said to be working on a lower-cost iPhone, which will have a plastic shell available in a range of colors.”

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  1. There really nothing new as far as any details emerging here. It’s just anothe headline grab. I’ll believe the “iWatch” when it’s in the stores. I wouldn’t have any use for something like that though. I mean, how far away are you ever from your iPhone any way that you need a watch to give you notifications?

    1. It depends… is the watch waterproof? If so, I’d be using it all the time. I’d keep the iPhone in a container or stored away while I used my iWatch to play music, check for messages and do other things via Bluetooth when I’m on my boat, surfing, swimming, or even just walking in the rain.

      Additionally, if it had smart vibration alerts, I could receive info at places like the movies without disturbing anyone.

      I also like the idea of storing critical information on my iWatch in case anything happens to my iPhone when I’m away.

      It’s limited-use, but useful… especially if it’s waterproof.

  2. Apple watches out, Samsung will copy iWatch in no time.
    1) Samsung Kimchee is copycat.
    2) Chinese noodles chow mein produced massive counterfeit products.
    Respectful Japanese, they truly smart, innovation, no copy cat likes Samsung Kimchee or Chinese noodles Chow Mein.

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