Analyst: ‘Late September’ iPhone launch could turn around Apple stock

“When will the new iPhone come out? And what’ll that do for lagging Apple (AAPL) stock, down 26% this year after a 31% gain in 2012?” Donna Howell asks for Investor’s Business Daily.

“‘A late-September launch of an iPhone 5S and a redesigned iPhone 5’ are among key assumptions that Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves talks about in a research note Friday. He also lists the launch of a new 9.7-inch iPad around the same time, and expects a November launch for a new iPad Mini Retina,” Howell reports. “Hargreaves bases some of his sales views on an iPhone launch date of Sept. 20 but says Apple ‘could launch its new iPhones earlier than we currently estimate.'”

Howell reports, “With a sticky user base — iPhones users don’t tend to switch — and new Apple products on the horizon with some cost reductions, Hargreaves says increasing confidence in iPhone profits creates an attractive risk/reward for investors. ‘We expect the coming iPhone refresh to drive total iPhone unit volume that exceeds many investors’ current expectations,’ Hargreaves wrote.”

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  1. Bullshit. Ever increasing profits, user base and device sales haven’t “turned the stock around”, so why would anyone believe real world events matter?

    1. Not to mention stock repurchases, bond issuance and increased dividends. If large sales of new iPhones don’t help, then I guess Apple will never be fairly valued in comparison to other tech companies.

  2. No, it won’t. Probably will see a bump in phone sales but AAPL won’t do any kind of “turn around.” Stupid story written by the many who are blind to the only thing that will open up even the possibility of an AAPL recovery. Stupid story. (Repeated for emphasis, not because I didn’t realize I had already said it.)

    1. With due respect, Dresden, you are mistaken. Here’s how it works. Stockholders invest their money in a company because they believe it will be successful. Success at Apple has already been defined as being an innovative, smart, and creative tech company that wows the world, creates customers, and promises to keep on keeping on. Apple isn’t doing that because the CEO doesn’t know how. Until he is replaced the company will never again be what it once was and AAPL holders fail to accomplish their reason for investing in the company. So, AAPL has everything to do with Apple and Apple has everything to do with AAPL.

      If the directors hired by the stockholders don’t do something about the collapse of AAPL, they are going to get fired. Never in the history of Apple have they been concerned but a great many are now and the number of pissed off investors are growing with every day of further decline in the value of their investment.

      1. AAPL hit $702 on 9/21/12. Steve died on 10/5/12. And the stock has been in decline ever since. I don’t think we’ll ever know just how much Steve = AAPL (or visa versa) until Apple presents a product release picture (WOW factor & timing) similar to when Steve was alive. Clearly we’re no where near that now under TC, but since stocks price has an emotionally component, my contention is that no matter what Apple does, AAPL may never reach the levels we saw again without the Steve Factor. Many of us bought AAPL not just because what Steve did that turned Apple around, but how he did it and the confidence, power and unique leadership. That intangible, which permeated all things Apple down to every employee can’t be replaced.

  3. Apple will release a product in the near future that no one is expecting and it will be the most amazing technological feat of this Century. And the world will change again thanks to Apple in ways no one could have ever predicted.

  4. “..and a redesigned iPhone 5”

    That quote I think finally puts the plastic iPhone in perspective I think. No need to put an extravagant milled aluminum body on an iPhone that will be sold at a discount. I am sure it taxes the machines doing the milling for a discounted item when they could be better used on premium devices.

  5. They need an iPhone 6 with alot of new features and options to outshine Samsung with the press…….will it happen? Probably not, but I think thats what Apple has to do for the stock to go up. They seem to be asleep at the wheel while everyone else keep pounding out phone after phone, etc.

      1. Out shines? That’s a matter of opinion. The facts are that the Samsung phones outsell the iPhones. The original iPad had no competition. The iPad certainly outshone Samsung and anyone else manufacturing a tablet. That’s not conjecture. That’s not opinion. That is a fact. So the iPad, not the iPhone, is the example that you should use as for Apple being the supreme leader. Yet Apple brought out the iPad mini. Didn’t they? And why? Because people wanted it and there was a huge market for it. And it outsells the original iPad now. Same holds true for the iPhone 6, when it finally gets here. It will be a little bit bigger than the iPhone 5 and 5S. Because that’s what people want and there’s a market for it. And it won’t take long before it will outsell the 5S size iPhone. And the stock will respond positively when that happens.

        1. I would like to see the iPhone 5 size and maybe a 4.7-5″ and I think they would be good. Those new ones coming out over 6″ are ridiculous. But if I remember correctly the large phones only occupy 10% of Android phones, so they aren’t that in-demand.

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