The most frustrating change in OS X Mavericks

“Do you frequently use mouse or trackpad actions to open links in new Safari tabs or windows in OS X? If so, you may feel like you’re losing your mind after upgrading to OS X Mavericks,” TekRevue reports. “After exploring the Developer Preview of Apple’s next major version of the OS X operating system, we encountered one of the most frustrating changes: repositioned actions in Safari’s right-click menu.”

“In OS X, users who right-click (or secondary-click if using a trackpad) on a link in Safari are given the choice to open the link in a new window or a new tab,” TekRevue reports. “In Mountain Lion, ‘New Window’ was the first listed choice. In Mavericks, ‘New Tab’ tops the list.”

TekRevue reports, “Thankfully for those who prefer keyboard shortcuts, nothing has changed.”

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    1. New tab for life! Although I usually just Command+Click a link or ten, then go through them in a nice orderly fashion.

      I think this guy needs to discover why tabs are so cool.

    1. ‘The August Effect’ in journalism is now ‘The Year Round Effect’. This past year has easily demonstrated the laziest tech journalism I’ve ever read.

      To the next generation of tech journalists: You haven’t got much to overthrow and conquer. Just please, don’t emulate the tech bozos you’re kicking to the curb. The key word is ‘quality’. The current tech bozos forgot the meaning of the word. 😯

  1. Oh thank god…I was so FRUSTRATED by ‘New Window’ being first in the list before. Now I can find peace at last because ‘New Tab’ will be right where I need it! 😊

  2. THAT’S your big complaint?!? A menu item re-order of two whole items?!? And a re-order that put the most-used item on top of the list, so that when you right-click your pointer is right next to the most used item?

    Some people just can’t handle change.

  3. Don’t discount “muscle memory” as a big factor.

    That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if “New tab” was chosen far more often than “New window,” and therefore got the top spot by virtue of motion reduction. People will adapt. Or they won’t.

    1. In this specific case (swapping new tab/new window items in context menu) it’s a very poor habit to have picked up.

      Right-click > click option is two actions… 3 if you include the small mouse motion needed even for the first menu item.


      middle mouse button OR command-click on link (and you could change whether this opened in new tab or window in Safari’s preferences).

      The author probably fancies himself a power user because he uses right-click, but he isn’t much of one if he doesn’t know he’s doing 2.5x more work than he needs to.

  4. We all need to remember that all of these “journalists” look to find something to write about. They probably have quotas, so most of these idiotic articles referenced by MDN are just filler articles. “What can I write about the Mac OS? Oh, I know……”

  5. I think it would be best to wait for release until making such assertions. Anyone with a copy at the moment is under an NDA, and the OS behaviour may be different in the final product.

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