Thousands queue up at Honolulu Microsoft store opening – for free concert tickets

“About 2,000 people waited next to the second-floor Shirokiya entrance to get into the new Microsoft store at Ala Moana Center, many of them queuing up before 10 p.m. Wednesday,” Amy Busek reports for the Honolule Star Advertiser.

“Hawaii’s first Microsoft store opens this morning at 11:00 a.m. at Ala Moana Center and the first 2,500 people in line will get free tickets to tonight’s concert at Kakaako Waterfront park,” Busek reports. “The first 200 people were given wristbands that allow them to meet Neon Trees tomorrow, the second act following Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.”

Busek reports, “Jenn Branstetter, a Microsoft social media team member, believes that Microsoft is also a huge selling point for the crowds.”

MacDailyNews Take: She also believes in unicorns, leprechauns, and that the government is watching her at all times. Oops! Er, strike that last one.

Read more in the full article – all about free concert tickets, nary a word about Microsoft products – here.

MacDailyNews Take: People line up at Apple Retail Stores to buy Apple products. People line up a Microsoft Stores for free concert tickets.

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  1. Silly Microsoft, they only came for the concert tickets, which even silly old you knew, they could care less about your operating system or products because they dont care about that…

    1. Bloody hell, it’s difficult enough negotiating Ticketmaster’s crappy purchasing system on a mobile device, the last thing we need is MS making it even more complex and opaque!

  2. How pathetic. Have they no shame? I’ve never seen a company so lacking in class. I’m truly amazed Ballmer is still running the show. He is without a doubt the most inept, embarrassing CEO of any large company there is. Microsoft is no longer any kind of threat to Apple, so I can really care less about their competition. Google is Apple’s biggest competitor these days, Microsoft’s too. I really feel embarrassed for Microsoft.

    1. Well, ever since the legal sanctions Microsoft’s scaled back their aggressive tactics considerably, and the menace and bluster that used to serve them well in the field have faded in favour of ramped-up frontal attacks in the consumer theater, having realised almost too late the decided advantage of mobile artillery in the enterprise through the BYOD gambit. They can afford to bankroll quite a few sorties before giving up the ghost, and they are not averse—or embarrassed—to ally with Apple or another firm if they can gain purchase on the ground that’s slipping away. Their Achilles’ Heel, of course, is Ballmer himself. He is anti charismatic, and as a sales whiz he should have vetoed the disastrous ad campaigns for the Surface. To worsen matters, one suspects that Chairman Bill Gates poisons the well whenever Ballmer sets out to draw a bucket himself. Not a great situation, but one that Apple can appreciatively take advantage of.

  3. Did someone say unicorns? Leprechauns, too?! Now we are talking, brothers and sisters.

    See, some of us get it. We can see the bigger picture. The hordes of customers (and yes, we can multitask and purchase Microsoft products, and also pick up concert tix at same time, that’s just us being whip smart) are proof that there are many other providers bringing magical joy to tech users around the world.

    After your shopping at Microsoft in Honolulu, please join us on Magic Island across from the Ala Moana Center for a special séance where we will conjure ethereal spirits from technology’s past and assist them in rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

    And, while on the water’s edge, we may even spot a mermaid, or two. Abracadabra!

  4. Ok, let me see if I get this right..
    Thousands line up in front of apple stores in order to buy an apple electronic product, so they are mostly in the electronics.
    And thousands line up in front of microsoft Stores to get concert tickets…
    So Microsoft is really record company or tower records or some kind of music promoter?

    1. OK, now you’ve given me a visual of that disgusting displayed Ballmer tongue that is now painfully burning my mind. To get even I’m going to put a song worm in you head:
      “Tie a yellow ribbing round the old oak tree,
      It’s been 3 long years do you still want me?”

      Take that!

  5. -The next day, it will be typical…more employees than customers.

    -Daily net revenue from MS store lesser than employee salary.

    -Average customer going in to use the restroom.

    -Employees secretly owning iPhones.

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