Apple and Google may usher in a console war many didn’t see coming

“Last night, the Wall Street Journal brought us news that Google has now set its sights on making its own Android-based video game console,” Paul Tassi writes for Forbes. “The kicker? This is supposed to be in response to Apple doing the very same thing.”

“Google and Apple video game consoles? Are the Xbox One and PS4 dead already? No. Though this would change the game to some degree, it’s more like Google and Apple are creating an entirely new league for themselves,” Tassi writes. “Consoles theoretically released by Google and Apple would likely not be the kinds we see in our living rooms now. They’d be specifically designed to play all those massively popular Android or iOS handheld games on a big screen”

Tassi writes, “Rather for now, this is competing with the little guy. Though ‘destroying’ might be a better descriptor than competing. I’m talking about the Ouya, of course, the Kickstarted, hack friendly Android based console that may have been the inspiration for both Google and Apple’s console dreams.”

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  1. Apple maybe, not Google. Google has tried twice and failed miserably with there TV boxes that didn’t provide any licensed content. Apple has the platform already setup including the software and hardware and the App store. Google has to start from scratch. Oh Google will come out with something before Apple as always. And as always it will have little content, no support structure and no licensed games or a store to sell it on. And it will be 3 times more expensive than Apple. So Sony and Microsoft only have to worry about Apple really.

    1. Yea but long term Google scares me a little. With putting fiber out and GoogleTV being in televisions, etc. Long term they could own the market if done right. Apple is moving too slow, hopefully they have a bunch of releases due in 2014.

      1. Folks enough already about Google and fiber deployment. Get the facts straight. They’ve invested in few “proof of concept” locations. Installing fiber to the prem on existing builds is insanely expensive. Not even Apple in all it’s cash could afford this. Do not be fooled by the idea that Google will swoop in and bring fiber to everyone’s home. This simply won’t happen.

    1. But probably in another year Google will buy Apple and then own the world. I think Apple should let folks install and run Android on iOS devices. Like you can run Windows on a mac, even better than on a windows box. Since Android is free to all would that not be a good thing for Apple to do?

      1. Why would anyone want a second-rate copy of something they already use, in order to run copies of apps they already own?
        Did your mom repeatedly drop you on your head as a baby?
        It’s either that, or you were born intellectually impaired.

  2. ” I’m talking about the Ouya, of course, the Kickstarted, hack friendly Android based console that may have been the inspiration for both Google and Apple’s console dreams.”

    Sounds like this guy took some bad drugs… 😎

  3. Yeah, because the first attempt by Google was SOOO successful! /s

    Google’s TV platform ran Android and allowed you to install a host of apps from the Google Play Store including games. It was a complete flop. Why? It was too damned complicated. Just because you push out a TV console to the world, doesn’t mean people will buy it. People don’t want to use complex devices in their everyday life. No, “computer” on your TV console has ever been popular… 99% of the population see their TV as a strictly edu/info/entertainment device.

    The AppleTV has worked because it clearly defines what it is: a media streaming device! That’s all it does. You want to do computing? Use a computer. I can mirror my computer screen over AirPlay to the AppleTV, and use my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to control the computer from the living room.

  4. Apple should start rumors for a entire Home and office product line, throw in a car , not the self drive dreck, and truck design just to smoke Googles cash pile.

  5. I question the whole premise of a large number of people wanting to play phone/tablet games on a big screen. Most of the popular games are casual, single player games that people play when standing in line and waiting, procrastinating, or sitting on the toilet. No need for a big screen.

  6. Here’s the real killer for Apple against Xbox and PS4: Licensing fees.

    The way current console makers turn a profit is mostly by licensing fees. Apple doesn’t make its money off of licensing fees, so game developers would pay less. Games would be downloaded, so no physical media costs for game developers. Apple takes its 30%, and game developers get the rest.

    This model could make Xbox and PS4 virtually obsolete overnight.

  7. Nah. The PS4 isn’t dead. I highly doubt that Apple want to be in the console business te same way Sony and Microsoft is. Maybe in another way this no threat.

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