Flash storage benchmarks: Apple’s new MacBook Air is up to 2.5 times faster than previous model

“Now that Apple has moved from SATA to PCI-Express, was it really worth the switch, or is all just marketing?” Rémi Jacquet asks for Digital Versus.

“We finished benchmarking the new SSD [flash storage], and basically the figures have changed (the new MacBook Air is about 2 to 2.5 times faster),” Jacquet reports. “But keep in mind that benchmark results are necessarily disconnected from actual experience, so we only give them for reference purposes. Our first test used “actual” transfer results, which is what can explain the different figures.”

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Jacquet reports, “With large files (HD movies) we got speeds twice as high as the 2012 model, an increase from 113 MB/s to 263 MB/s. On medium-sized files (RAW) it also doubled from 138 MB/s to 276 MB/s. The only task that hasn’t significantly improved is small file transfers.”

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  1. Why are folks compelled to spell raw as RAW? It is not an acronym, it is not any different than saying raw meat, raw veggies, raw deal, and the like. JPEG is an acronym, raw is not.

    1. I assume they do it to be consistent with other image file types, JPEG, TIFF. It may not be an acronym, but seeing the appended RAW, indicates that it’s an image file type.

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