1. Hey, why not. I don’t feel bludgeoned by the current square with rounded corners. It’d look cool and if Samsung wants to copy and put the apple logo on their home button, that’s cool too.

  2. Doubtful; not only because it is not subtle, but because Apple does not double-brand their devices.

    I can not remember any Apple device with two significant Apple-logos on it.

      1. All right, I stand corrected. I do not deal with those devices.

        However, there is no small device that has legitimate position for being on either side that would have two Apple logos.

        Mouse, Mini, TV have second logo on the bottom, which is not usually seen. iMac and monitors are huge.

        But none of small devices that could be seen in use from all sides have double branding.

          1. I already admitted the part where I was wrong.

            In other part, I am not wrong: there are no small Apple devices that are seen from various sides while in use that have more than one Apple logo.

            This is Apple’s rule for more than ten years already through tens of models of that kind of devices.

            This is why this rumour is doubtful.

            1. Yea but you can’t see the back if the iPhone and the front of the iPhone at the same time… Soooo I’m pretty sure it’s still ok

  3. Probably not. Glowing requires power. Why waste power in a battery operated device on which you have spent a lot of effort trying to minimize power consumption.

      1. That’s because it’s taking advantage of the fact that the LED backlight is directly between the screen and the glowing Apple logo on the back.

        In an iPhone, there is the battery, logic board, etc. between the display backlight and the back enclosure of the phone. You would need a separate dedicated light that takes up power and space just for the back logo.

      2. True, but the logo is on the obverse side of the backlight, which is up against the outside of the lid. Not the case with the home button on the iPhone.

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