Microsoft gives away 10,000 Surface RT tablets at education conference

“Microsoft will give attendees at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference a free Surface RT as part of an effort to push technology use in the classroom,” Travis Pope reports for Gotta Be Mobile.

“As part of the ITSE event, attendees will be provided with a Microsoft Surface RT for use at their local schools,” Pope reports. “According to the organization, that means a gift of around 10,000 Surface RT tablets heading to local schools across the country.”

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Pope reports, “Though not entirely education related, it’s worth noting that the offer of free Surface RT tablets comes on the heels of more than a few promotions for Surface RT tablets, including slightly reduced pricing inside Staples locations, free Touch Keyboards and Type Keyboards for Surface purchasers and offers for a $99 Surface RT for attendees of the company’s TechEd North America and Europe events.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, the lesson for these educators is:

How to Liquidate a Failed Product.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dale S.” for the heads up.]

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        1. Well that was kind of a joke meaning they would so would hate Surface Tablets they’d sell them for nothing and then spend a lot more just to get a much more desirable iPad. (Of course if you have to explain the joke I guess it’s not much of a joke…) 🙂

    1. No they didn’t.

      After checking with their legal dept. they realized that introducing kids to Surface RTs would most certainly target them as child abusers in most states.

      1. Probably an ethics violation an illegal gift unless the RTs are actually donated to a school rather than given to an attendee. In most districts I would think it would be illegal to accept a gift of other than nominal value from a current or potential contractor. On the other hand the recipient might argue that the RTs are of token value at best.

  1. Somebody was giving away free flip HD cameras where I work. Not knowing how crappy they are, people took them, excited about how they will now be able to make videos for training, news stories, etc. The next day, they discovered that their iPhones have far better HD video quality than these crappy flip cams. Most are now used by their small children (if even that)…

    This Microsoft gesture looks more like a crack dealer providing the first hit for free…

    1. But look at the business logic. They’re not selling, the channels are clogged, and inventories can’t be swapped out forever. You can’t write them off. You can’t dump them necause of environmental consequences (as with Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant, they will find you out). It’s far more expensive to ship them to Louisiana or Florida or Texas for coral reef building than to piddle them out to clueless education conference attendees—not synonymous with teachers, BTW.

        1. “With the 27 8″x10″ color glossy photographs with the circles and the arrows on the front and a paragraph on the back of each one, describing in length…”

    2. Sure is:
      Cutting/chopping board
      Small serving tray
      Level up that dining room table that has one shorter leg.
      Rotating photo display on your bookcase.
      And something for the hard core druggies: could replace the old mirror.

  2. MS also gives away free concert tickets at store openings in order to get people to come in. And now this act of desperation! WOW! I’d say this not bode well for MS.

  3. Our group is trying to figure how much we can get for ours on eBay. Unfortunately we’ll have to sell at least ten to get an iPad. But seriously, who would want a Surface?

        1. There’s one thing for certain, if Apple did click it would be loud and snappy! I haven’t seen the RT television commercial lately. The one with everyone around the large round conference table with the idiot breakdancing on it. That one leaves me speechless. I’ve been involved with a lot of commercials in my time, never with anything that insane. Microsoft: it’s like burning money in the front yard.

  4. When I first read the headline I thought cool, Microsoft is giving something to the kids. Then I read that it is just one each for the adults attending the conference.
    In other words, no tablets for kids.

  5. Hahaha. Sauron’s eye just aquired a new target….the 99% of all malware belonging to Android now has competition. Not many things in life that are free….reallly are….muaahhhh

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