ZDNet reviews Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Air: The new standard for laptops, a stunning achievement

“Apple unveiled the new MacBook Air a few days ago and, while similar to the previous generation, it has two significant upgrades under the hood,” James Kendrick writes for ZDNet. “The new Intel Haswell processor with its much-improved graphics is significant enough, but paired with new SSD technology it is enough to get me to open my wallet and buy one.”

“I’ve been using the new MacBook Air heavily since it arrived and it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used,” Kendrick writes. “The fast memory in the Air (1600MHz) pitches in to keep the system performance hopping along. It works with the SSD storage with its upgraded speed to make a noticeable difference in everyday use. These fast components work together with the Intel Haswell processor with its fast graphics to provide overall performance on par with, and at times exceeding, the performance of the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. That is impressive, considering the Pro has a Core i5 (non-Haswell) processor running twice as fast as the Air (2.6GHz vs 1.3GHz).”

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Kendrick writes, “In the short time I’ve had the MacBook Air, it has become clear to me that Apple has created the new standard for laptops. The hardware is the most portable on the market, and the components work together to make the Air an outstanding performer for the price. Providing that performance with 9-hour battery life is a stunning achievement.”

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    1. This might be kind of a tough act to follow, at least for a while. By the time they catch up, if they do, I expect that Apple will be out in front with further refinements and improvements.

      1. Right. It’s the OS, stupid! Something Consumer Reports never even glances at. True, Apple’s hardware is far superior to the competition, always has been, but it’s the software that makes it a true no-brainer for me, regardless of overall price. In fact, Apple products, in terms of time, energy, and value, are way cheaper than the parasite that is Windows.

  1. If only Tim Cook and the board would realize that they needed to defend AAPL’s value this week. The engineers and programers did their job. However, Tim and the team high five d each other and believed their job was done.

    The patient investors are still looking to have you all do you jobs. It is like running a touch down and not having the foot ball with you.

  2. If the battery life specs are as good as stated and tested now, running Mountain Lion, wouldn’t the battery life improve significantly running Mavericks, considering the various new features added that were promoted as substantial energy savers?

  3. No retina screen on the MacBook Airs, same design as three years ago, with marginal bumps internally. Why even bother reviewing it as a “new” product? It’s the same product they’ve been selling for years. Ho hum. We’re all in a downward spiral until Apple starts to realize that all of their hardware designs have grown stale. The iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, Mac Airs – none of these have been significantly refreshed for years and years now. If you bought an iPhone 4 three years ago and just bought an iPhone 5 today there’s very little difference. Same with all the others. Apple’s offerings have matured and maybe they need some young blood up top to refresh things. The Mac Pro looks like a step in the right direction until you realize that you’ll need a handful of drives sticking out all over it in order to actually use it. I want my computer in my computer, thanks. What’s really sad is that we all know that the iPhone 5S that’s coming out 4 months from now will be exactly the same as the 5 only with a marginally better camera and that one tweak took Apple an entire year to bring to market. These are dark times for me as an Apple fan. I want the Steve magic back. NOW.

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