If Samsung copied Apple’s ‘Designed by Apple’ advertisement (with video)

If Samsung took it upon themselves to copy Apple’s recent “Designed by Apple” video, YouTuber “Colynn9,” imagines it would go something like this:

If Apple
is crafting perfection
we can confuse convenience with glitz

variety with choice
innovation only requires cloning

the first thing we ask is
 what is Apple creating?
flood the market
then we slowly litigate in the courts

it takes time…

there are a thousand appeals to every defeat
we countersue
we slander
we ship
until court decisions are irrelevant
and we’ve made our profit
and paid our shills
only then do we look for more to copy.

Cloned by Samesong in Korea

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dale S.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Um, excuse me, but after watching the introduction of the butt-ugly mess that is iOS 7 the words “slavishly copy” should never be uttered by Apple again…

      1. Worse…cannot believe that anyone with two working eyeballs can look at that and think that it is an improvement…functionally yes, aethstectically absolutely not…

            1. Shows how much you know. I have owned every iPhone with the exception of the 1st gen; I have a 1st gen and 3rd gen iPad and am the proud owner of an iPhone 5. I don’t know nor have I ever owned an Android product. I simply don’t allow my preference for Apple products to cloud my objectivity, unlike many readers on this blog. That’s the problem with being a fan; it causes you not to see things as they are. Whether or not you like the look of iOS 7 is simply a matter of personal taste, but it is clear to any thinking, objective personal that Apple is being a hypocrite by suing the pants off those who copy them but allowing themselves to freely copy the work of others. If you can’t see that then I really feel sorry for you

            2. “I don’t know nor have I ever owned an Android product.”

              “Apple is being a hypocrite by suing the pants off those who copy them but allowing themselves to freely copy the work of others.”

              How can you not know Android, own an iPhone, see iOS 7 and say Apple is copying Android. Your lies are the only hypocrisy I see.

            3. As you rightly pointed out, these people are fans. They will never recognize the obvious hypocrisy pointed out now and in the past by many others. There have been websites (like applehypocrisy.tumblr.com) dedicated just for pointing it out. Don’t even waste your time here. You’re just stooping down to their level.

            4. To be fair, “Mac” is in the title of this site’s name. I’ve seen waaaay worse anti-Apple messages on other tech sites. I’d suggest you grow a thicker skin if anyone here offends you.

              Also, I love that other little rat-brained idiots are picking apart beta iOS 7 in their little Tumblr dream journals. Awesome!

            5. Perhaps you’re right….although I must admit that I’m surprised at the lack of intelligent responses. It seems as if people simply forgo all logic and common sense when it comes to Apple….thank God for a decent amount of common sense 🙂

            6. I think the funniest thing here is that most people are immaturely and inconclusively resorting to claiming that we are being paid by Samsung to make these comments. That’s just hilarious.

            7. Im confused I would agree with you that on what I see I am not convinced (to put it lightly) with the overall visual aspects and visual concept that I have seen of iOS7 though I will make a final decision when I see it for real. However in what way is it a visual copy of the opposition. And a bit hypocritical having ripped off Apples whole visual concept for mobiles to claim that a change by Apple from its norm, which is inevitably going to be nearer in some aspects to one or other of the various widespread copies already out there is copying them. Ridiculous thought process that is an insult to any thinking person.

      1. Actually in principle, no it isn’t. You can’t bring billion dollar lawsuits against companies for stealing your ideas and then turn around and steal others ideas yourself, whether they are patented or not. It wreaks of hypocrisy…

        1. Excuse me, but what are you smoking?

          Apple is a BUSINESS, not a church. It doesn’t have to act according to a set of principles. Apple will do everything it can to legally protect (file suit against offenders) its intellectual property that it has invested the time in legally protecting (patenting). If someone doesn’t have the business sense to protect their intellectual property, ANYONE can copy it.

          Grow up, Jdub.

          1. I don’t think anyone here ever said that Apple does not have any rights, but you clearly have no idea how unoriginal Apple’s content has been, as of lately – if not just forever. By way of proving this, several of their patents (including the “Steve Jobs” multitouch patent) have been reconsidered and/or revoked already. No one here is smoking anything, and Jdub has a clear point about the hypocrisy in Apple’s latest actions. I would have no problem with Apple if the level of litigation from them wasn’t too damn high!

            For the record, I consider Apple to be an “exceptional” artist. (Good artists copy. Great artists steal. Exceptional artists sue the original owner after the theft.)

            1. So perhaps you would like to explain in detail who these original artists are? I presume you don’t mean Microsoft, Samsung or Google for instance. Don’t think I could stand another laughter induced heart attack.

          2. Apple not only has every right, but they have a responsibility to their shareholders to defend their legally awarded patents, trademarks and copyrights. It just wreaks of hypocrisy that you can so rigorously defend your IP whille simultaneously stealing from others.

            Grown up, docwallaby 🙂

        2. In fact practically every company who can does just that, especially in technology. Microsoft made an art of it and Samsung, Google, Motorola amongst many others have done just that to the point the term hypocrisy hardly describes actions deliberately aimed at wiping out any opposition. So I am not sure why you expect, even if I accept your contention which I don’t, that Apple should in some way be different. That would surely be the ultimate in hypocrisy.

    1. Anyone that spends their free time obsessing over anyone else’s passion, is truly pathetic. You will never see me at ‘Droid Life’ because I could give a care…

      Please, get a life, move on, or seek psychiatric help if you must, pulling for you…

  2. Wow, Now thats just sad. The fact that Apple fans are so Threatened by samsung that they will goto all that hard work to try and gain just a fraction more popularity. Hers a History lesson. (Sony walkman , Sony Tv, sony now use samsung tv panels.) ( Pan America Airlines , now no longer. ) (Sharp electrical once number one now owned by Samsung.) (Apple, once released a cool phone but screwed its customers now lucky to have 16% of the world market.) You see a pattern people, what goes up comes down. Or does it? Samsung have continuously each year doubled its earnings for 12 years in a row. 2013 the year the world woke up and the start of the decline of Apple pie.

    1. Uh, Samsung threatens Apple like weeds threaten a garden. Just stay ahead of the pests. iOS7.

      Um, a fact lesson: Sony, Pan Am, Sharp are not like Apple and vice-versa.

      Er, Apple releases cool phones that many try to imitate.

      Apple is thriving. The only pattern I see here is that of a crazy, desperate person babbling silly nonsense. Have a nice day.

    2. You said it yourself… these are Apple’s FANS, not Apple. They are not directly “threatened” by Samsung in any way, yet they show their ongoing loyalty as Apple’s customers by choice.

      On the other hand, Samsung itself IS (and acts like it is) continuously threatened by Apple, and Samsung (not Samsung’s fans) make commercials with actors “pretending” to be loyal customers, to push their gimmickry and mimicry.

      Here’s a history lesson… No longer bring up Mac OS versus Windows as an example? I thought THAT was the GO TO example of how iPhone was eventually going to be fall. In the real world, Apple’s Mac business has never been healthier, and makes the majority of the profit in the PC industry, while selling a fraction of the total units. In Windows world, nothing but stagnation and decline, and frustration for its users.

      Apple, on the other hand, has users (for all Apple product lines), who are devoted enough to produce their own Apple commercials. Samsung’s so-called “fans” are fake (paid for by Samsung) or they went for the two-for-one special, and have zero long-term loyalty to the brand. To them, it’s a “feature phone” that they throw away when it breaks or their contract expires.

    3. Wow! Really? ONE company having a 16% share of the world’s smartphone market is a bad thing? You do realize that almost 1 out of every 5 smartphones sold on this planet is an iPhone. I’m sorry, but THAT is an astounding statistic.

      Apple has an extremely limited product line compared to Samsung, the fact that Apple has achieved so much by offering only a few different products speaks volumes of the desirability of those products.

      1. Yeah, Samsung’s got what, 6% more market share and they offer like 60 different phones including a bunch of cheap crapola. Those results are nothing to brag about. What Apple has accomplished with one phone is nothing short of remarkable.

    4. Astroturf much?

      I’ll just assume that you’re part of a Samsung social media tracking team. We’ve seen tactics like these practiced previously by Samsung. Sad, really. Pathetic, in fact.

      We see what you’re doing. We’re not stupid. And you won’t change our minds. The more you try, the more obvious you are.

    5. samsung is so ‘successful’ because it copies. It spends no time and money on innovation so it has an advantage.
      It understands (as the ad portrays) that the courts are weak.

      To see the character of samsung note that the head of Samsung was sentenced to years in jail by the Korean court for tax evasion, fraud etc but was pardoned by his pal the president of Korea. And Samsung family members who run different divisions constantly SUE EACH OTHER for millions for breech of contracts etc.

      don’t believe me, just google Samsung Family Lawsuit

      ONE such case:

      CNET Feb 2013,
      “Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee is breathing a sigh of relief today after a Korean court ruled that he won’t need to hand over assets to family members.
      Lee’s siblings sued him over their contention that he hid from them billions of dollars in shareholdings he inherited from his father, Samsung’s founder.”

    6. If copying is what making Samsung… then Apple does not need that greatness… Just see Sony…. they have a character even if they dont sell many phones like Samsung…

  3. I loooove the fact that Apple has made the competition worried enough that they send their trolls here. AMAZING!

    I can’t wait to see how frothy their mouths get when Sept. rolls around.

      1. Their social media marketing agency (or if it’s not done through their main advertising agency) has a budget for this, but I can’t imagine them paying their individual workers more than someone working at a fast food restaurant. Still, work is work.

      2. I dont know, but the one I confronted couldn’t even answer one question I posed asking him to back up his dramatic overblown (if pathetically unsubstantiated) statement to start the conversation. So clearly IQ isn’t the basis for employment with Samsung.

    1. You’re not even trying. That was the message board equivalent of “I know you are, but what am I?” Except you probably don’t know to use a comma.

  4. Guys. I’m as pro apple asa I can be, but that is getting less and less. I got an ipod touch 5th gen and it will not connect to hte itunes store. The battery life of a new unit is horrible when its on WiFi 20-30 min at best. In frustration I looked at the Galaxy Note. It blows the iPad and iPod away completely. You might say that aside form a better display, faster processing, multi-tasking, real voice dictation when off-line, better battery life, more memory, cheaper, well what’s to like. Apple could actually be in trouble. Online support was bad enough to justify dumping the unit. I’m giving the genius bar a shot at fixing the touch. if they cant, Apple lost another segment, I already will never even look at an iPhone.

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