Apple’s fall from leading to lagging brand or something

Scott Davis writes for Forbes, “To start, I am an Apple fanatic.”

MacDailyNews Take: Uh oh, here we go.

“So, it is with sadness and a bit of disbelief that I now have to admit something that I never thought I would: Apple is no longer a leader,” Davis writes. “Apple has become a challenger that now needs to look up to other leaders across the multiple categories it competes in and figure out what to do next. And the answers aren’t clear.”

Davis writes, “Yes, Apple has the largest market cap in the world (although it continues to plummet).”

MacDailyNews Take: Wrong. Apple’s market cap currently stands at $369.62 billion. Exxon Mobil’s is $400.35 billion.

“In the war for perceptions, the war for coolness, the war for technological ingenuity, the war for who is most clever or who garners the highest degrees of anticipation, Apple is falling way short,” Davis writes. “And if Samsung, Windows, Google Android, Amazon and others have anything to say about it, Apple will never reach that leader perch again.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Apple’s perpetual followers are now somehow leading in “cleverness” and other immeasurable, unprovable intangibles. But, remember, Scott is an “Apple fanatic,” so what he scribbles is gospel.

Davis writes, “In fact, making fun of Apple is becoming a sport for all of the above by making them seem out of date, made for ‘old people’ or just plain old ‘uncool.’ And the tech giant isn’t doing itself any favors with its new “’Made in California’ campaign… I see it as a frantic, faux-patriotic yearning for a time that is long gone, targeted to no one in particular, trying to reclaim a positioning from years’ past with no new innovation to back up the claim (with the exception of the iPad mini, which has already been successfully de-positioned by Kindle and Samsung).”

“Bottom line, brands are built on deeds and actions, not words,” Davis writes. “In fact, I’m left wondering what Apple’s done for me lately and hoping against hope that they’ll follow this benign campaign with the kind of kick-ass innovation that will leave customers and pundits like me gasping for air. You know – making touchscreen Apple TVs or finding a way to slip Siri, along with other technology, into an Apple watch.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, it’s the dream of “Apple fanatics” everywhere to smear their paws all over their “Apple TVs” (as if the product doesn’t already exist; without a screen at all, of course).

Davis writes, “Thus, Apple seems to be seriously close to slipping into challenger brand mode here, looking up to the leader in the category and wondering what they can do to usurp a new dominating leader’s position. Whether it is the iPhone looking up at Samsung, iRadio looking up at Pandora/Spotify, or iWatches looking up to Nike, Apple needs to come up with several silver bullets to build back lost relevance and ultimately inspire, influence and compel once again.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Holy Mother of Jobs, there are some severe ignoramuses on this rock!

Regardless, Apple has been taking beaucoup asskickery from all angles. Anytime Apple and their so-called PR department wants to take their thumbs out of their asses and start fighting back, have at it – even if it is at least six months late and counting.


  1. Writers-Journalists are hit whores.

    They hit companies when they are up and hit them when they are down…otherwise they don’t know what else to earn a living.

  2. A fool and his clueless predictions are soon farted as the bunt of laughter. It’s good Scott Davis wrote this, I’m sure Apple is just now seeing his article with alarm, smacking their foreheads and getting right to work. Cuz nothing can possibly be in development already and has been for years.

    1. Oh, what was that dickhead Scott Davis?

      In fact, I’m left wondering what Apple’s done for me lately

      IOW: ‘Entertain me’. 👿

      IOW: Self-destructive Wall Street is resorting to using dickhead mouth pieces like this guy to:
      1) Shoot bullets at the feet of Apple…
      2) To MAKE APPLE DANCE. ‘Dance Apple! DANCE!’

      Don’t dance Apple.
      Instead, let these self-destructive bad-attitude lying morons dance themselves down their respective mine shafts. Apple does things the smart way just fine.

  3. Jealous people just LOVE to see those who accomplish something in life fail. In this case, they have been waiting so long for Apple to fail that they are resorting to fabrication and lies. Have at it, losers. Apple, welcome to humanity, isn’t it grand?

  4. Sigh. Like I’ve posted before, these so-called analysts are nothing more than weeds. Apple’s walled-off garden is fine. It’s the weeds growing on the other side of the fence that are getting more brazen with their pathetic reporting. They are the new Fox news where any quack can appear like a reporter.

    Apple hasn’t lost its mojo. Maybe because Steve Jobs is gone, the sense of crazy genius is missing but Apple is alive and doing what it has always been doing. However, listen to the disease of the media and Wall Street and they will try to tell you something opposite.

    If Apple did what the media and Wall Street want, they would be like HP, Dell, Sony, where they became flat and unimaginative and just interested sales figures. The new crowd of Motorola, Samsung and their axis allies of Google are not leaders but are the weeds that mimic what Apple makes. They are the weeds that grown within the wheat.

    1. The cat away (Steve Jobs), the mice play (analysts).
      Cook needs to fight back those assholes.

      JEALOUSY never brings you far those bastards, why don’t you created a legacy for yourselves like Steve Jobs or Apple?.
      Obviously, the media underestimates people’s intelligence, therefore journalists became dumb and dumber to the point so annoyed.

      Journalists STOP!, enough is enough, ZERO tolerance!.

      1. xyz, these people who write this stuff are journalists NOT analysts. It seems the vast majority of journo’s were raised in the Micro$haft era and just like the majority of IT professionals, HATE Apple. They’re so pleased to write anything negative about Apple any time they can. The other thing about journo’s is that too often they write articles when they actually have nothing to say. They have column inches to fill and a deadline, so they write totally vacuous, needless, crap. There are a few good ones, but not many amongst myriad hacks.

  5. “Anytime Apple and their so-called PR department wants to take their thumbs out of their asses and start fighting back, have at it – even if it is at least six months late and counting. ”


    I think that is the point. They HAVEN’T fought back and they desperately need to. I think Tim is a great CEO, but he is just too damn nice. Steve would have put these perceptions in perspective. He would blazed those Samsung ads which make Apple look out of touch.

      1. Propaganda? No, you need to study the fine art of MARKETING.

        Perception is everything. And like it or not, the perception of Apple as a leader and innovator is losing mindshare. Samsung have done to Apple what Apple used to do to Microsoft when Steve was in charge. They had ballsy abrasive ads, and they worked. Compare the Get a Mac campaign to the Designed in California campaign and you might understand what I’m saying.

        1. Marketing IS propaganda when performed by people I call ‘Marketing Morons’. These are scum who have NO respect for their customers, by definition.

          Yes, perception IS everything to we mere mortal humans, sad to say. We live in our heads. The outer world is too complex and overwhelming for us, so we make an abstracted silly version in our minds then live accordingly. This is universal among ALL of we ‘homo sapiens sapiens’ as we like to call ourselves.

          How does one keep from being just another victim of one’s abstracted inner world? One learns how to THINK for one’s self and reflect one’s concepts against the OUTER world.

          I can chatter on all day about self-destructive marketing. But I won’t.

          Excellent avatar.
          Excellent hands.
          Excellent symbol for that best of all human abstractions:
          😀 <3 <3 <3

        2. Seriously: What are you asking Apple to do MikeK? Become just another Marketing Moron like the idiots you’re championing for ‘ballsy abrasive ads’?

          Apple made its stand. I admired it in Apple’s two page add in USA Today yesterday. Kind of expensive. But kind of PERFECT MARKETING. If you don’t get the distinction between Apple and those desperately unimaginative, customer abusive asshole alternatives, you’re hopeless.

          Naive is not good when dealing with business OR bizinizz.

        3. the ballsy ads I was referring to were Apple’s.

          Big brother 1984
          Think Different
          Get a Mac.

          Three defining campaigns that intimidated and mocked their competitors for lack of imagination and innovation. Now, Apple’s competitors are mocking Apple. What do I want Apple to do? I want Apple to grow their balls back and stick it to Samsung not get soft and philosophical which is all nice and dandy, but not very effective with the masses (as proven by the ratings)..

        4. Those ad campaigns were all great, but, Apple was the long shot as far as all the other companies were concerned. Apple wasn’t even a possible contender in their eyes. What they are doing now is trying to bait Apple into giving up even more innovative ideas that they can shamelessly copy. They are poking a stick at a sleeping Tiger. Ad campaign or not, Apple has never been about beating the other guy to the bottom. They know their place and you have to beat them on their terms. And no one has been able to do that on their own.

        5. oops. Sorry Mike K. My apologies. I would use different adjectives. They certainly represented Steve Jobs’ personality and approach to storming the status quo. I now get your point! Sorry to waste bandwidth.

        6. Perception damned well is ‘reality’ for people who live within their abstracted inner world. Get the distinction please.

          Our inner world is where we determine what is ‘TRUTH’. Clearly there’s a problem with that. I consider it mankind’s worst problem, the one that destroys our species. And we get to watch…

    1. There’s a fine line between defensive and desperate. Apple is smart enough not to cross that line. At least so far. And even defensive can look bad for a company like Apple as it would be acknowledging its detractor’s claims, whether valid or not. So Apple has been trying to reinforce. According to the latest survey it’s new TV ad isn’t going over well. So it could be short lived. It seems okay to me but nothing like the great ads of the past. PC versus Mac. Those were great ads. And many others from the past. It just seems that Apple could run much better ads without a lot of effort. Ads that don’t have to compare the iPhone 5 to other phones but rather being in the Apple ecosystem as compared to being lost in the twilight zone. Pound away at how good it is to be in a safe environment. Inside the walled fortress. Run some ads about the Mac Mini and how much of a bargain it is. Run a few ads for the AppleTV also. Most people outside of the Apple ecosystem aren’t aware of the AppleTV. Many are looking to cut the cord and this is a no-brainer. Show a family with iPhones, iPods, iPads a MacBook Pro and an iMac and how they all sync together. There are so many ways that Apple could reinforce the Apple experience without the need of new hardware. I believe commercials showing how easy it is to exist inside the Apple family would be more effective than made in Cupertino commercials. Then when newer upgraded hardware comes along, promote it. If something brand-new comes along then that would be the cherry on top. There also seems to be a lot more positive stories out there about Apple than before. So I believe the PR department is doing something. I don’t know if Tim Cook is a great CEO or not? There are things I have seen that I’m unhappy with but the same went for Steve Jobs when he was CEO. Nobody’s perfect. And I don’t believe that it takes a Steve Jobs clone to do some of these things that are needed. But without being defensive, someone does need to throw some positive news out there once in a while. Tim Cook is clearly not the person for that task. Nor are many of us. It doesn’t even have to be new news. You have to have a good products or you won’t last too long. But perception matters. Especially when people are investing in your company through shares of stock. 99% of the people who invest in Apple are not really that knowledgeable about the company and all of its products. Any more than they know a lot about Intel or Honeywell. They just believe that these are good companies and good investments. And they are. But you need to sell yourself or your product or the company that you work for. And Apple could use a salesman pushing things occasionally. Not over the top but just dynamic enough to make a good impression.

      1. I’m in agreement with you, with a small distinction: The “Made in California” is brand advertising and needs to happen. Just like “Think Different” it needs to be a campaign. AND Apple needs to be advertising products and ecosystem and lifestyle and security and and and…

        My sense is that Apple has gotten so ingrained with the model that product intros of previously secret products garnered all the FreePress they could ever want, and yet when they haven’t been introducing new products that free press (GoodPress given their commitment to quality) has given way to AnyPress which is most usually NegativePress since there’s nothing new & good to write about.

        When you have a new product you market the hell out of it. When you don’t have a new product, you market the hell out what you have. Either way, you marketing the hell out it!!

      2. GM, you are absolutely correct. A part of me would like to see Apple fight but its just not their style. I think that they usually have just launched and/or refreshed something and that particular product would shut everybody up for a while. Problem is, the new launches seem to be few and far between but if I were to take a wild guess, I would say that Apple will do what they do best and release items we already know about as well as ones we don’t. I think Jim is right when he says the Made in America needs to happen. Everything Apple does is methodical and when you have the Samsung’s of the world poring billions into marketing instead of quality people will buy into it. Wall Street, Hedge Funds and Tech Company’s all share some hatred towards Apple on various levels for different reasons. My humble opinion is that Apple beats them by not playing into the games of these types, but plays their own game by introduction of superior products. The haters out there can say what they wish but I cannot think of any others out there who actually have the same level of quality that Apple does. As long as Apple stays true to that they will continue to thrive and people will start to realize what true quality really is when their beloved devices fail them or their OS simply just stops working or catches scold (SARCASM).

    2. Agree the PR department has to do a better job.

      Made in California? Unless your the local chamber of commerce president, who cares.

      Worst Apple Ad ever, sorry.

  6. What have any of those companies innovated? Why does he think Apple is a follower just because they don’t throw a lot of shit on the walls just to se if it sticks..

    On a side note a friend of mine actually has a windows phone and it took him like 5 minutes of scrambling around all those blue tiles that all look the same to find his pictures then half of them run off the screen.. That thing sucks

  7. At what point does all this RED ANT BS become liable?

    This is a multi faceted campaign to chew Apple up and spit them out. Only because they make such good product that there’s no other way to compete, other than kinking in Apples balls, and punching below the belt.

    These asses have brass knuckles and have lost all sense of morality. All in an attempt to bank rob Apple of $100+ billon.

    If they can’t dig some $4*t up, they just start making lies.

    At least in France, this kind of crap would be against the law.

  8. As I’ve posted before the problem is that Apple isn’t correcting the false image of failure via it’s PR and Marketing departments as it is pummelled with hateful false info via NYT, WSJ, Forbes (which are then picked up by the general press and bloggist).

    if apple doesn’t correct and push out the truth that it is doing fine the falsehoods will be accepted as truth.

    when articles came out that Samsung sales are down, one day later Samsung P.R came out swinging saying the reports were wrong. That swiftly changed the perception and now the press and bloggists are writing that Samsung is dominating apple in Europe etc. When an analyst made an unfavourable comment about RIM, the rim CEO contacted the canadian govt and the U.S SEC immediately . Hate RIM all you want but I think manipulators are going to be heck more cautious playing with their stock. Yet when analysts and hedge fund guys like Dough Kass manipulates aapl Apple does nothing.

    Apple P.R seems to be sleeping, when NYt when out with their nonsense “apple is Evil’ pulitzer winning series which went for a long time Apple said nothing.

    As an ex Ad and PR pro I watch Apple’s PR and marketing. Apple PR has done almost zero as the stock has been hammered from 700 plus to below 400 (losing 300 billion of investors money)

    For two years apple PR SLEPT (zzzzzzzz….. ) , then some exec found them under a pile of old newspapers and dusted them off and asked them to make a comment about “Gay Marriage” (on the day that aapl fell under 400). Look I have no problems with gays and have not even bothered with the marriage issue , All I’m saying is that BESIDES making social statements like that PERHAPS apple PR can do it’s PRIMARY FUNCTION of protecting the consumer and sales image of apple as it is constantly on a daily basis being killed by writers of Forbes (above) and their ilk.

    Apple’s P.E is very low , if it had the P.E of Goog it would be way over 700 now. Even msft has higher P.E. That shows that the PERCEPTION of apple is poor — investors don’t believe in it. Apple needs to change this (false) perception of failure and that’s work for PR dept.

    Google spents a huge amount of effort in PR and marketing, it has full time evangelists travelling the world promoting google and bashing apple (“apple is dying that’s why it’s doing lawsuits”). these guys appear in talk shows, video blogs etc. Guy Kawasaki famous apple evangelist from years back has joined Google. Andy IIhnatko (apple fanboy writer) publicly jumped to Android…

    And what the heck happened to marketing?
    I’ve gone into it at length before so I’m not going to bore you but highlights:
    — win 8 Turd (wheres the ads against it?) Windows still makes Billions every quarter and Mac still has 5% world market share (vs 20+ for iPhone). Used to be tons of mac PC guy ads
    — new imacs and mac mini from last fall NO ADs (spent all the effort on ‘special bonding process’ etc and then you don’t bother advertising them ) …
    — no tie ins with iPhones to sell macs
    — not one ad promoting apple’s GREATEST ADVANTAGES: it builds both the hardware and the Os and the Ecosystem…. (WTF?)

    C’mon apple, Apple PR and Marketing wake up. Wake UP.

    1. As I’ve posted before…

      As an anonymous coward? You can do better. Be you when you speak up.

      This is what I call ‘The Age of Marketing’ for worse or worst. The goal is to sucker us into deepest despair 🙁 Then buy the crap the marketing morons are foisting on us. You lose! 😥

      1. DC hi,

        I call myself anon C (anonymous Coward) with satisfaction.

        I was an Ad pro, graduated top of my class of 200 in university, art director in my twenties, retired in my thirties to live full time on a resort island.

        Why do I want to publish my real name and my location etc. Why do I need even the slightest chance of being hassled?
        (see even when i write the above: ” I was an ad Pro.. ” I bet some people will already be irritated: he’s a stuck up prick… etc)

        people can take the FACTS of what I write and agree or not , no need to know who I am.

        I am not in the tech consulting etc business like you, no need to advertise myself.

        1. Kewl. Resort island.

          Being an Ad Pro who is also what I call a ‘Marketing Maven’ is critical to great business.

          As for me advertising myself: No. I don’t sell anything. There are no ads, no tracking cookies etc. at my blogs. Instead, not having to play professional image games, I get to say what makes sense to me.

          As for being hassled, that’s situational. My personality is such that being hassled is what I expect. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, etc.

  9. Wow!. There are so many brilliant ideas. Apple should take in consideration and hiring a top consultants helping Apple throw out good perceptions to public. Yes, investors, consumers must trust a products and company to invest too.

  10. News flash: Apple produces a time travel machine 4 months later than pundits thought it would be. Those who have nothing better to do are now bashing Apple for the fact that the time machine can only cause travel to the past and not go into the future yet and costs $1499. They figure that it should be sold for $49 or less.

    Samsung says they will come out with a time machine that has a bigger display in a month.

  11. I usually do not even bother myself with commenting to such idiocy as this. This guy writes for Forbes! Really!!! I used to think that Forbes had their act together but the fact that they even have someone as ridiculously ignorant of reality as this clown, I guess I should reconsider my opinion of them. It always amazes me at how desperate and infantile these so called writers get when they are just plain jealous haters. What makes Apple so different and so far superior is that they do not play the spec wars or buy into what everyone else does. Example, when the iPhone 4S came out with no LTE these so called expert writers claimed it was doomed, Yea right! How many units did Apple sell??? How many are they still selling??? Apple does not need to kiss your ass Scott, or anyone else’s for that matter. Show me one piece of hardware that’s built as well as Apple’s, or show me one bit of Windows/Android Crapware that works as efficiently and fluidly as Apple’s ECO System does! Get real Scott and please don’t claim to be an Apple Fan because if you were, you would not write this garbage!!!

  12. well, you american head still think that apple is IT leader. but sorry. it is only happening in US. just look around worldwide. it isn’t happening at all. it is your hallucination, dumb head. apple will face with second worst crisis since 1997. of course, it won’t be over. but apple will turn itself to second brand anyway while it sells enough in US. but for worldwide, apple never becomes leader. who says that?

  13. I am convinced that there is an orchestrated negative propaganda going on against apple… A collusion by the comparators to downtalk apple through bribes and paying off blogers and analysts and reporters!
    The negative rederic is way out of control.. While when i observe the reality out there.. I see apple products everywhere .. And people loving them ….Europe and US and japan !
    This notion of apple does not innovate anymore is such a bs… And makes me feel sorry for those who fall for such bs claims and propaganda by the colluders!
    Apple on average has put out a new catagorey of product every 3 to 4 years.
    This company has the best customer satisfaction rating
    The best ecosys.. That no one leaves!
    Best stores
    Number one tec brand out there
    150 billion in cash
    Making close to 40 billion a year as we speak.. Adding on the cash pile.

    Yet if u read the bs put out by the colloders…apple is about to go bankrupt.
    Absurd is absurd.
    The pubic is a victim of the media… And this is USA… Lol
    Looking at apples stick valuation… Absurdity goes even o higher level!
    Yup dell with a PEG of 2.2 amd PE of 13 is reasnable. While apple is at a PEG of 0.4 and PE of 9…. Take the cash out Pe is 5 ish..
    Yup dell is a better and more stable bet than apple.
    Totally absurd.
    Appls should really focus on these negative campaigning going on against them. More so than pursuing the lawuits agains all the copiers.. Who are trying to defame apple while they have done nothing but knock off apple products!

    The media and the manipulation achieved through them.. Specially in USA is a shame and a sham !

  14. This is “Kim-Komando-level” stupid… Long time MDN users will know what I mean by this. (lol!)

    Thanks, MDN, for incorporating the “or something” to headings of articles, so our minds don’t explode when we click on links.

  15. From the article: “But in the war for perceptions, the war for coolness, the war for technological ingenuity, the war for who is most clever or who garners the highest degrees of anticipation, Apple is falling way short.”

    Anyone who engages in a war attitude is most definitely not cool. Steve Jobs was cool, he wasn’t a general in the army. Cool is cool, war, well it simply isn’t.

  16. Scott Davis, this is your automated voicemail system calling. Kwon Oh Hyun called and said you are late in reporting to your next assignment. You missed your flight to South Korea and the next flight will not be until tomorrow at 12:10 p.m EDT. If you are not on that flight, your contract with Samsung Electronics will be terminated immediately.

  17. It’s all based on that one decision Apple made not to expand the screen of the iPhone to iPad mini size and call it an innovation. I gotta believe that was Steve’s call, or he lost the argument. All the other phones have going for them is a bigger screen and some of them are very nice. If Apple had not decided that operating it with your thumb while holding it in one hand was important they’d still be considered the market leader. But Apple will be okay, as long as they don’t give away all their saved cash. They have billions to fall back on, and are starting manufacturing in USA, which is great. Go Apple! Hope the stock drops another hundred so I can buy a bunch again and ride another great wave of insane profit.

  18. My comment to Scott at Forbes:

    I’m sure you expect the backlash you’ll get from this very short sighted fact void opinion only article. You don’t have a single number of sales, down trends, market share. Not even a quote. Just youe rather puerile selfish instant gratify powered remark: “what has Apple don’t for me lately’, which jumps out as the impetus for your article. You come off as far removed from knowing anything intimate about Apple today and don’t have a single reliable source there. Apple has changed the game many times. But no innovator can change the game daily. So if your whole beef is that Apple hasn’t given you an iPad, mini, AppleTV ot iPhone-esque new hardware lately, you’re truly tech and innovation ignorant. It’s easy to right poison pen articles Scott to puff yourself up. But what have you done for us lately? How have you changed our lives as you rather stunning sell line: “I transform…” really? Tell us scot how have all by your lonely self achieved anything near that line. I think your talking about real people and companies with real jobs doing real things.. You know lime Apple. You’re a coattail ambulance chaser who lives off real innovation and hard work. Then you make stuff up, type it and somehow convince Forbes to print it. When you finally lose your gig, I assure you all those folks you changed, won’t remember you or ever take your call. Get a life. Get a job. Do something for us Scott. Stop taking for a living. Start giving. Ya know contribute instead of faux tear downs. Disgusting folks like you get any platform at all.

  19. For those not familiar with Scott “the Leech” Davis, remarkably there’s no end to his sel inflated sense of importance and arrogance. He’s a card carrying SIP (self important person) through and through. He actually has this slogan under his name at Forbes. You ready?

    Scott Davis
    “I transform brands, businesses, marketing—& people who power them”

    Stunning, right!?

    I call it: Arrogance without portfolio

    I never like to see people lose their job for things like stupidity. But since you can’t fix “Stupid,” I’m afraid Steve’s gotta go.

    I think he’s made enough unjournalistic, unprofessional, sophomoric remarks that enough letters of complaint to the Forbes editor(s) might do the trick as Scott (renamed to Scrap) should and perhaps being naive, maybe even get him fired. Hopefully at least some corporate slap on the wrist?

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