“A new shot published by Letemsvetemapplem — which has a credible history with Apple leaks in the past — suggests that Apple might make a major change to the home button in iPhone 5S, replacing the icon that exists there now with a big, glowing Apple symbol,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“On one hand, it seems a little unsubtle for Apple. A little too strongly branded,” Brownlee writes. “Apple usually places their logo on their devices so that it faces away from the device’s owner…”


MacDailyNews Take: Oh, really?

Apple logoed products

iPhone 5S Home button with Apple logo (source: Letemsvetemapplem)

iPhone 5S Home button with Apple logo (source: Letemsvetemapplem)

Brownlee writes, “Apple wants other people to know you’re using one of their products, not constantly bludgeon you with their brand.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t feel bludgeoned. Look at your Apple Magic Mouse and then flip it over – it’s one of the most heavily-used Apple devices ever made and it’s Apple logoed front and back.