Apple’s prototype iPhone 5S based on new Apple A7 processor

“Last week, we shared a pair of photos of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S, revealing a few details such as a larger-capacity battery and a new dual-LED flash system for the rear camera,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“At the time, we had some questions about the main chip from the device, which lacked an A-series identification printed on it and which carried date codes indicating that it had been manufactured in October 2012,” Slivka reports. “We have now received several additional photos showing the device in greater detail, with a particular emphasis on the main chip.”

Slivka reports, “As seen in one photo, the chip carries an Apple model number of APL0698, suggesting that this is indeed intended to be branded as an A7 chip rather than a modification on the A6 chip found in the iPhone 5.”

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.


  1. Maybe I’m envisioning what a “dual LED flash” system would look like incorrectly, but if it’s what I think it is–two LEDs side by side for greater flash intensity, I call BS on this article.

    I really don’t see Apple sacrificing the internal space, or even the style if the device in general by doing that. It seems like a very PC/Android solution to double up on a part, instead of improving the LED lens, or adding a built in photo reflector, etc.

  2. Cheule, just cos you can’t envision it, doesn’t make it BS.

    The photos doing the rounds show the led’s as being different colours, indicating that different casts of light will be available to the camera depending on conditions. This will help immensely in indoor shots under flourescent lighting, which currently come out horribly. It may also help in another area i hope Apple is pushing forward with which is machine image recognition.

    Apple has a patent on a mobile device recognising useful snippets of text, urls & barcodes within a scene. We’ve already seen implementation of improved barcode recognition already showing up in the ios7 api’s. I’m personally looking forward to an iSight (my suggestion, i know it’s already used) function in iphone were i can simply read long URLs into my phone.

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