The slow, inexorable growth of Apple TV

“This week, Apple announced some new apps for the Apple TV ‘hobby,’ or area of interest, or ‘grand vision.’ So you now have HBO Go, from Time Warner, WatchESPN, from Disney, Sky News, Chrunchyroll, an anime subscription service, and Qello, for concerts,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “with the forthcoming addition of the CW network, it’s clear that Apple is moving forward to expand the content selections on the Apple TV, albeit slowly.”

“The point of it all is that all of these additions make the Apple TV more and more indispensable,” Steinberg writes. “As it is, Apple TV is in far more homes than any similar product, such as Roku. Some 13 million have been sold so far, with half of those in the past year, according to a recent statement from Tim Cook. But you wonder where Apple is going to take it.”

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Steinberg writes, “Apple should be the company to simplify things, even if the cable and satellite companies have to be brought kicking and screaming to the table. Besides, many already have iOS and Android apps, so it hardly seems much of a stretch to turn it all over to Apple and let them figure out how to sort things out.”

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  1. Love my ATV.

    I wish my ATV had an HDMI input on the back that would allow my HDMI signal from my cable or satellite signal to pass through the ATV. Obviously recording the signal wouldn’t be allowed, but it would really be cool if it was allowed.

    Then I wouldn’t have to switch inputs on the tv all the time. There would be a button on the ATV to just watch the cable or sat signal.

    1. I have a friend that asks for the same thing, but I honestly don’t understand. How is selecting some button on the Apple TV to tell it to pass through the cable/sat signal make things any simpler than just selecting the other input on the TV?

      1. Also, because it could theoretically be way faster than syncing to another HDMI input on the TV. I did effectively the same thing with VCRs way back when and would turn off the VCR’s output to use the TV signal directly when I was recording something.

        1. I have a similar set-up all my components run through my Yamaha. And to answer your which model to record the tv with, I use a TiVo. The one feature I wish the ATV (and for that matter my TiVo) had is HDMI-CEC so I could control my ATV with any remote (or remote app) for any of my components. I can control everything in my setup with apps without an IR blaster. I can control my PS3, TV, and Receiver with the Yamaha Receiver App (through HDMI-CEC). I can control my TiVo with the TiVo app and my ATV with the Remote App.

  2. I dropped Cable TV. I don’t miss it, specially when 90% of the stuff is Garbage Reality Idiot Shows. ATV in each bedroom TV. Having Netflix included for streaming helps a lot when you really want to quit your addiction to Cable TV Programing of junk.

      1. Two things were making cord cutting darn near impossible, and Food Network was a BIG one. If they went to Hulu Plus or some such, the next thing was the freaking NFL and it’s byzantine tangle of broadcast restrictions making it impossible to get games live over the ‘Net… leastways until I figured out that a VPN service to another country makes it possible to get the full package of all games over the net on the actual game days.

        Come on, Food Net! We get an ATV app for you, it’s all over!

  3. Waiting … and hoping … waiting some more … dying to dump my frustrating cable box in favour of hardware that actually works well … an new AppleTV? … oh, yes please! … sadly it’s like hell; there’s always hope on the horizon but it never comes to fruition … maybe this year?

  4. It’s still a hobby until it plays AC3 and DTS multichannel audio. It’s still a hobby until it plays MKV content.
    It’s still a hobby until it talks to DLNA. I know I’m supposed to hate DLNA because Microsoft is a partner, but it’s a good protocol with wide industry acceptance. I’m not about to re-rip terabytes of content just so I can have inferior audio.
    Apple TV is just a way to drive you to the Apple store. It’s a nice box in some ways, but it’s totally outclassed by several other devices at similar prices. And I say this as an owner of several Macs and multiple iPads.

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