As Apple’s stock withers, analysts slash price targets

“Like a flock of birds moving as a group, analysts continue to cut their price targets for Apple (AAPL) stock,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“On Thursday, Susquehanna analyst Chris Caso cut his price target on Apple to 440 from 480,” Seitz reports. “The Susquehanna report was the third price target reduction for Apple this week. Jefferies cut its target to 405 on Monday and Oppenheimer cut its target to 460.”

Seitz reports, “Apple continues to be mired in negative sentiment based on concerns about slowing sales growth and declining profitability. The median price target for analysts covering Apple, however, is 535, according to Thomson Reuters.”

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      1. Buy and hold has been decried as ignorant and sign of an armature investor. You missed the sell mark awhile ago and now enter the more complicated world of whether to bite the bullet if you think Apple’s going much lower and your nearing your buy price, or get sophisticated and start learning the various techniques to hedge. But sitting doing nothing but blaming stock performance as if it were an entity at all is the worst thing you can do and indicative of someone that doesn’t understand the market, or all the tools at your disposal and thinks or believes since you have restored to “faith” which is irrelevant and your problem and going to lose you money more than where the actual stock price is at, at any time. No offense. You’re over your head and not displaying that you should be in the market at all. Stocks don’t always go up just because we buy them.

        But do yourself and all the folks that are scared, stop implying Apple, or the other shareholders or pendants are to blame when it is more that you do not know how to play.

        And lastly, regardless of the price, at this point, the only way you can lose money is sell.

        Learn about options and hedging. Stop being a buy and hold one trick pony.

      2. Yes, “patience”. This is the third time I owned and purchased AAPL stock with these massive pull backs. The first was around 2000 then again in 2008. This time I believe Apple could have managed the sell off better. I hope Apple understands that when they stopped ads and PR, they became targets. It is a type of extortion. The talking heads target the company they get no money from because their advertisers need to be protected or the ad dollars will end.

        This was and is just a painful speed bump that is being poorly handled by Tim Cook and the board. “Money talks” It can be BS but it talks. What is Apple’s market share of the markets they are in? Ex) 9% of the third of the full China market is 27% of that part of the market. What will happen when China Mobile open the last 67% of China’s market to Apple later this year?

        This an much more elude the clueless talking heads that are on the take.

  1. Keep “lauding” the Supreme Court decision to corrupt marriage with taxpayer dollars while your company sinks to oblivion, Tim! Woohoooooooo!!!!!! Did u know Justice Kagan had ZERO judge experience before being appointed by Obama, the only president in history with ZERO business, executive, or military experience in history before being elected to run the country his wife hated? Keep supporting the fall of Rome, Timmy boy! You’ll make history on both fronts, the country and Apple! Epic implosion caused by the cancer known as liberalism! Shame!

    1. If your intent here is to lobby for the moronic, bigoted,tool of the year, then you’ve done an amazing job with this bit.

      If your intent was otherwise, then you need to seek psychiatric help.

    2. @iMaki, would you please STFU? I know it makes you feel all tough and manly to bitch about gays, Obama, black people and everything else. But it’s got nothing to do with the subject.

      1. iMaki
        I’d like to help by giving you a generic post that you can just rearrange at random any time you want to say something…

        Pathetic marxist brain-dead lemming blah blah blah!!! zombies blah liars statist assholes blah blah!!!!! socialist blah blah! card-carrying communists anti-family un-American scum blah blah!!!! Obama… (choke cough spit drool scream of inarticulate rage)

    3. Supreme Court Justices with no prior judicial experience:

      1. William Rehnquist Asst. U.S. Attorney General 1972-2005 Nixon (Assoc., 1972),
      Reagan (Chief, 1986)
      2. Lewis Powell President of the American Bar Ass’n,
      Private Practice 1972-1987 Nixon
      3. Abe Fortas Private Practice 1965-1969 Johnson
      4. Byron White Deputy U.S. Attorney General 1962-1993 Kennedy
      5. Arthur Goldberg U.S. Secretary of Labor 1962-1965 Kennedy
      6. Earl Warren Governor of California 1953-1969 Eisenhower
      7. Tom Clark U.S. Attorney General 1949-1967 Truman
      8. Harold Burton U.S. Senator 1945-1958 Truman
      9. Robert Jackson U.S. Attorney General 1941-1954 F. Roosevelt
      10. James Francis Byrnes U.S. Senator 1941-1942 F. Roosevelt
      11. William O. Douglas Chairman of the S.E.C. 1939-1975 F. Roosevelt
      12. Felix Frankfurter Asst. U.S. Attorney, Asst. Secretary of War,
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      13. Stanley Forman Reed U.S. Solicitor General 1938-1957 F. Roosevelt
      14. Owen Josephus Roberts Special Counsel in “Teapot Dome” investigation and trials 1930-1945 Hoover
      15. Harlan Fiske Stone U.S. Attorney General 1925-1946 Coolidge (Assoc., 1925),
      F. Roosevelt (Chief, 1941)
      16. Pierce Butler County Attorney, Private Practice 1923-1939 Harding
      17. George Sutherland U.S. Senator 1922-1938 Harding
      18. Louis Brandeis Private Practice 1916-1939 Wilson
      19. James Clark McReynolds U.S. Attorney General 1914-1941 Wilson
      20. Charles Evans Hughes Governor of New York,
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      1930-1941 Taft (Assoc., 1910),
      Hoover (Chief, 1930)
      21. William Henry Moody U.S. Attorney General 1906-1910 T. Roosevelt
      22. George Shiras, Jr Private Practice 1892-1903 Harrison
      23. Melville Fuller Private Practice 1888-1910 Cleveland
      24. Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar U.S. Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Senator 1888-1893 Cleveland
      25. Joseph Philo Bradley Private Practice 1870-1892 Grant
      26. Salmon P. Chase U.S. Treasury Secretary 1864-1873 Lincoln
      27. Samuel Freeman Miller Private Practice 1862-1890 Lincoln
      28. Noah Haynes Swayne U.S. Attorney for Ohio, Ohio Legislator 1862-1881 Lincoln
      29. Nathan Clifford Maine & U.S. Attorney General 1858-1881 Buchanan
      30. John Archibald Campbell Alabama Legislator 1853-1861 Pierce
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      32. John McKinley U.S. Senator 1838-1852 Van Buren
      33. Roger Brooke Taney Maryland & U.S. Attorney General,
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      34. Henry Baldwin U.S. Congressman 1830-1844 Jackson
      35. Joseph Story Speaker of Mass. House of Reps., U.S. Congressman 1812-1845 Madison
      36. John Marshall U.S. Secretary of State 1801-1835 Adams
      37. Bushrod Washington Virginia House of Delegates,
      Reporter for Virginia Court of Appeals 1799-1829 Adams
      38. William Paterson Governor of New Jersey 1793-1806 Washington
      39. John Jay President of the Continental Congress,
      U.S. Secretary of Foreign Affairs 1789-1795 Washington
      40. John Rutledge Governor of South Carolina 1789-1791, 1795 Washington

        1. And when I was spending 27 hours a day reading USSC cases and writing briefs in law school, it became clear to me that Douglas and Brandeis were two of the greatest USSC justices ever.

    4. you need to get your TV to receive other channels. you have, judging by your level of ignorance and vitriol, been stuck on the shills at fox news too long . your strained logic in even associating the points you made with a discussion on stock prices is typical of the overstuffed bubbleheads on that channel. If ignorance is bliss i think you should be much happier as a person. i hope you figure out how to use google to find a koch brothers sponsored site where you can validate your assertions amongst similar actual fact free minds and spare us poor investors your “opinions”.

  2. I’ve said this since he started: Tim Cook is not the guy to lead Apple. He has no vision. Without someone with a vision, there is no company. Zero.

    Apple can get better, but they need a leader to do it. Steve Jobs said it best about Tim Cook, “He’s not a product guy”. And unfortunately for Apple, the company is 100% a product company for consumers. The head has been cut off of Apple. I realize you all want to believe that Tim Cook is the guy…

    But just seeing that Ive farmed out icon design to the marketing guys… if that’s true, that is a major blunder. Software must be developed and designed only by professionals who know how to do it and all based on a vision. Not based on marketing.

    1. smilon – where do you see a tech company with better leadership than Tim Cook? I don’t see one.

      Nobody is screaming that Oracle or Cisco haven’t revolutionized an industry in the last few months. They just steadily chug along. One the other hand, Uncle Fester and Dell and bad but wonderful jokes.

      Yes, Tim is not Steve. But trying to drag down Tim Cook and/or Apple is just a FUD campaign.

      1. I gotta jump in for some well deserved Cisco bashing. Iphone5s & AT&T network function at a higher frequency than Verizon and others (set up by FCC). Higher frequencies have harder time penetrating cement and other interfering elements in buildings.

        To fix this, AT&T upon your complaining about 2-3 bars in your home or work, will send you a apple branded Cisco “3G MicroCell,” which runs through your LAN to the nearest AT&T tower thus getting calls in and out of your edifice and giving you 5 bars. It works. I have one.

        But, for plug n play set up the MC often needs to plug first into your Internet modem via Ethernet. Some routers allow you to plug into them to keep your LAN configuration others don’t so you plug MC to modem and your LAN into the pass through in the MC.

        Only issue that in 2013 the sipped of this pass thru is 10/100. Not 10/100/1000 gigabit.

        So one has to ask with gigabit tech being available an cheap for MANY years now, how is it that Cisco would make an Internet product that often requires it precede your gigabit router and have you plug into legacy speed 10/100 switch knowing full well that gigabit hardware is so prevalent and ISPs are delivering faster and faster broadband.

        PS: if you’re with AT&T and this relates to you, request their 3G MC. They may tell you it costs $200. That may be true but from all I’ve learned from Tier 2 AppleCare & AT&T support, AT&T is giving these away like candy and with just a little outrage, AT&T will fold and send one FREE!

        Next: if you have a gigabit LAN & your router & the MC are incompatible, you CAN make your router accept the MC by setting up either virtual serving or port forwarding so you LAN can stay first in line into your modem & the MC can plug into your router thus bypassing using Cisco’s slower 10/100 port.

        AT&T has a page on their site about advanced set ups like this. Plus your router company may be of immense help. I have a DLINK Dir 655 and went with a virtual server set up with DLINK’s help.

        You’ll find that consistent knowledge about all the ins and outs of their MC at AT&T is extremely spotty even contradictory.

        But ALL this custom router configuration would be moot if Cisco would simply make the pass thru 10/100/1000.

        Perhaps Cisco is simply dumping outdated hardware in AT&T’s lap and since the port specs are hidden, no one is the wiser until folks like me dig deeper and find the truth and lie by omission.

    2. a CEO does not do the work in a company, he delegates it to those who he judges to have the best grasp of the idea and mission of the company. if apple had invented the wheel you would be waiting for the “radical” square one and decrying the invention of the radial tire as an “incremental improvement of old technology” go check your bathwater theres a baby missing .

  3. Everything about AAPL is screaming “BUY” to me right now – it’s an undervalued stock, relatively high dividend, has a huge stock buyback planned, ample room to expand in China and India, a fiercely loyal customer base, and has virtually guaranteed hit products soon to be released. Investors are being slow and going by the headlines right now on AAPL but it’s only a matter of time before they look at the data and make the same calculations I did.

  4. I realize this is the wrong thread, but I think the stock slide might be related to the employee situation. When Forstall was throwing his revolt, a lot of insiders sold off stock, which changed the sentiment (a long with the Maps issues). But as WWDC showed, Apple was still confident in its abilities. It’s as if Apple survived an organizational cancer and is just now showing that it’s been able to recover.

    “Leading an innovative organization means having a process of denying power to those who are elites.” -Horace

  5. When Tim Cook focuses more on gay issues than how sucky iOS 7 is, then you know something is wrong.

    Is he wearing magic underpants that deflects Steve Jobs’ influence? He seems to be overturning every Steve Jobs dictum for running a company to maximise its potential.

    1. Hey igno, check out the history of Apple supporting and taking a stand on all world social and moral issues initiated by SJ, it’s hardly a focus dummy, it’s a stand and one that never waivers. Product Red for one…

  6. The Anal-ysts seem to have a foot fetish with Apple. They can’t seem to stop kicking the company and they seem to really believe that Wall Street controls Apple.

    It is like us being mesmerized by what goes on in Las Vegas or Reno and thinking that gambling affects manufacturing.

  7. When you have a communist leading the country and redistributing the wealth and punishing achievement, expect stocks of corporations to collapse. This is just the beginning of the “transformation” Obama promised. If you used to like the idea of being part of a prosperous country get over it. He is spreading the wealth around. Sorry Apple. Quality products and excellence in manufacturing and huge sales just mean there is a lot Obama can take from you.

      1. You might check the current unemployment rate (10% counting those who have given up; 40% in inner cities), 12 million more on food stamps since Obama took office, fewer people in the work force since Obama took office, gas prices double what Obama inherited, inflation now hitting in grocery stores. The stupid stock market comment reflect ignorance. The only thing keeping stock prices high is the Federal Reserve pumping $80 billion dollars a month into the economy, all this money created out of thin air. Now, Obama intends more taxes on all forms of carbon use, just by executive fiat. Of course he is a communist. That is how he has been trained all his life. Do you morons think he is a capitalist? How stupid are you?

        1. All total bs. Obama has no control over gas prices and America is producing more oil then ever. The unemployment and increases in food stamps are all directly related to the disaster Obama inherited. And the carbon tax was originally a Republican idea. You are nothing but another component of the American idiocracy.

          1. Obama has restricted domestic oil production and also he has prevented the Keystone pipeline from bringing Canadian oil to US refineries. You demonstrate your ignorance. Obama and his energy advisor have publicly stated they want high gas prices as a matter of policy to reduce use of gas, which he tends to use quite a bit of. You might actually do real research beyond Comedy Central before posting if you don’t want to show your vast ignorance.

    1. kent get a life! a guy like mitt forms an investment bank (Bain capital) which legally kites his cash on hand 10x he then uses that money to hostile takeover a company rape the pension fund and sell the pieces write off as a loss whats left between what the company was worth when he got it (with fiat money his own bank created ) and what he was able to liquidate and then rinse and repeat on a larger company and you worry about what Obama will take away from you? with 90% of your collected taxes servicing interest on government bonds that generated money to blow holes in sand why don’t you ask yourself who exactly has a few hundred thousand to tie up in a bond for 5 ,10 ,or 30 years (hint its nobody working for a wage ) you do not even have a hint of what the game is thats robbing you every time you pay interest on your car loan or mortgage. ask yourself exactly why your bank asked you for 10 % down before it wrote you a check to pay for your house,it’s your first clue about “the economy” AND caring for my neighbors needs makes me a SOCIALIST not a COMMUNIST . go buy a dictionary

      1. Most Obama early appointees had failed to pay taxes, like Ztim Geitner, Treasury Secretary, who said he forgot. GE paid no taxes last year on billions of income due to Obama loopholes designed for GE in thanks for NBC acting as a DNC talking points amplifier. Obama promised to cut deficit in half while running, who knows why, but he has instead added 8 trillion since taking office, about 50% of total deficit is his. Obama has never like capitalism. He was a member of the socialist Party in Chicago prior to his Senate run. This is not disputable. Don’t you read. He is not ashamed of his communist beliefs. He holds them proudly. You should proudly support them if that is your economic policy preference.

  8. “As analysts continue to slash price targets, Apple’s stock withers”. It’s a chicken and egg thing. And Apple hasn’t yet been able to come up with the next ‘game-changer’ to break that cycle. The Mac Pro is niche and disappointed a lot of people (even if most of the loudest of them weren’t Mac Pro buyers to start with). Incremental upgrades to the rest of the product lines aren’t nearly magical enough, sales growth is slowing, and the competitors are gaining in both technological and sales parity.

    At this point in time, there’s just as much chance of Apple reaching $300 as $500 by the end of the year. Anyone who says otherwise forgets that most of us expected the significant round of new product announcements (Mac Pros, retina iPads, retina MacBook Airs, iWatch, iTV, etc.) to start this past spring. Clearly Apple’s off its game. I’m hoping for a comeback, of course.

    By which I mean, I’m STILL hoping for a comeback.

  9. It’s been a really hard week being an Apple shareholder. Watching a slow death as the stock value goes down little by little especially because there hasn’t been any REAL news.

    A slew of ‘analyst’ price target cuts and worries about how many iPhones are going to be sold this quarter is simply amazing. These ‘analysts’ couldn’t raise their price targets quick enough during the summer of 2012 and now they are all lowering them.

    I especially like how they all keep talking about how Apple is not innovating and no new products are being introduced. Everyone knows that Apple is going to be introducing something (iPhone 5S) in September/October and since when does any company introduce a brand new product every six or twelve months?

    That is unless you’re Samsung who spits out variations of the same product with minor changes and call that ‘new’ and ‘innovative’.

    Unfortunately, we all should have sold when it was at $700 and when it was $650, $600, $550, or even $500. While I bought in rather late at $326 (and not that many shares), I am still up, but it’s tough watching what is happening.

    Here’s hoping for a few new products will shake the markets and then we can all watch those ‘analysts’ start raising their price targets again. It’s been a few years since the original iPad, so it’s about that time for something ‘new’.

    1. havok perhaps you should question why you ever believed that there were a group of people “in the know” when it comes to the most secretive company in the world . they are paid by brokers to shill sentiment . the present dip is to steal shares from people setting stops. apples “new” invention is what blew my motorola razor flip phone into the dustbin. the form factor is always a copy just as your 4 year olds drawing is a “Picasso” apple made us see as did Pablo in a new way, you can borrow it and stick a label on it but royal gelatin will always be jello. every galaxy will be an i -phone. the idea was so pure and good all future innovations will be refinements and expressions of the idea do not wait for the next big thing unless you are ready for a BIO implant .

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