A detailed look at Apple’s confidently designed iOS 7

“The star of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this year was clearly iOS 7, which gets a new look and a raft of new features. Officially slated for release sometime this fall, it’s already in the hands of developers, giving them a few months’ lead time to update their apps and prep for the rollout — likely at the same time new iPhones are released,” Michael deAgonia writes for Computerworld.

“iOS 7 represents a fairly fresh approach to on an already successful design,” deAgonia writes. “And while there will inevitably be changes before the final version arrives, the preview version shows the direction Apple is moving and gives a broad look at what’s in store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users later this year”

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deAgonia writes, “Sure, iOS feels different than previous iterations, but functionally, it does the same things. From what I’ve experienced, Apple engineers knew when to say no; lines were drawn where they needed to be, and the new features — in concert with that restraint — will be appreciated by users once they start working with iOS 7 themselves.”

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  1. The new features and functionality are indeed, a step forward.

    The new look is a step back. That said, art is a personal choice and we all have personal taste and that is just my opinion.

    I prefer Steve’s rich illustrative and representational look to thin washed out pastels and outlines.

    What is wrong with offering choice?

        1. You’ve gotta choice, same as me, as as everybody: use alternative apps to the stock supplied ones, which most people do, or jailbreak. Piece of piss, really.
          I have nine of the stock apps showing on my phone’s home screen; Messages/Calendar/Photos/Camera/Clock/Notes/Settings/
          App Store/iTunes.
          Every other space is an alternative or a folder, so when iOS 7 is installed, it’ll look nothing like the version now, because of the apps I use, and I use a dark grey movie poster for my wallpaper, to make the white text stand out.
          Why can’t people grasp the simple fact that the screen layout can be altered, making the whole argument redundant.

        2. It would be counter productive to offer two iOS 7 versions. Why don’t you wait until you actually USE it before passing harsh judgement. That is what I am doing. I’m not bitching about something I’ve never used or seen in person. In the past I have been pre-ticked off about something that comes out from Apple. Then I actually USE it and then I understand why they did what they did and like it better. Admittedly, there were a few features through the years I never grew to like, but for the most part, yes.

        3. “It would be counter productive to offer two iOS 7 versions.”

          Only talking about choice of icons, font widths and taste in art, modern or classic (Steve Jobs) look.

          Don’t agree that would harm the iOS. On the contrary, choice would be a sympathetic and competitive advantage.

          ” … passing harsh judgement.”

          Harsh judgement will come from Apple the day Steve’s illustrative look is gone forever.

    1. GeoB.
      There is nothing wrong with offering a choice. It’s just that you have a choice to offer a choice. Apple dies not do that. Do it their way or no way. For the most part their way is a good way. I don’t agree that this design is a step backwards. How can it be? It’s more clear, more fresh, more focused. I love it and it will really retain the N01 spot for Apple.

  2. Ya know…. In the past Apple has done this, and from afar it’s always like WTF are they thinking… Then you use it and yer like… Wow that’s cool. They have some pretty smart people over there… I have a feeling that you might be able to pick a color palette for the icons and home screens… Apple and their design aesthetic isn’t usually so geared toward women 😉

        1. Steve ushered in the rich illustrative look of OSX in 2001, if I remember correctly.

          Carried over to iPhone and iPad design,

          IVE killed if with iOS 7.

          I’m a grizzled old tavern fart and may not remember correctly but the new look is not for me.

          For those of us that don’t want to abandon Steve’s vision, think different Apple.

          Upgrade option button. Choice.

          Everyone wins.

      1. Since when has a predominantly blue/green colour palette been feminine? I can see only one app that’s pink/mauve, and that’s iTunes. Put a darker, monochromatic wallpaper behind the new app icons and the entire look will change.
        This much is common sense, something which is sadly lacking around here. Is there a medical procedure to remove it at an early age, perhaps, turning otherwise rational people into whiney little girls, without the ability to visualise how the appearance will change with use?

      2. Dahhh…. If I recall Stevie was never about choice within Apple products. There was only choice between the status quo and Apple. This is CHOICE… Apple’s way; and I for 1 love it.

  3. I have not seen it except in the WWDC video. But anything that BLN hates you just got to know it will be great. Cannot wait to get it on our iPhones and iPads.

  4. I love Control Center, is so addictive!
    The new design make very sense. And no, I think isn’t ripped off from win8 because Microsoft design is only flat without functionality. Also is now only an early beta.

  5. I wish the author explained what features and functions Apple said “No.” to and why. I suspect the author hasn’t a clue how iOS 7 came into being.

  6. I’m sure, with time, we will all have the “look” we want …..

    I’m also sure, that IOS7 will have the functionality we “need”, right out of the gate ….

    Better to ship and improve on than to continue down the same road that takes you to the same place!

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