Apple’s new Sprite Kit framework targets gaming on iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and – shh! – maybe even Apple TV

“Apple’s new Sprite Kit development framework aims to make it easier to create 2D arcade style games for both iOS 7 mobile devices and the Mac desktop, and hints at a future strategy for games on Apple TV,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“In addition to animating sprites (which can include other media elements such text and video) within a scene, Sprite Kit also simulates realistic physics to depict the force of gravity and inertia (such as in the swinging, weighted candy in Cut the Rope or the motion of balls bouncing off the banks of a billiard table) and can, like Motion, generate particle effects (such as clouds of fog or the flames erupting from a rocket’s thrusters),” Dilger reports. “This puts Sprite Kit on a similar level to Core Animation, a framework Apple introduced with the iPhone to enable app developers to build smooth transitions and other graphic effects without needing to master the complexities and specialized GPU programming involved with coding raw OpenGL.”

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Dilger reports, “Apple has increasingly moved away from depending upon third parties to supply strategic components of its platform, whenever possible. From developing its own Safari web browser to writing its own implementation of SMB to declaring its independence from Adobe Flash, Apple is working to avoid having its platforms hijacked in the pattern of Office, Adobe apps or Google Maps… Apple can maintain very similar versions of its Sprite Kit for both iOS and OS X, and even deliver an Apple TV version the moment it decides to opening up an HDTV App Store.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. Unity is the most popular game engine for mobile games

        if apple buys Unity they can kill android support and stop a lot of new games for android.

        you need more than xcode to make a game for iOS

        1. Thank you for your explanation. Whilst your statement does hold value in its sentiment, if Apple were to make it a policy to buy up any startup or business that was the best in class, the accusation of behaving the way M$ did in the 80’s & 90’s will gain traction with the possibility of an anti-trust lawsuit being leveled against them especially in Europe.

    1. Apple took Cocos2d as a template for SK. Unity is overkill for what apple wants to do. Until yesterday (when the baton was passed to a new obj-c friendly maintainer), the cocos roadmap was to put the pure IOS version in maintenance mode and concentrate on cocos2d-x, the cross platform version. Pulling SK in house ensures that some devs will stay with pure obj-c/IOS. Parts of the framework do make it easier to adjust to different aspect ratios, so things like TV, or larger phones should be trivial to support.

      1. …aaaannnndddd I should read the article before I post…. he says everything I mentioned above except for Birkemose taking the cc2d reigns and laying out a v3 roadmap, which only happened yesterday.

      1. Did he say a cheap plastic iphone knock off?

        BTW since you seem to be a samesung fan, I have to ask… why?
        If you hate Apple and therefor want a substitute for a real iPhone why not get the HTC, it is the same price and so much nicer. I just don’t see the attraction to samsungs plastic crap phones.

  1. A Sprite game kit will also allow a new surge of young teenage programmers to set to work with their creativity in putting together new entertainment and similar training type games.

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