Huge win for Apple at USPTO: Key claims of rubber-banding patent confirmed

“Apple has just informed Judge Lucy Koh of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California of a major breakthrough: the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has notified Apple of its intent to issue a reexamination certificate confirming four claims of U.S. Patent No. 7,469,381, the famous rubber-banding (or, as I like to call it, ‘overscroll bounce’) patent, including claim 19, which is the claim Apple successfully asserted at last year’s trial against Samsung,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Apple now has the upper hand with respect to this patent — and it may at some point have the upper hand with respect to other key patents it’s asserting against Samsung in California and at the ITC,” Müller writes. “Apple would presumably have liked to salvage even more claims than the four claims the patent office is now going to confirm, but claim 19 is the one that matters in the dispute with Samsung, and it’s now stronger than ever.”

Much more in the full article here.


        1. Since there have been numerous small-minded, bigoted comments about Judge Koh, from a few knuckle-draggers who infest MDN, I’m not surprised I missed a joke. You sure there’s a joke?

          1. Lee Byung-chul is the corrupt founder of Samsung, a company run by corrupt criminals convicted of multiple bribery attempts. Therein lies the joke, knee-jerker.

            1. I appreciate your clarification, up to the last comma.

              Unfortunately, like some others on MDN, you couldn’t just make a valid point/clarification without finishing off with a personal insult. Unnecessary, and poor form

            2. And, given the amount of small-minded, ignorant bull on this short page, the like of which we see every time her name comes up, can you REALLY be surprised that I thought your post was just one of the same?

    1. Well, she *is* Korean.

      Look it up, “Koh” is a Korean last name. Sorry, but if she has any family still in Korea, I call that conflict of interest…which might explain some of her very dubious actions in this case.

      1. “Well, she *is* Korean.”

        No she’s not. She was born in DC.

        What makes someone American? She was born here, like you were (presuming you are in the US). Unless your name is Craig Running Bull, your forebears came here a VERY short time ago. Those couple of generations are really not relevant to make you American and her not. She is Korean like you are English, or Hungarian, or whatever your background is. You are both Americans.

        1. Yes, very appropriate. Thanks for the link… The sad thing is, some “regular Americans” do stuff like this all the time, and are too stupid to realize it.

          1. Goes on all the time everywhere. Even in California where we are pretty diversified. Every flavor imaginable. But there’s always a knucklehead like this guy. You can’t fix stupid.

  1. What is the use of going through the trouble of patenting something if the patent is not respected by the law? If they don’t uphold some of this it makes it useless.

    1. @ x

      Thanks SO much for your insightful contribution. Your thinking is like a laser, cutting to the heart of the matter, illuminating the issues like a veritable ray of wisdom and adding enormously to all our thinking on this topic.

  2. I don’t happen to like Koh because she appears o be siding with a foreign predatory criminal company from her native country over where she was born and resides. I don’t hate Koreans in general but I consider her a quasi traitor because she enables Samsung to get away with theft that is extremely damaging to the US economy and jobs.

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